This last year has been a lot about letting go and cleaning up everything that doesn’t work for me anymore.
It’s about stepping into my souls’ purpose: really tapping into the energy of manifest my life and business the magical way.
Playing with energy.
And creating from that energy.

And on the one hand, this is SUCH a freeing journey.
I feel SO good right now. I am more and more relaxed (most of the time haha)
And ALL kinds of fun things are coming into my life.
Oh …. and we are moving into our dream home next month (yeahhhh)
Manifesting just seems to become easier and easier.

Same with the dream home.
Last time I had to clear blocks and manifest for almost a year before we could move into our house. This time was SO much easier.
We knew we wanted to move, so I was already looking, but we couldn’t really find anything that was a hell yes for us.
And why? Because I was still doubting to go for the dream home OR move into a cheaper/ smaller house because I am going to SO much changes in my business. I had a few fears that maybe it wasn’t the “smartest plan.”
So I hadn’t made a decision yet around what I REALLY wanted, so Creation couldn’t bring it to me yet.

While we were on our 6 week trip to the United States, I started looking on the housing site almost daily. I was beginning to get a little bit worried because I thought: After we come back, we only have 3 more months to find something else and move. I felt the fear coming up. But I took a deep breath and then I thought: “No, Maartje. You already ASKED. Creation knows exactly what you want. Just let Creation do it’s job.”
And I really took a FIRM decision to go for the dream home. I thought: “I can DO this. I KNOW how manifestation works. I can DO this! Reality can bend itself around me. It can change literally in a couple of seconds.” So I asked and I got on with my holiday.

And, a couple of days after we were home I felt inspired to look at the housing site again. And there it was: Our DREAM home.
Energetic sparks flew up and down my body.
I already saw this house 2 years ago. I already thought it was amazing then. But I couldn’t quite get there back then, mindset-wise (because of the price haha.) And when I WAS there, the house was already gone. And here it was again.
I’ve ridden through the area where that house is a LOT last year. JUST because I enjoy the area so immensely. It is, and the energy is amazing. A lot of the time I thought: “How amazing would it be to live here?”
NOT because of the house, but just because I wanted some peace and quiet around me 🙂

I made an appointment to look at the house immediately.
And a couple of weeks later everything was taken care of. The lease is signed, the movers are booked, and we are super happy.

So that is an amazing manifesting story.
I can share dozens of these stories of things that are happening in my life right now.
Maybe I am a little bit quieter then you are used from me, but I am just enjoying life haha.

And of course, I want everyone to become the most Magical Manifestor they can be.
And one thing I have to do (and I am still working on because that is quite a journey) is letting go of a LOT of fears and limiting beliefs around how we are “supposed” to behave as a human being.

Most people wouldn’t think it’s “smart” what I did: renting a house, let alone an expensive house.
In a period when there is SO much shifting around me.
But you know what?
I did it 2 years ago, and I always made it work.

Because I take “risks” in my life, almost no-one else takes, I get into some “trouble” here and then.
You can manifest ANYTHING you want, and you can DO anything you want, but your beliefs HAVE to be aligned with your actions. And sometimes I took the actions BEFORE I ligned up the beliefs and I couldn’t quite get there haha.
So, when I do that, It creates a little bit of contrast in my life.

But you know what, I always deal with it.
I GROW from that contrast.
I learn from it.
AND it makes me a WAY better manifestor!
And for me, it is more important to have lived and failed a couple of times than to live my life from a place of fear because I am scared of losing what I have, while nothing is “mine” anyway.
The only thing that is truly mine is my Soul.
The rest I just temporarily manifested to make my earthly journey a little more comfortable.
All the material stuff is just here to learn how to become a conscious creator.
We make it all SO freaking important. It’s not. You are just here for a drop of time. JUST to learn some stuff around creating from a place of consciousness.
Why not make it a little bit more fun.
Stay open to receive everything and never give meaning to anything. Everything is ending, so no need to hold on to things so tight.
And it’s SO freaking funny. Because when you don’t give meaning to things, it’s SO much easier for stuff to come into your life.
I didn’t give that much meaning to the house. I just want an amazing place to live, because it makes me feel good and I spent a LOT of my time there, working from home and all.
As SOON as I let go of ALL the thoughts and blocks that stopped me from moving into a house like that in the past, it was just THERE.
And then the money will also find a way towards me.

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Love, Maartje

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