If you are on your Twin Flame Journey, you will experience lots of doubts on your journey.
These doubts may come from your own ego-mind or other people could express these doubts to you.

On the outside, a Twin Flame connection almost never looks like a “normal” relationship.
Especially at the beginning, when you are still healing separation consciousness between the two of you.

Because the ego still sees separation, the ego will perceive circumstances that feed into the illusion that you are not already creating as ONE. That you are not already together.
So there might be a big physical distance between the two of you.
Or you might both come from different backgrounds, cultures or religions. And that might keep you apart.
Or one of you or both of you might still have another relationship.
Or might appear that people are blocking your union.
Or there might be BIG blocks that might get triggered and be an “excuse” to not be physically together.

If this happens in a soulmate relationship, it’s easy to “just move on.”
It might hurt, but you will deal with it and move on to the next relationship.

But if you are in a Twin Flame connection, you will notice that this is not possible.
Even if you try to move on, you literally can’t get away from each other.
They keep contacting you or you keep running into each other in the strangest places.

Because the part of you that is trying to “move on” is your ego.
But your SOUL is the TRUE Creator of your experience on earth.

So you could say “I want to forget about this person. I want to move on.”
But you are ONE being, so it’s simply not possible.
Your Soul is in charge of the dynamic between the two of you.
The ONLY thing you can do is to surrender to what you Soul brings on your path every single day and choose love every time.

And choosing love is not always what it looks like on the outside.

Because a lot of the time your ego WANTS your Twin Flame connection to fit the “normal” box of how a “relationship” looks like.

Because of the pressure of your own ego or the pressure of the people in your environment you might try to “force” a physical relationship.
You might encourage them to leave their partner, or move, or handle their addiction or whatever you see as the root of separation.

But every time you try that, you will experience that won’t work.
Because the situation is not caused or “fixed” by a “simple decision.”
It is the result of a deep rooted belief in separation.

And THAT is what you should heal in your Twin Flame Journey.
With every soulmate you STILL come from the same Source, so even with them there really is NO separation.
But the difference is that, with a Soulmate, you have a different frequency. And that translates into a different set of values and the ability to make core-choices separate from each other.
Twin Flames have the same core values and make the same core choices.

Of course the Twin Flames don’t consciously choose separation.
The ego does this.
The Twin Flame journey is ALL about releasing the ego.

And in this journey a lot of doubts can come to the surface.
Because most people haven’t met their Twin Flame yet. All they know is being in a Soulmate relationship.
So if you talk about the connection with your friends and family they probably don’t understand your connection.
Maybe in the beginning they will try to understand. But as the journey continues and they see how challenging it can be to move through separation, they might encourage you to just “move on” and let them go.”
And while detachment is an important part of the journey, you can never really “let them go” because they are YOU in a different body.
You will see that, every time you are truly ok and feel you have “moved on” there is the Twin Flame again to help you become ONE with your Soul even more.

So on the outside, the Twin Flame connection might look like an unhealthy relationship dynamic. But that’s only because the energies between the Twins aren’t balanced yet.
In a society that is built from ego it’s a BIG challenge to start following your Soul.
But that is EXACTLY why a lot of Twin Flame come into each other’s lives right now: to shift from Creation from ego to creation from love and soul.

And on the journey to release the ego all your doubts will come up. Not because they are TRUE, but so you can release them.

Doubts are only ever from the ego.
The Soul has no doubts.
The Soul has a deep inner knowing and a Universal Wisdom.

But in order to release your doubts and start connecting with your intuition, you have to deal with them. So here are a couple of tips to deal with doubts:

1. Don’t talk about the Twin Flame journey with people who aren’t cincere in supporting you.

Try to only talk about the Twin Flame Journey with friends and family if they are SINCERE in wanting to support you and knowing more about the Twin Flame Journey.
If you feel they are not sincere, either ignore the subject and start talking about something else. If they push for answers just say it’s a topic you prefer not to talk about and ask them to respect it.

The Twin Flame journey is a SACRED journey because it’s the start of your ascension journey. And it’s YOUR job to treat it as such and to protect your union.
It’s not ok if you let people project their ego and separation consciousness on you or your connection. It’s only ever feeding into their and your ego and it won’t help you to get to love and unity.

Never defend yourself or try to explain yourself to anyone.
If people TRULY come from a place of love and support you will recognize it in their energy and their words. And THEN you can talk to them about it.

2. Connect with likeminded people.

Because not a lot of people have met their Twin Flame, you need likeminded people to connect with.
It’s great to connect with other Twin Flames and share experiences and support each other.

3. Trust your intuition.

We are souls having a human experience on earth.
The ego wants to “understand” everything and get all the answers. But it’s IMPOSSIBLE to understand spiritual concepts at the level of our human mind.
Your human self can’t understand Twin Flames, God, the Soul or Creation in general.
With your rational mind you can understand some of the aspects like I am sharing in this blog, but you still have to EXPERIENCE it on a practical level.
This journey is ALL about finding soul alignment and trusting your OWN journey.
Every Twin Flame journey is different and you have to learn to trust your own inner compass.
Your Soul will always show you the most compassionate way to move forward with your Twin Flame.

4. Respect and honour where you are on your journey

You can’t force or control the journey of the Soul. If the ego tries to do that, you get stuck and you will experience contrast and separation.
So it’s really important to honor yourself wherever you are on the journey.
Learn to deal with your own judgements and judgements from other people.
You can have love and compassion for the ego, but it’s not smart to give into the control tactics from the ego. Whether it’s your own ego or other people’s ego.
So learn to recognize if you come from ego or other people come from ego and learn how to navigate having love and compassion without giving into the desire for control the ego has.

5. Seek guidance and mentoring.

It’s smart to get some coaching and mentoring to learn how to navigate the journey.
There are a lot of Twin Flame teachers. The basis of each teaching will always be soul alignment and making the shift from ego to love.
But because everyone’s soul journey is different you will see that reflected in the different teachers. It’s important to find someone who you resonate with. But DON’T mistake this for “feeling good” or having no resistance. The best teachers WILL trigger you sometimes. But everytime you are triggered, that’s only ever the ego fighting to keep control.
If you know this, you can be gentle towards your ego WITHOUT giving in.
While you shift and learn your teacher will hold space for you so you can move through your lessons.

Love, Maartje

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