Do Twin Flames really exist?

Are Twin Flames real?

Everyone who identifies with the twin flame journey comes to the point that they will ask themselves:

“Are Twin Flames even REAL?
Do they really exist?
Am I making this ALL up? Am I going crazy for thinking this is real?

Especially if your Twin Flame and you are in separation.

So in this blog, I am going to answer this question and help you get some more clarity on your twin flame journey.

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So first this: there is a LOT of different Twin Flame information out there.
I have studied a lot of content on Twin Flames for a while to try to find answers.
The funny thing is: The core of what people teach isn’t THAT different from each other. Of course, there are nuances. But there are a LOT of Twin Flame teachers that say: I teach “the right” thing. You have to ignore all the other teachers because my truth is the truth.
So that alone is really confusing if you are new on the Twin Flame journey.

So I want to state: these are my OWN conclusions, based on studying Reality Creation for almost 20 years and observing the Twin Flame teachers and the “Twin Flame Community” for the biggest part of 2019 (intensively might I say!) and of course experiencing my own journey and manifesting a physical relationship with the person I see as my Twin Flame.
And these “conclusions” are in no way “complete” or the ultimate truth. Because Creation is always expanding and our collective story is therefore also always expanding. We are never “there.” AND in Creation, there also is no “there” TO arrive to.

So, where does the information about Twin Flame comes from?

A lot of Twin Flame teachers reference to the Bible and Plato as mentioning the first “Twin Flames”
Most Twin Flame information seems to be channeled or “passed through.”
Some say there are only 144.000 Twin Flames and Twin Flames have a “special” assignment.
Some say we ALL have a Twin Flame.

I resonate most with the last theory.
If I look at EVERYTHING I know about Creation, this makes the most sense.

There is a Universal Law: The Law of Polarity.

Everything has to have its opposite polarity to exist in this reality of duality.

Your Twin Flame has the EXACT same frequency, but the polar opposite.

Our Soul isn’t a duality. Our Soul is a singularity. It’s pure love. So it makes sense that it has to polarize itself somehow in order to incarnate on this physical planet.

Meeting your Twin Flame makes you aware of this polarization.
In physical terms: It brings up all your shit, all your fears, and all your limiting beliefs.

The Twin Flames can’t be in each other’s lives if there is a lot of polarization because the Soul is in essence ONE and if there is more fear than love, there is no unity, and therefore there is a separation in the physical reality.

And this also makes sense when I look at the Law of Attraction.
Most Twin Flames are SO focused on their counterparts.
They think their life won’t be complete as long as they are not in it.
They are “waiting” for their counterparts to come around.

If the Twin Flames are basically ONE (And in essence everything is ONE because we all come from the same consciousness) You CAN’T attract your counterpart in your life if you are not already whole and complete on your OWN, to a certain degree.
If you are continually sending out the energy that you “need” something, it will never come into your life. Be it money, clients, OR a Divine Counterpart.

So that’s the TRUE goal of the Twin Flame journey: to shift to unconditional love.

As far as I have seen, all Twin Flame teachers are basically in agreement over the Ultimate goal.

Some teachers teach that Twin Flames will always come together.
Some teachers teach that it has NOTHING to do with being in a physical or romantic relationship with the Twin Flame since this journey is first a Spiritual Journey.

This is how I see it:

Meeting your Twin Flame and being in the “bubble love” phase is the BEST thing ever.
Your Ego gets an amazing high.
It tells you that this is YOUR person.
THIS is the person that’s going to make you happy.
Your Ego is SO focused on the physical reality, it will make it ALL about the other person.

As I already said: meeting someone you see as your Twin Flame brings up ALL your fears, and doubts, and limiting beliefs.
It brings up everything you need to heal to start living in alignment with the energy of unconditional love.

Your ego knows that, if you start aligning to your Soul, it has to surrender. And, my experience is, that our ego will do everything to keep you safe and keep itself alive.
So it’s going to ask a lot of you to surrender your ego to your Soul. And THAT is the real journey.

So, if Twin Flames are “real” yes or no, is hard to “prove.”
But the Twin Flame EXPERIENCE is definitely real! You can feel it in your heart and you will see it if you experience it.

The ego always wants to label, categorize and understand everything. But life really is about the EXPERIENCE and about how you FEEL.

The REAL question is: WHY is it SO important for you to know if Twin Flames are real?
WHY is it important for you to know if someone is your Twin Flame yes or no?
Most of the time, you can ONLY be for sure if you and this person have a deep connection and by that time, you really don’t feel a need to label it. You just trust what’s in your heart.

What I see with a lot of Twin Flames, if they ask these sorts of questions, it’s because they are still attached to the outcome.
Just try to let it go and trust what you feel in your heart and focus on YOU.

You can ask yourself this question: “If this person was not my Twin Flame, would I still pursue a relationship with this person?” If the answer is yes, well, then there is no harm in manifesting them back into your life. I always say: “What you desire, desires you.” And that’s also the case for people.

Trusting your inner knowing and start trusting your own intuition what you have experienced is one of the goals of the journey.
I see a LOT of people going through it right now and they are simply not making it all up, so why do you doubt yourself?
Become aware of what the beliefs behind these doubts are and shift those beliefs so that they are in alignment with love.

Because the MEANING you give to the Twin Flame journey can differ from person to person and the meaning you give it, will determine your experience on this journey.

If you keep attached to the person you identify as your Twin Flame and you keep thinking stuff like:

They are not showing up.
They are a narcissist.
They are spiritually unevolved.
It’s hard to be with your twin flame.
This journey is really hard.

And all the other negative stories, it’s GOING to be a hard journey.
And I know it can FEEL that way, but that’s ONLY because you are holding on to these limiting beliefs and you create your reality FROM these limiting beliefs.

Because this is one thing I learned after studying Reality Creation for almost 20 years, day in, day out: We create our own reality with our beliefs.

Your beliefs create your thoughts.
And your thought creates your feelings.

So if you feel crappy on your Twin Flame journey, you are projecting beliefs on the physical reality that are out of alignment with true love.

And if you think you are on a Twin Flame journey, this is what it comes down to:

You have the same Soul.

You have the same consciousness.
And in the end, we are ALL the same consciousness.

So whatever your Twin Flame does, he or she does because it is in your SHARED consciousness.

So projecting ALL these negative beliefs onto your Twin Flame (journey) will do NOTHING for your journey.
It will ONLY keep you stuck!

The ONLY “solution” to your pain and all your confusion is to shift into love.
To choose love over fear more and more.
To really GET that there is only ONE consciousness.
NOT only with your Twin Flame and you, but everyone in your reality. Only your Twin Flame and you are on the same energetic vibration.

With most people, it doesn’t matter that much how they show up in your life.
You can deal with it.

But when people meet their Twin Flames they project that this is “the one” that will make them happy.
THIS is the person that will complete them.
THIS is the person that will make everything easier and will make everything ok.

But this person is YOU. It’s YOU (because you are a Soul) in a different body.

So that means you are projecting the energy that you are NOT already whole and complete and insanely happy with your life and where you are at.
And your Twin Flame will project that belief by rejecting you. They will mirror whatever you are thinking and feeling.

It’s basic Law of Attraction.

So again, the Twin Flame experience is definitely real.
We are shifting towards a new way of co-creating.
Your Soul is inviting you (your human self, your ego) to let go of all the old relationship patterns like detachment, expectations and depending on other people to make you happy.
When you let go of the fear of “losing” people and people “betraying” you and rejecting you, you can start to truly LOVE yourself AND other people, JUST the way they are.
And you can show up for them from a place of unconditional love and genuine service.
Always ask yourself: how can I show up from a place of love and compassion? How can I love them the best I can? WITHOUT fear of losing yourself OR hurting other people. Because we are all ONE, you will make more and more choices that are the best choices for everyone evolved.

The goal of the journey is to start seeing that YOU are the Creator of YOUR reality.

YOU are NOT dependent on your Twin Flame for your happiness.
But if you ARE really Twin Flames, the dynamic between you and your Twin Flame will change if you transform ALL the fear energy that comes up into love.
And that will take as long as it takes. Because THAT is the journey.
And if you make your Twin Flame journey ALL about transforming fear into love, EVERY time you feel fear on your journey, you will shift through it and you will be more happy and free and in alignment.
And maybe that journey will lead you to actually being in a physical relationship with each other if that’s what you (your Soul) choose to do. BUT, your Soul ALWAYS wants the best for you. So you just have to trust whatever shows up in the physical reality to be perfect and JUST another chance for you to shift closer into alignment with who you really are.

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Love, Maartje