Are Twin Flames meant to be together?

Are Twin Flames meant to be together?

If you have met your Twin Flame or Divine counterpart, you know that there are a lot of different opinions out there when it comes to the questions: are Twin Flames meant to be together yes or no?

In this blog, I am going to share my vision around this topic.

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A couple of weeks ago I spoke with one of my friends about the Twin Flame experience. She shared with me she had a friend that also taught about the Twin Flame experience. The vision of her friend was that Twin Flames are not meant to be together.
I recognized her name and I remembered watching some of her videos when my Twin Flame and I were still in separation.

If you are on the Twin Flame journey and you have been in separation, you know that separation is a really confusing time in your life.
On the one hand, you feel this really deep connection with someone and everything inside you tells you it was REAL. The love was real and the connection was real. And STILL, for some reason, you can’t be physically together. It makes no sense at all to the logical mind.
After my Twin Flame left my life, I committed myself to learn all about the Twin Flame journey.
I can’t remember what I typed in on google in an attempt to understand what happened to us and the connection I felt with him, but when I came across the term Twin Flames, it all started to make sense to me.
This was not a “normal” connection. This was a deep soul connection. And I can’t apply the same “relationship rules” to this connection.

If you are in any way familiar with the Twin Flame connection, you know there is no moving on from this type of connection.
Even though he was not in my physical life back then, I felt him in my awareness ALL the time.
And whatever I did, it wouldn’t go away. The ONLY thing I could do was surrender to the experience and try to figure out what this situation asked of me.

In my heart, I strongly felt that we had something to do together in this lifetime.
So when I heard some people say that Twin Flames aren’t supposed to be together, it felt really confusing: then why did I feel this way if we were not supposed to be together?

And with my experience of the Law of Attraction and Reality Creation, it didn’t make any sense either. Because for Creation, everything is possible. If you can dream it, you can do it.

I never really figured out why some people believe that Twin Flames aren’t supposed to be together.

Maybe it’s just a limiting belief.
Maybe they don’t really desire to be with their Twin Flame.
Maybe they don’t feel in their hearts what I felt in my heart.
Maybe on a subconscious level, they aren’t willing to do the inner work necessary to manifest a physical relationship with your Twin Flame.
Maybe some of us are meant to be together and some of us are not.

I don’t know.

What I do know is what I felt inside my own heart.
And I felt we had something to do together in this lifetime.
The sentence that came up in my mind a lot when we were in separation was the quote: “What you desire, desires you.”

So I thought: somewhere in him is a desire to be with me too.
And with my knowledge about the law of Attraction, I concluded: If I want to manifest my Soul partner, I have to get into alignment with my Soul, so with the vibration of Love.

I tried the best I could to detach from his physical body and the expectations I had and started focussing on creating my life from the vibration of love.
It wasn’t always easy.
For the most part, this world and the people in it operate from a place of separation, expectation, lack, fear, guilt, shame, pride, and anger.
This is painfully clear every single day.

But in my heart, I felt a big commitment to the journey of creating my reality from a place of love and I still am. I am still learning and growing every day.

What I learned is this: you can’t control on a micro-level what happens in your life.
We are creating with 8 billion other Souls. But you DO have a choice about how you react to the situations that life brings you.
You DO have control over your thoughts, beliefs, and your own feelings.
The more I started making my choices from a place of unconditional love, the more my Twin Flame came into my life.
The more my human self and my Soul are becoming one, the closer we get.

But it was never about “getting the relationship.”
The moment I am focussing on the relationship or if I have any expectations, I experience some form of contrast in our physical connection.
It’s never that there is a lack of love. It’s my experience that there is always love. My Twin Flame always loves me, even when we weren’t together he still loved me.
It’s just that there seem to be outside circumstances that cause a disconnect in our relationship.
But the moment I shift back into alignment with my Soul, these circumstances that cause the negative feelings get resolved again or we find peace in whatever is going on and we experience our deep connection again.

So, to summarize the question, are Twin Flames meant to be together: I guess the answer is whatever you feel in your heart is true for you.
Every Soul has a unique experience here on this earth. I (my Soul) want to experience this relationship.
I can’t imagine being with anybody else.
The journey is not always easy, especially at the beginning, but after a while, you start to feel on a deep level:
“It’s ok. Whatever comes on my path, if I just do my best to accept whatever life brings me and I do my best to choose love and trust God to guide me and take care of me, it’s all going to work out. Every problem will be solved at the end and if the problem still appears to be there, it’s just not the end. The lessons are not being learned yet. And I just keep moving forward.”
You start to learn that there is already an innate perfection in life that you just couldn’t see before. And that that perfection has nothing to do with your Twin Flame being there or not. It has nothing to do with any outer circumstance, the perfection is in life itself, in presence, in BEING.
You start to learn that you don’t NEED anything to be happy. But the funny thing is, that everything that you need to fulfill your Soul’s Purpose shows up in your life automatically. And if that is a physical relationship with your Twin Flame, that person will just BE there.
JUST like you are present with yourself and with God, they will be present with you.

I would LOVE to guide you on your Twin Flame journey.
I manifested a physical relationship with my Twin Flame, so I know it’s possible.
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I wish you a magical day,

Love, Maartje