Twin Flames: the Journey to Love & Oneness.

MANY people who are on their spiritual Path are also meeting their Twin Flame OR have the desire to meet that “one” person that they feel is their one true Love.

This kind of connection can be magical, but it can also trigger all your fears and turn your world upside down. Everyone who is on the Twin Flame journey knows, you can use ALL the help you can get.

That is why Emma and I would LOVE you to join us in this Twin Flame Journey.

For 10 weeks, we will share everything we know with you about the Twin Flame journey and Create harmony IN yourself AND in your Twin Flame Connection.

In the video below you can get access to the FREE Twin Flame Training we gave. In the Training, we shared the biggest Twin Flame challenges with you AND of course how you can deal with those challenges. On the rest of the page, you can read ALL about our Twin Flame program and sign up if you feel called to go deeper into your Twin Flame Journey, which is, of course, the Journey to Love and Oneness with your Divine self.

Let me ask you …

♥ Are you open to manifesting your one True Love into your life, but no clue how to start this journey?

♥ Have you met someone with whom you feel an undeniable connection and does this stirrup all kinds of feelings? Do you have a TON of questions about this connection?

♥ Is there this special person you met years ago that you just can’t get out of your mind? You just FEEL that there was something special, even though you can’t explain any of it.

♥ Have you found your twin flame, but are you experiencing separation?

♥ Or are you and your Twin Flame in a physical relationship or seeing each other in some kind of capacity but are you experiencing all kinds of blocks?

If the answer is yes, then there is a reason you are reading this today!

Because on the one hand, the connection you have with your Twin Flame can be magical.
Being together feels like coming home.
There is no one in the world who understands you better than your Twin Flame.

But your Twin Flame is also called your mirror Soul and will therefore not only reflect the Love you have inside of you, but will also reflect your greatest fears and limiting beliefs.

If they reflect the parts back at you where you already have harmonized with the energy of Love, things will be more magical than anything else in the world.
But most people do not yet Create from the vibration of Love. And if your Twin Soul reflects back your fears, wounds, and limiting beliefs, it can be very painful and confronting.

But there IS an explanation for this.

Unlike in a soulmate relationship, twin flames are in each other’s life to challenge each other and help each other grow in every way possible: personally and spiritually.
And the challenges they encounter are no more than a tool for growth.

In your Twin Flame connection, you will literally be confronted with yourself, because in essence, you and your Twin Flame are ONE. You share the same Soul.

But because you are ONE, you can’t run away from each other because you can’t run away from YOURSELF.
You can run away from everything else in your life, but NOT from yourself.
So, sooner or later, you will HAVE to do the inner work to heal your wounds and blocks and shift your limiting beliefs.
The outcome of the inner work will be reflected back to you by your Twin Flame.

Your Twin Flame will “help you” do the inner work and shift to an energetic frequency of unconditional Love and Unity.
And THAT’S the REAL reward of the journey. And on top of this, you ALSO will manifest an amazing relationship with someone you love deeply, whether it will be your Twin Flame OR an amazing Soulmate.

At the beginning of the journey, almost every Twin Flame thinks it’s ALL about “getting” the other person.
But if you try to do that in a Twin Flame connection, your Twin Flame will run away from you faster than anything you have ever seen before.

By running away, your Twin Flame will be mirroring to you that you CAN’T look for Love OUTSIDE of your shared consciousness.
The EGO only sees separation. It ONLY sees a “you” and the “other person.”
But in reality, in a Twin Flame connection, there IS no “other person.”
Because we are consciousness FIRST, and AS consciousness we manifested into physical form.
So if you will make this about the physical form of the Twin Flame, it will lead to separation.

You will have to make it about your spiritual journey FIRST.

You have to start to KNOW yourself AS a Soul.
You have to start to know yourself AS Love.
And if you do THAT, your Twin Flame will be magnetized back into your life. They have no choice. Because if YOU choose YOU, your Twin Flame will choose YOU too. Because you are the same consciousness and you will make the same core Soul-choices.

If you look at this journey from a place of ego and how people are USED to looking at relationships, you will stay STUCK.

You have to start looking at your life, your connection, and who you REALLY are at a WHOLE new level.

And Emma and I would LOVE to help you make that shift so you can find harmony in your connection and above all: so you can find peace and Love INSIDE yourself.

In our experience with the “Twin Flame world,” I saw SO much obsession and limiting beliefs.
But that is NOT the way to manifest your Twin Flame into your life.

Anything that will work in an “old paradigm” relationship won’t work with your Twin Flame.

⇒ You CAN’T “convince” them to be with you because you are the same Soul, and you make the same Core choices.

⇒ You CAN’T flirt with them or show them how amazing you are. Because that TOO comes from a place of “lack” because you are trying to “prove” yourself TO yourself.

⇒ You CAN’T play the victim card. You CAN’T just tell them they HAVE to be with you because you are Twin Flames. It has to be a SOUL Aligned choice. If you choose to be with YOU, they will reflect that choice back to you.

⇒ You CAN’T “wait” for them to be with you because you are ONE. You are literally waiting for yourself!

⇒ You CAN’T say that your Twin Flame has to “wake up” first. Because you have the SAME consciousness, so one is not more “awake” than the other. Maybe it will APPEAR that way on the “outside” but this is not true.
You can’t “fix” them, and you can’t take away their pain and hurt.

⇒ You CAN’T walk away from the connection or say it’s “unfair” that YOU will have to do all the inner work, and they are just “dating around” or staying with another partner. Because again: they are YOU in another body. So whatever it is that THEY are choosing and doing, YOU are choosing it TOO on some level.

And I KNOW from experience that this is often hard to see because it will look different on the outside. But Emma and I will guide you so you can see what your Twin is mirroring to you. So you can shift this part of yourself, so they can make a different choice TOO.
Whatever YOU choose, THEY will choose too. That’s how it works.
And sometimes, it will take a little while before you see your decision mirrored back at you, but it WILL happen. It’s Divine Law:

As within, so without.

So we would LOVE to teach you what IS going to work.
So you can become one with yourself AND your Twin Flame.
Doing this inner work will improve your life on EVERY level: also with your financial situation, your health, your Soul’s purpose and every other area of your life because there is NO better journey than the twin Flame journey if you want to learn how Reality Creation REALLY works.
And everything you will learn on your Twin Flame journey, you get to apply on all other levels of your life.

By doing the inner work, you will raise your frequency, and this will also make you magnetic to other people, and other beautiful things will manifest into your life more easily.

This journey is not EASY, but it’s the most SACRED journey you will ever take in your life because it’s the journey to becoming YOURSELF, and there really is NOTHING better than to start living in alignment to your Soul Frequency.

In the end, the connection with your Twin Flame is mirrored in the connection you have with yourself.
If YOU are coming from a place of ego, they will mirror that part of you.
If you are coming from Love, they will mirror that part of you.

So the focus of this program will be to shift into alignment with your DIVINE self.
The part of you that IS Love.
When you harmonize with who you REALLY are, you will see harmony in your connection.
And only THEN is a physical relationship with your Twin Flame possible.

The most important person in your life is you!

Your outer reality is a direct reflection of your inner world. If something in your relationship is not going as you desire it to be, it’s a sign there is some form of inner work to do.

And when you will do the inner work, your reality will also shift and will mirror the new vibration you offer.

When you find your way back to love, oneness, and complete self-acceptance, there will stand nothing in between you and your Twin Flame relationship OR an amazing and loving relationship with a Soulmate.
Whatever you choose, you KNOW it will be amazing because you have empowered yourself with ALL the tools you need to manifest harmony in your connection.

And in this program, we will teach you exactly how to do that!

In this program, you will get:

♥ 9 modules in which you are invited to go DEEP and to do the inner work.
♥ Powerful homework exercises that will help you connect with your Divine self.
♥ Weekly meditations and visualizations that will support you in this process.
♥ Access to the private Facebook group where you will meet other Twin Flames. It will be really powerful to go through this journey together!
♥ You will learn, step by step, to create a life that is all about self-confidence, self-love, oneness, and harmony.

After this program:

♥ You understand how the Twin Flame Journey works.
♥ You will feel more empowered, more self-confident, and more loved.
♥ You will see how your Twin Flame mirrors you and what you need to shift inside yourself, so they can shift too.
♥ You will have opened yourself to receive Love.
♥ You will have learned that you are a Divine being, worthy to receive everything you have ever desired. You know how your frequency matches the highest frequency of Love.
♥ You will have received all the tools to manifest an amazing and magical relationship, with your Twin Flame OR with an amazing Soulmate, if that’s what you prefer.
♥ And much, much more!

These are the Modules you will get access to:

Module 1: Your Unique Twin Flame Story and the Starting Point of Your Journey

Every twin flame story is completely unique and different. Every SOUL is unique.
In this module, you determine the starting point of YOUR journey.
We will help you get clear on what you actually desire the outcome of your journey. And we will help you clarify what you CAN and CAN’T expect from your Twin Flame Journey.
Whatever you think you will “get” out of the relationship with your Twin Flame, you have to start giving to yourself first because they ARE you, so we will teach you how this works.
And we will share our personal Twin Flame Story and our “trials & errors” with you.

Finally, in this module, we share how you can invite your Twin Flame energetically into your life if they are not in your life yet.

Module 2: The Purpose of the Twin Flame Journey.

In this module, we will share the purpose of the Twin Flame journey and how you can set yourself up for success on your Twin Flame Journey.
We will share what you do and don’t tell your Twin Flame and the people around you about your Twin Flame journey. Because you will notice that most people will look at your connection from the old paradigm way that we look at relationships. And because that doesn’t “work” in a Twin Flame connection, they won’t understand what you are going through. This is especially the case with people who are still in their “human-identity/ Ego.”
So we will share with you how to deal with these people and these types of situations.

Module 3: How do you deal with challenging situations and contrast on your Twin Flame Journey?

The Twin Flame journey is FULL of challenges. It’s NOT a simple “task” to release your ego and surrender to your Soul in a world that primarily functions FROM a place of ego.
In a way, you have to reinvent yourself and rethink everything you know about Creation.

If you are experiencing that your Twin Flame pulls back or isn’t communicating with you, it can feel as if your heart is ripped out of your body.
And it’s NOT easy to get confronted with ALL the parts of yourself you have been skillfully hiding for ALL these years.
In a Twin Flame connection, NOTHING will be able to kept hidden. Everything will be brought to the surface to be healed and shifted and brought into alignment with who you REALLY are. Because these parts of you are all parts of the ego you, and they can all be released.

In this module, we share how you can deal with difficult moments and doubts on your journey.

Module 4: The relationship with yourself.

In this module, we teach you how the mirror effect of the Twin Flame connection works.
In fact, your relationship with your Twin Flame is a mirror of the relationship with YOURSELF.
Most people think they have a good relationship with themselves. But for a physical relationship with your Twin Flame, you will have to go DEEPER than you EVER went.
It is not about the relationship with your HUMAN self, but with your DIVINE self. We will teach you all about this in this module.

In addition, we will share how you know if someone is your twin flame.
And what the difference is between a soulmate relationship, a twin flame relationship, and a karmic relationship.

Module 5: What does your Twin Flame mirror to you?

In this module, we will dive even deeper into Your Twin Flame as a Mirror of your Consciousness.
What does he or she want to tell you with their actions and behavior?
What does it mean if your Twin Soul walks away from the connection?
Or if your Twin Soul doesn’t want to communicate with you?
Or with ANY of the mayor Twin Flame Blocks?
And the most important challenge on the twin soul journey: what if your Twin Flame has another partner? What does that mean, and how can you deal with this?

Module 6: The Inner Work and the Twin Flame Manifestation Tools you can use on your journey.

In this module, we will talk about what the daily Twin Flame Inner work is to Create and STAY in alignment with your Divine self and your Twin Flame.
Because even if you are physically together, the mirroring of Twin Flames will not stop.
This work is not something you do for a little while. It is a commitment that you make for the rest of your life, or at least until you are completely shifted into the God-consciousness that is accessible to you when you are on the Twin Flame journey.

In addition, we will discuss Manifestation tools and techniques
You can actually use on the Twin Flame journey, because not everything will “work.”

Finally, we are going to talk about the balance between manifesting and “letting go.”
Letting go is a challenge for many people when it comes to manifesting.
Because you probably never had such a strong desire in your life as the desire to be with your Twin Flame. But you CAN’T chase them. So HOW does that work?
What do you actually need to let go of? Because HOW can you let go of someone if their energy is around you and IN you 24/7?

Module 7: The differences and similarities between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine.

At the core, the Twin Flames are the same. The Soul has no gender and is the same energy. At its core, BOTH souls want to merge back into ONE being.
But on the outside, in this 3D world, it often looks different, ESPECIALLY if there is still separation.
Both polarities: male and female (which has nothing to do with gender, but with energy) seem to have different functions.
How does that work? How do they complement each other?
And if you are in separation, does your Twin Flame think of you? Do they WANT to be with you, even though they are running away?
That is what we will be talking about in this module.

Module 8: Soul Mission

An essential part of the Twin Flame journey is the Soul Mission. You came here on earth for a reason. And it is essential to start living aligning with why you came to earth.
In this module, we will cover why Soul Mission is such an important topic on the Twin Flame journey and why it is important for your union to follow your Soul Mission NOW and start living it, whether your Twin Flame is or isn’t in your life physically.

Module 9: When is Twin Flame Union close?

In this module, we are going to share how you can recognize that Twin Flame Union is close.
We are going to share the signs that reunion with your Twin Flame is right around the corner.
We are ALSO going to share with you what you can do if you don’t see anything happening on the outside at all.

Practical Details

It’s not possible to sign up for this program right now. Do you want to receive a message if we host this program again? Sent an email to

The modules will be every Wednesday at 4 PM Amsterdam Time – 4 PM UTC+1

We will use ZOOM to deliver the modules. Of course, you can ask your questions during the calls. OR you can ask them in advance if you can’t join us live. The calls will be 60 to 90 minutes.

Every week we will be hosting a live call filled with information, tools, tricks and homework for you to do in between the calls. All calls will be recorded, so don’t worry if you can’t join us live. You will have lifelong access to all the content so you can go over the calls over and over again as often as you like.

You will have access to a private Facebook group. Here we will answer all your questions. You will be able to co-create and socialize with us and other like-minded people. It’s a perfect place to share our success stories and help each other through the rough patches as we go along.

The investment for this Online Coaching Program is $397,00 (Ex VAT for Dutch clients.) If you wish, we can offer a payment plan. Please email us to let us know and we can make that happen.

Do you feel you would like to join us? We can’t wait to welcome you onboard!!

Do you have any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us at

It’s not possible to sign up for this program right now. Do you want to receive a message if we host this program again? Sent an email to

About Us

Brave-lion-and-MaartjeMore about Maartje: I had my first spiritual awakening when I was 23 years old. I felt stuck in life, in all areas. I didn’t know who I was or what I wanted.
I was living my life with a mask on. I knew that I didn’t fit in at work, but was afraid to speak up about my needs. I think I didn’t even know my needs back then. I was afraid to really look at myself.

I felt like a failure because I was failing to be that person other people wanted me to be.
Why couldn’t I just be like other people? Why couldn’t I finish my degree and go to work without getting stuck?
Why did I have all these desires and dreams but was it so hard for me to manifest them into reality?
To not have to feel the pain of life I started using drugs on a daily base. Some days even before going to work. I was trying everything to cope, but of course, in the end, I couldn’t manage it anymore.
In the end, I got burned out and depressed and called in sick. After a couple of weeks I came across the book from Louse Hay called “you can heal your life” And after that, I learned about the law of attraction.
First I was experiencing a lot of resistance to it all. It was hard for me to believe that I created the mess I called my life.
But after shifting through that I felt relief and a wonderful feeling of being free. Because it meant that I could also make other choices. I wasn’t stuck in this mess forever! For the first time in my life, I could see how it was possible to create my own reality.
In the years after that, I’ve learned all about conscious creation. I thought this was extremely fascinating. I started to apply the tools into my own life and became very successful with manifestation.
I created many wonderful things like a soul-driven business, a great place to live, finding the best education for my daughter, endless creativity, wonderful soulmate friends and ended up being in a loving marriage for 18 years with my Soulmate and best friend.

I thought I knew a lot about creation until I met my Twin Flame. After that, I shifted deeper than ever. Being able to observe your mirror-self is the best way to learn a LOT about yourself, although it’s very confronting at times.
For many people, the Twin Flame Journey is really hard and filled with trauma, pain and separation.
And yes, just like many others I’ve also had my share of these moments of darkness. This is commonly known as a dark night of the soul, but I prefer to call it the dark night of the ego. I’ve probably experienced the same Twin Flame pains as you have in your journey.
If you do the inner work and face the truth and take full responsibility for your own growth, it’s possible however to shift through the trauma and pain quite rapidly. I know this to be true because I’ve been there myself.
I can’t wait to pass on the knowledge I gained to help other twin flames on their path to peace, love, oneness, and joy. With yourself AND with your twin.

My name is Emma. I have a background in psychology and hypnotherapy. My mission is to help other people on their path to self-fulfillment, in all areas of life.

The past five years I’ve dedicated my life completely to my own spiritual and personal growth. I’ve bundled my knowledge and personal life lessons and love to share them with other people. I’m excited to announce that I’m writing my first book!

After recovering from an eating disorder and a severe depression in 2015, my spiritual growth happened quite rapidly. I met my twin flame at the beginning of my awakening and he has helped me to force speed up the process. Big time!

After my awakening, I manifested loosing 66 LBS in a healthy and loving way. Slowly but steadily I gained enough strength, confidence, and self-love to quit my job, sell my house, and to travel the world. Meanwhile learning all I could about spirituality and personal development.

My twin flame journey has been the most challenging rollercoaster ride ever. We’ve experienced the lowest of lows and the highest of highs and everything in between. Fun? Not always? Exciting and life-changing? Ohh yes!

We’re not in a typical relationship but have found a way to fit the situation to our needs and wishes. We grow, expand, and heal alongside each other in this rocky journey called life. Just as we’ve always done and probably always will. In the online program, I will share more about myself and my story!

I can’t wait to help you on your journey! Yes, it can be tough! But once you learn to shift through the challenging parts it will be an amazing ride!

Are you in?


Q: Does it matter what stage I am on my Twin Flame journey to join this program?

A: No, until you have created alignment in your Twin Flame connection with unconditional Love and compassion, there are still steps you can take.
It doesn’t matter whether or not you know if your Twin Flame is your true Twin Flame, because the journey is always the same.
We will also teach you how to see if someone is your true Twin Flame or your False Twin Flame.
We do not do Twin Flame conformations because the Twin Flame journey is a sacred process between you, your Twin Flame, and God, but we teach you how to distinguish a true Twin Flame from a false Twin Flame and feel for yourself.

Q: Am I going to get together with my Twin Flame by following this program?

A: As we said, your ego only sees a “you” and the other person.
The truth is that you ARE already together. You have never been separate because the Soul always creates “together.” The Soul already IS one.
Where you are NOT the same is in the area of ​​the ego. So we are going to look at what it takes to find that connection with your Divine self IN yourself. IF someone is your true Twin Flame, your inner work will always magnetize the Twin Flame back into your life.
If you choose Love IN yourself and the person you think is your Twin chooses separation, then it is NOT your Twin Flame. BUT: most people do not have a clear view of what soul Love actually is, so you can certainly not make this conclusion too early, and then I would certainly recommend you to join the program because we can offer you guidance here.