Letting go of old beliefs and creating new powerful beliefs

2018-09-09T08:01:55+02:00March 31st, 2018|Mindset and Shifting Beliefs|

Every once in a while, an old, deeply hidden belief resurfaces, like: Everyone walks out on me. I’m not good enough. I don’t deserve love. I will never achieve anything. No-one understands me. Bam. There it is again. When you least expect it. Just when you are looking away, when you’re not paying attention. It [...]

Breaking through limiting beliefs

2018-09-09T08:00:00+02:00March 27th, 2018|Healing Blocks, Mindset and Shifting Beliefs|

I have a very optimistic view of mankind. I can always see the potential and qualities in people, even when they can’t see it themselves. Some people just don’t believe that they can realize their deepest desires. There’s always a reason to not pursue the thing you want to do most. You don’t have money, [...]

The law of attraction

2018-09-09T07:57:15+02:00March 19th, 2018|Abundance, Law of Attraction and Manifesting|

“Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions” - Albert Einstein My goal for today is to write freely, without letting what others think of me stop me. And to do that, I have chosen a subject that has become really important to me, but that not everyone is open to. But that doesn’t [...]


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