How does Instant Manifestation work?

How does Instant Manifestation work?

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Instant Manifestation. It sounds magical, don’t you think?

Because, how amazing would it sometimes be when you have a desire and it is instantly there?
You desire a thousand dollars, optimal health, the love of your life, or whatever you desire, and BAM; it shows up in your reality, instantly.

It hardly ever happens that way.
But it CAN happen and in this blog, I am going to share with you what it takes to become an instant manifestor.

The Law of Attraction governs creation. And, essentially, this Law is really simple: Ask and it is given.

The only thing slowing down the “giving” part is resistance.
And that’s really the problem because most people have a LOT of resistance.

Let me give you an example.
Say, you have the desire to manifest the relationship with the love of your life.
If there was no resistance, it would just happen.

BUT…. most people have resistance when they ask for things.
Limiting beliefs and thoughts almost always come up:

“But it’s not that simple.”
“Love doesn’t really exist, except in the movies.”
“Who am I to be worthy of being loved?”
“There aren’t any good men left anyway.”

And aside from the logical, top-of-mind thoughts, there can also be beliefs and energies that are not so easy to see, but that play a part in keeping the resistance alive.

There could be a lot of limiting beliefs and unconscious patterns that you aren’t even aware of that are keeping you from experiencing true love.

And there are many, many, many more reasons for people to close their energetic doors so Instant Manifestation won’t happen. And their desires won’t enter their lives.
It could be messages they received as a child.
For example, the belief that it’s not safe to receive.
Or that, every time a child has gotten something, that it has been taken away and it learned that “sooner or later everything will be taken from me”. And then it could also be TOO hard to receive because you learned that good things won’t last AND you keep your energetic doors for receiving closed to protect yourself.

And then your desire won’t manifest. And maybe you ask yourself: “Why isn’t this working? Why is the Law of Attraction not working for me? I asked, why wasn’t it just given to me?”

And what I see often is that people draw the wrong conclusions. They think they are doing something wrong or it isn’t “meant to be.” But that’s not it at ALL. It’s JUST knowledge about how Manifestation really works that is missing. There is nothing “wrong.”

It takes practice and devotion to see these patterns and clear them. And the time you need to shift your perception, THAT is the time you need to manifest your desire.

So, the questions then are: How do you find out what’s blocking you AND how do you let go of the resistance, so you can open up to receiving and make Instant Manifestation work? Here are 4 tips:

1. Learn all there is to learn about how we create and manifest our reality.

I could write 20 books with everything I know about reality creation. I can’t share everything in this one blog post. But the next best step is to follow my 1-hour long FREE training about instant Manifestation. You can sign up HERE.

2. Life ALWAYS shows you what your beliefs are. Just look at what you manifest in your life.

It is always right in front of you. And know that EVERYTHING that you tell yourself is a story.

I often hear people say things like:
“I don’t know what my beliefs are or what is blocking me.”
“I don’t know what I should DO to get the results I desire”
“I don’t know what’s holding me back.”
“I am doing everything right, why isn’t it coming?”

But with those stories, you create your reality.
Your beliefs and what you think and feel create your reality. It’s as simple as that. So, if you want to experience a different reality, you have to tell yourself a different story (write a new script for your life).
The question then becomes: What can you tell yourself that is more in alignment with the reality you WANT to experience?

So, set aside time for self-inquiry every day. It’s a process to get to know yourself as the creator of your reality. Journaling is a REALLY great way to get access to your inner world. I will teach you more about scripting and journaling in the Free Instant Manifesting Workshop. 

3. Stuff always comes up, don’t be afraid to look it in the eye and to feel your feelings!

There are a LOT of reasons most people don’t live from this “you create your own reality” place yet and therefore are blocking Instant Manifestation.
This isn’t something they teach you in school.
It’s often considered vague and intangible.
There are still a LOT of critics out there.
And it isn’t easy either. Yes, the theory is not that hard, but to LIVE as a conscious creator every single day asks a LOT from someone. Because most people still don’t look at life that way and it could be that they don’t understand you.
And it sometimes can be really confronting to look at what your beliefs really are. You can get confronted with emotional stuff, like deep-set fears, a lack of self-love, or abandonment issues, and sometimes it’s easier to tuck those feelings away than to face and shift them. But that is what’s needed to create another reality. In all my programs I provide a safe space with ongoing support in a special Members group and monthly calls where you can ask questions. If my programs don’t resonate with you, find a way to create a different safe healing space for yourself.

4. Surround yourself with people who get you and support you.

This one is crucial. If you want to grow and create MORE in your life, people close to you are not always going to get you and support you. (And total strangers can be really judgmental as well).
So, surround yourself with people who understand you, love you, and help you, and who truly want nothing but good things for you. Ask for these amazing people and let go of all the blocks to receive these people in your life and they WILL come.

Do you want to learn MORE about Instant Manifestation? I invite you to sign up for my FREE Online Instant Manifestation Workshop. You can find the link to sign up HERE. 

I look forward to co-creating!

Love, Maartje

— Law of Attraction Expert & Spiritual Teacher —