Yes, let’s talk about the topic of Soul Aligned love and the topic of Twin Flames!
It was a little over a month ago that I announced I was planning on doing this free training: “Manifesting Soul Aligned Love and the Twin Flame Journey.”
I shared it in the blog with the title: “Why I took down my Twin Flame blogs.” You can read the blog HERE.

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In this blog, I will already share with you how you know you are a Twin Flame and how you can tell if someone is your Twin Flame.

I waited a couple of weeks with sharing this information because I DO want to share HELPFUL information with you about the topic of Twin Flames and manifesting Soul Aligned love.
What I have seen is that there is a lot of information on the internet that Twin Flames share from pain, woundedness, dependency, attachment, and ego. And that is NOT the contribution that I want to be for you.
So I wanted to take a little bit more time to make sure that what I am going to share with you about the Twin Flame journey and manifesting Soul Aligned Love comes from a high-level perspective.

So, the topic of Twin Flames is pretty new for a lot of people.
I am going to share ALL about it in the free training: Manifesting Soul Aligned Love and the Twin Flame Journey.
At the bottom of this post, you can read what the topics are that we are going to dive in to. But first I want to share a couple of things with you.

Because HOW do you know if you are a Twin Flame?

Let me first say that I DON’T like the label twin flame. I don’t like labels at all haha. But I am going to share more about that in the free training. For the sake of clarity, for now, I just use the “label” Twin Flame.

If you haven’t met your twin flame yet, you have the feeling that there is something “missing” from your life. Or better yet, someone.
You notice that you keep looking around for that “other half of you.”
This might all happen unconsciously. A lot of twin flames that are in relationships won’t admit to that because they are afraid of the consequences when they DO admit that something is “off.”
I was afraid to admit it for YEARS.
But I couldn’t ignore “the pull” any longer, so I opened myself up for my Twin Flame.
And because the time was right, I also met him.
I am going to share in the free training what impact that had on the relationship with my husband, but this is what I am already sharing about that: our relationship grew STRONGER because of it. Our band became stronger because of my Twin Flame journey.
I will dive deeper into that subject in the video.

So, if you have met your Twin Flame, a LOT of people get stuck in the question: “Is this my Twin Flame?”

So how do you recognize a Twin Flame relationship?

So, this is the tricky part.
Because if you start searching Google, you come across signs like:

You feel really good around them.
You feel you have known them for longer than this life.
You feel comfortable around them.
And so on.
What I read in lists like this, I ALSO felt with my husband and with all my Soulmates.

So this is how I like to describe the connection an how you can KNOW.
It DOES take some alignment work to figure it out, but for me, this is THE answer to this question.
And this answer is more applicable for the Feminine (this doesn’t have to be the women. It’s the one in the connection with more Feminine energy. Twin Flames can also be same-sex couples, and the energies can be reversed.)
The Feminine and the Masculine have a slightly different role in the twin flame dynamic, and they experience it differently. I am going to share more about that in my free training.
If you are reading this and trying to figure out what kind of connection you have, you are probably a Divine Feminine.

So, this is what I see as the “signs” that you are in a Twin Flame relationship. It could be that not ALL these signs are what every Twin Flame experiences, but this is what I see happening with most Twins.

When you are together, it feels really special. It’s a love like you have never experienced before.
You feel it’s “meant to be.”
There is a level of mutual respect and understanding. You just “get” each other.
You have the same values, but at the same time, Twin Flames are most of the time polar opposites.
You connect on all levels: spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and sexual.
Most Twins are not describing their Twin as their “dream” men or women. But there is an undeniable attraction that pulls the Twin Flames closer together.
The sex is amazing and in alignment. There is an amazing sexual chemistry.
It’s like you are in a love bubble, and nothing else exists. When my Twin Flame and I where in our “love bubble phase” it was like I was being pulled and driven by something that was bigger than me. After the love bubble bursted I thought a couple of times: “Why the hell did I do that or made that decision?” The pull to be with him was just SO strong.

So Twin Flames share the exact same energetic frequency. Twin Flame experts say either they share the same Soul or their Soul is split in two. What it comes down to, is that their Soul has the exact same frequency as your Soul.
Yet, you have a different life experience, and you both have your own Mind (Ego), so you are not the same person.
But still, their love feels SO good. It’s magnetic. And in a way it’s addictive.
But because you are the exact same frequency, the Twin Flames bring up each other’s deepest wounds and fears too.

And they (unconsciously) create a dynamic in their relationship that they can’t be together if they still have a lot of wounds when it comes to love and relationships.
“Something” happens that pulls them apart so the Twins can heal those wounds and Align with the energy of Soul Aligned love.
Sometimes it happens that Twins can work through this together. It depends if it’s in their highest good to use closeness or separation as an ascension tool.
But I haven’t seen a lot of Twin Flames that can work through it without experiencing some kind of Tower moment that makes it all collapse.
In the future, this will be different because we evolve as a collective when it comes to relationships, but for most people receiving love and the subject of unconditional love is still a difficult subject. I will share more about this in the video.

So, this is the moment most of the Twin Flames become aware that it’s a Twin Flame relationship.

The Feminine most of the time starts trying to figure out what happened and comes across the term Twin Flames.
She wants to know what is going on. Either because the bursting of the “love bubble” is such a weird experience or she just can’t shake the connection.
I guess more and more people, will start meeting their Twin Flame already HAVING this knowledge. I feel that is the process we are slowly shifting into as a collective. But that is not YET the case.
The more we learn about Soul Aligned love, the easier it becomes to manifest healthy relationships.

This is what I see the Divine Feminine experiences in most Twin Flame connections after separation:

There is extreme Twin Flame obsession. It’s like you are not yourself. It’s like you are losing yourself. It’s hard to understand because usually, you don’t behave this way. Not like THAT.
There most of the time is a physical pain in one of the Chakras. For example, a pain in your heart chakra that hurts so bad that it feels like you are getting a heart attack.
How hard you try to fight the connection and the obsession; you can’t “just let it go.”
And most Twin Flames go through a dark night of the Soul to purge old emotions and shift into their power more.

So, a lot of these symptoms (For example the obsession) you also see a lot in abusive relationships or Narcissist/ empath connections.
How you know you are not an empath that is being “played” by a narcissist is this:
Your Twin Flame would never hurt you on purpose.
A Narcissist thrives on the pain they conflict to other people. They “lovebomb” you, promising you the world and then they put you down. Some narcissists do this really openly, but there is also a “covert” narcist, and they use really sneaky tactics to do this. They put you down, and they twist it in a way that you think YOU have done something wrong. They break down your self-esteem to keep power over you.
They let you believe you are worth nothing without them.
Because of the intermittent pattern of getting love and the love being taken away, you can get a real obsession for this person and it’s hard to break the connection.

The Twin Flame Dynamic definitely is different.
You can have pain from the Twin Flame relationship, but they are not intentionally hurting you, and you feel this.
I see a lot of women covering what their Masculine does up with love, and you have to be HONEST here with yourself.
Twin Flame or no Twin Flame, you have to let yourself be treated with respect!
If you have questions about this, make sure you join the free training so you can ask me those questions.

So, after the so-called “tower-moment,” you probably will do a lot of things to get your Twin Flame back.
You try to talk to them.
You sent them messages.
You try to let them see that you still love him.
And ALL the things you would do with a “normal” relationship.
But the harder you will push, the harder they will run away.

So this is the moment that you can REALLY see if someone is your Twin Flame.
If you do the healing work.
If you balance your energy.
If you detach.
If you give your Twin Flame his of her freedom.
If you can accept the fact that at THIS moment you have to work on YOU and that they just don’t want to be with you at this moment and you stop expecting that they will ever come back to you and you are 100% ok with that.
If you start living for YOU.
If you TRULY move on and start aligning with receiving TRUE Soul Aligned love, regardless if it’s with your Twin or not, regardless if you will ever end up in a romantic relationship.

One of two things happen:

1. Either they fall out of your consciousness because you don’t resonate on your frequency anymore. Because you RAISED your frequency.
There is just nothing there anymore.
And you will meet another amazing partner that is a Soul Aligned match for you on all levels: Emotional, Spiritual, Intellectual, and Physical.

2. OR the Soul connection stays. But because you have done all of your healing, it doesn’t matter if they are or aren’t in your life. It could be that you still would like to have a relationship with them, but it’s a preference and not an “I NEED to have this person in my life, because if I don’t, I will never be happy” – kind of thing.
You now have learned NOT to give away your power to someone else and that only YOU are in control of YOUR happiness, not your Twin Flame.
You don’t want them to be in your life like they WERE in your life.
You want them to honor and respect you and choose you FULLY, just like you have chosen YOURSELF fully.
You would ONLY settle for a relationship like the one I describe in point one: It has to be a match on ALL levels.
And if they ARE that person, they will come back. But YOU have to be in alignment to that relationship FIRST. You CAN’T expect your Twin Flame to show up and “save” you, take away your pain and make everything better.
And if they can not be that person for you, someone else will show up that is a perfect Soul Aligned match.

So, that is how it goes for most of the Feminine Twin Flames (Again: not the women, but the Twin Flame with the feminine energy.)
We DO need to change this “story” as a collective. Separation is not NECESSARY. But because most people still operate from old paradigm relationship patterns, this IS what happens a lot of the time.
I am sharing more about what we can do to change the “Twin Flame story” in my free training.

For the Masculine, it’s slightly different. Of course, I am no Masculine. But I DID hear a couple of experiences from Masculine Twin Flames about what they went through after separation so I will share that and in the relationship with my husband I AM the one who has more masculine energy and I ran away from him a BUNCH of times, so I can relate to the “runners” energy.

Because the Feminine is in her PUSH energy, the Masculine HAS to pull back. He is not conscious of this. It’s just the dynamic of the relationship.
Most of the time, he will “use” a relationship, family, or a career as a reason that they can’t be together. This will be the absolute truth for him.
Most of the time, this will feel really good at first.
Masculines have been taught for centuries that they need to take their “responsibility.”
They have to “provide” for their family.
The Masculine will see this from a logical point of view.
He will most likely tell himself that it wouldn’t have worked out anyway. That their Feminine will leave them sooner or later, so this is for the best. That you can’t “just” follow your heart and that they have responsibilities.
Because the Feminine is more connected to her heart, she often feels he is “the one.” The Masculine might not feel it like that, and he might think something like: “If she says I am “the one” THAT quickly and she doesn’t even know me, it’s probably just a fantasy I can’t live up to anyway.”

Because of the push dynamic of his Feminine, it could even be that he feels “repulsed” by her. So pulling away feels like a relief.
He will go back to his old life and tries to forget all about the connection.
He will probably keep himself busy with work stuff and will tell himself that he made the right decision.
IF the Feminine starts healing and starts pulling back her energy, their energies become balanced again. It’s then that the Masculine starts to become more and more aware that it’s not THAT simple to shake the connection.
He has to do some healing work of his own.

The Twin Flame relationship is about contributing to the new earth and forming relationships from a place of non-detachment.
Most of the stories I heard the Masculine was in another relationship.
Most of the time old paradigm relationships where there is neediness and are a lot of expectations.
OR there is no REAL fulfillment for the Masculine on all levels.
And I also heard some stories about manipulative women, often covert Narcissists. A lot of Divine Masculines are empaths, and they aren’t always aware of the true manipulation that is going on, because they just want to make everybody happy and take responsibility.
It was a real challenge for those masculines to break old patterns, to see what negative behavior and patterns they were actually feeding in their partner and themselves by staying in the relationship.
In the stories, I heard the Masculines also shared that they had a rough time believing the love was REAL. Most of them had never really experienced true love, and they were afraid to receive it because they were scared it would be taken away from them again.
But I am generalizing and every Masculine experiences this in a different way, just like I am generalizing how the Feminine experiences it. Every journey is different.

And now ladies, before you go into rescue mode. I write this down for the Masculine who finds this blog and wants to know what is going on.
You CAN’T go into “rescue-mode.”
He needs to give HIMSELF permission to receive your love. If you are in communication, of course, you can support each other, but you need to work on YOUR life and on balancing YOUR energies and just becoming the best person YOU can be.
YOUR journey has really nothing to do with him, and a relationship with him isn’t going to magically solve everything for you. I will share more about this in the free training.

In my opinion, a relationship ONLY works if you are BOTH all in. And as long as he is staying in his old life and “uses” you for emotional support, it makes it really hard for you to move on and the truth is that you will never know if he will ever get there. I have seen tons of feminines “waiting” years and years for their Masculine to “choose them” (even having affairs.) DON’T let that person be you. You are worth MORE than those crumbs of love you are getting.
Of course, you know how amazing his life could be with you. But he has to find that out all on his own. You can’t “convince” him. You have to CHANGE YOUR ENERGY.
Start aligning with your Soul so that he can make that shift himself. Because in the end, you have the same Soul, so everything you see in your Twin Flame is somewhere present in YOU. And if you heal and shift it in yourself, you heal and shift it in your Twin Flame.
And if he is not the BEST person for you to be with in the end, there will be an amazing relationship with someone else waiting for you.
I know a lot of feminines can’t believe or see that because of the limiting Twin Flame story that they are your one and only, but that’s not true.
I will share more about that in the free training.

The Masculine is being PULLED back in the Twin Flame connection if your energies are balanced. IF you are true Twin Flames. You don’t have to DO anything for that. EXCEPT of course work on yourself.
And even then, it STILL doesn’t mean you will get together in a romantic sense, because that might not be in your highest alignment. But if you are balanced, you truly don’t care anymore. Maybe you have a preference to have your Masculine in your life, but you know life will take care of you anyway.
If you are still in the attachment phase, this is hard to believe, but this IS how it works.

And I will share ALL about that in the free training. And I am also answering these questions:

* Does everyone has a Twin Flame?
* What is the difference between Soul Mates and Twin Flames?
* Why is it important to let go of these labels? How CAN we look at it?
* Why so many powerful creators have a desire to manifest Soul Love at this moment and aren’t truly happy and in alignment in there current relationships?
* What to do if you feel the call for 100% Soul Aligned love and you are still in a relationship? How did my husband and I handle this?
* How to know if someone is your Twin Flame?
* Why the question: Is someone my twin flame yes or no, isn’t even an important question to answer and how I look at it.
* What the function of the “twin flame” obsession is.
* What can you do if your Divine Counterpart doesn’t acknowledge the connection?
* What does my Twin Flame feel and think when we are not together?
* Do the Feminine and the masculine experience the connection in the same way?
* Do you date other people when you are in separation or how to re-align with Soul Aligned love?
* Why does it happen that everything is SO great and then suddenly it’s all gone?
* What if your Divine Counterpart is in a relationship with someone else?
* What do you say to other people about this connection?
* Are Twin Flames meant to be together?

You can find the replay HERE on my Youtube channel. 

Love, Maartje