Online program: Soulfulfilling Selflove

Online program: Soulfulfilling Selflove

— Learn to embody your true essence of love and oneness and experience how your energy will become magnetic for the right people and circumstances so you can start to experience the Soulfulfilling life and relationships you desire to experience —

Hey, Beautiful co-creator! How would it be for you ….

♥ If you would feel how it would be like to be the embodiment of love?
♥ If you could experience a deep inner peace because you have a deep inner knowing that life always takes care of you, no matter how challenging life can get?
♥ If you would know that you already have everything inside you to experience the Soulfullfilling life and relationships you always dreamt about?
♥ If you could stop forcing things to happen and just surrender to the flow of life?

Maybe this sounds like a fairytale, but I know with all my heart this is possible, and it can be possible for you too.

The REAL you is a magical, joyful, lovable, and valuable being. But this version of you is hidden underneath some layers of self-rejection, fear, shame, and guilt.

This is because throughout your life you have been conditioned to think that you are not good enough.
And not once, no over and over and over again.
And not by just one person, but by almost everyone in your life.

You have heard that…

You were “too much” or that you needed to “step it up.”
You were too fat, or too skinny.
You talked too much or you needed to speak up more often.
You were egotistical or that you needed to put yourself first more often.
You shouldn’t be so sensitive and “man up” or show your feelings more often.
You couldn’t make money with your passion, or you should follow your heart more often.
You had to try to be more like your sister or brother or John or Sarah.
You should work harder in school or at your job or that you were trying too hard and just relax.
You are not a good person, or you are too nice.

And I can go on and on with the messages we received growing up, and often still are receiving now that we are adults.

It’s not that people wanted to hurt you. Well, at least most people had the best intentions for you.
But the problem is, that you did start to believe some of these messages and you started to think that you indeed were not good enough and that you are a flawed human being that is not worthy of love.

And maybe you rebelled against the people who rejected these parts of you in order to try to stay connected to your true essence.
And maybe you tried to change yourself to “fit” in, in order to be loved and accepted.
Maybe you are still trying to prove that you ARE good enough each and every day in all kinds of (often subconscious) ways.

You implemented a lot of (subconscious) strategies in the hopes of finally experiencing all the things you are craving for all of your life.

The desire to…

♥ Be deeply loved and accepted, JUST the way you are.
♥ Be seen and heard.
♥ Feel valued and be taken seriously
♥ Follow your own path in life and experience the Soul-fulfillment you desire.
♥ Experience deep and Soul-fulfilling relationships.
♥ Feel connected to yourself, the Divine, life, and the people you love.
♥ Find your place and life and be able to fulfill your fullest potential.

But slowly but surely you are discovering that the strategies you implemented into your life aren’t helping you to get your needs met and your desires fulfilled.
Maybe you experience joy and fulfillment in some areas of your life but not in all areas.

It is time to try something else and you have a deep inner knowing that NOW is the time to make some changes.

You are aware of the fact that your life isn’t going to change unless YOU change. But this time you are not changing because you are not good enough. No, this time you are changing only to discover how truly perfect you already are!

Because that is what is truly needed beautiful co-creator…

You don’t need to work harder.
Or become more “balanced” or “spiritual.”
You don’t need to “prove” yourself.
You don’t need to make other people happy before it’s your turn to be happy.
You don’t have to keep all the balls in the air.
You don’t need to lose weight or change anything about your physical appearance.

You don’t need to do any of these things.

The ONLY thing that you have to do is to connect to the love and peace and joy that is already inside of you.

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” — Rumi

If you let go of all the barriers that you have built against experiencing the deep and Soulfulfilling life you really desire, and THEN it will manifest into your reality.

And that is exactly what I am going to teach you in this online program.

If that sounds great to you, then I invite you to sign up for this powerful program.

These are the modules you will get access to:

Module 1: Are you ready to connect to your true essence and become the embodiment of love?

In this module we are going to connect to the essence of you, that lies beyond your negative conditioning.
You are going to reconnect with the intentions you had for your life before your adventure on earth started and you will re-commit to your true path.

Module 2: What are your sabotaging patterns?

In module 2 we are going to look at all the ways you decided that you are not good enough.
We are going to find out what your sabotaging patterns are and what strategies you are now using that aren’t helping you to get your needs met and your desires fulfilled, and what IS going to work for you.

Module 3: How to create a loving relationship with yourself.

In module 3 I am going to teach you what it takes to build an amazing relationship with yourself.
The relationship you have with yourself and the Source of all Creation are the most important relationships there are.
Most people know this, but aren’t spending enough time in their day-to-day life to actually create a deep and loving connection with themselves.
Most people give away pieces of themselves every single day, in the hope of getting what they desire. In this module, I am going to share why that is never going to work and what IS going to work.

Module 4: Create an amazing new self-concept.

In this module, I help you discover how you look at yourself. How you see yourself, is what you attract and allow into your life.
So it’s time to start seeing yourself as someone who is in alignment with everything you desire. To see how lovable and worthy you really are and start to act from this new inner knowing.
In this module, I will help you to create a new self-concept that makes you magnetic for yourself and the people around you.
If you start to make your decisions in alignment with your new self-concept, your whole reality is going to change.

Module 5: Master your emotions.

This is one of the biggest sabotaging patterns that most people have: not knowing how to deal with their feelings and emotions.
Emotions have an extremely important function. They are our compass in life. They show us where we are living in alignment with our true nature or where we are living out of alignment with who we truly are.
Most people have labeled feelings and emotions as bad or irrational. And that’s why most people aren’t in touch with their inner world.
They tend to “fix” their feelings or are focused on how other people are feeling or deny, push away or project their feelings onto other people.
In this module, I am going to share why emotions are important and how to deal with your emotions in a constructive and loving way.
If you stop making decisions to avoid your painful emotions and feelings, but learn to embrace them and tend to them like the most loving Divine father and mother that’s inside of you, your whole inner state of being will change. And as a result of that inner shift, your outer reality will change too.

Module 6: What are you no longer available for?

If you are a heart-centered person, you want everyone to feel happy. And in order for everyone to be happy, you tend to overgive. As a result, you probably went over your own boundaries a lot of the time. But letting other people cross your own boundaries, is never going to get you what you desire. Often you do this because there are some fears you are acting upon.
You are scared that someone might leave you or you are scared of difficult conversations or you are scared to hurt someone.
Every time you give away too much of yourself to get something in return you will see that you actually always get the short end of the stick. You feel drained, taken advantage of and/ or rejected, and so on.
In the previous module, I shared with you how to handle these negative feelings. In this module, I will help you to create new boundaries that are going to work for you.

Module 7: Forgive yourself and other people.

Most of us have been hurt a LOT during our lives.
We have been lied to, yelled at, and judged.
We have been taken advantage of and sometimes even assaulted or raped.
We have been taken for granted, undervalued, or treated without any form of respect.
We have been rejected and judged for things about ourselves that we can’t change and have no control over.
We have been punished and judged for outcomes that we had no control over because we were lacking skills, knowledge, and awareness.
We have been bullied, disappointed, and abandoned.

And not just once. No, time and time again. And often even by the people who we trusted to have our backs.

Most people have trust issues as a result of their experiences and they live in a constant state of fear that something like this will happen to them again.
To protect themselves they push people away, hold back in relationships, or overgive in the hopes of finally experiencing the love, compassion, safety, and fulfillment we truly desire.
But that is not going to work. The ONLY thing that is going to work is to learn why people behave this way, to put up loving boundaries, invite people to start choosing love too and to let go of the people who aren’t willing and ready to choose love.
AND of course to also start teaching this to our children, so we can break these collective destructive patterns.

Module 8: Learn how to communicate from a place of love.

In this module, I am going to teach you how to communicate your feelings, desires, and boundaries in a loving and balanced way.
I teach you what it takes to not walk away from difficult conversations or to fall back on pleasing behavior and as a result, lose parts of yourself.
I am going to teach you how to hold space for yourself and the other and how to look at both your process from a place of love and compassion instead of from a place of judgment and forcing something to happen.

If you are going to implement what I teach you in these modules, you are going to notice big differences in your life and your relationships.
You are going to feel more confident and powerful. You are going to experience a deeper level of love and support. And your physical environment will mirror this back to you.
People will be more open around you and they start to treat you differently.

You will receive the first module on June 6 and you will receive one module a week.
The modules will be in video format and will be around 45 to 60 minutes long.

Your Investment

Your Investment for lifetime access to all the modules and the bonus is only $27.00 instead of the regular investment of $97.00.

This investment is Ex. VAT for Dutch Clients, but if you are Dutch, you can sign up for this program in Dutch HERE.

You also get access to this amazing bonus valued at $97.00: You will receive access to the Soul Connection, Healing, and Alignment Package, which contains these visualizations:

Connecting to the Divine and manifesting from that place of connection.
Connecting to your Divine purpose and living your Divine purpose.
Aligning with Self Love
Aligning to the frequency of receiving.
Healing and Clearing energy.
Aligning with abundance and manifesting lots of money.
Aligning with inspired action.
Aligning with the energy of perfect health.
Aligning to your perfect lifestyle.
Aligning with love and attracting your ultimate beloved.

I look forward to co-creating together.

A little bit more about me and about my journey.

I was 23 when I had to read Louise Hay’s book “You can heal your Life” for a course I followed.
In this book, she shares how she healed herself from cancer.
That was REALLY difficult for me to read the first time.
Because I never in my life heard about a concept like that before.
I was raised without any form of spirituality in my life and I didn’t believe in a God at ALL.
I just couldn’t grasp that concept.
I thought people saw God as a man in the sky who basically decided over people’s lives and I just couldn’t see that.
So for me, all that was “true” was what I could see with my own two eyes.

And then I read this book and Louise Hay basically taught people in her book that we create our own reality and that she healed herself from cancer.

I had SO much resistance to this message.

Because when I looked at my life, it was all just a big mess.
I was addicted to drugs and gambling. I was depressed and I was burned out.
I was stuck in a job I hated and my life lacked all purpose and meaning.

And if Louise Created her illness, I created my depression burn-out, addictions, and everything else TOO.
And I was SO used to blaming everyone for my misery, I just couldn’t grasp the fact that I was the one who created it.
I was SO angry when I read it. I couldn’t even finish the book. All I could think is: “She has SOME nerve sharing this kind of nonsense with people.”

It took me another couple of months before I started rethinking things.
Because whatever I was doing, wasn’t working.
Week after week went by and I was feeling worse and worse.

I looked at the book again and I thought: “Maybe there is some truth in what she writes.
I sure as hell can’t figure it out.”
Deep down I KNEW there HAD to be something MORE. Some little voice inside me told me life wasn’t supposed to be THIS hard.

So I read the book again and this time I had a massive spiritual awakening from the book.
Suddenly I knew this was the truth.
Deep down something radically shifted in me.
I KNEW I created all the things I experienced and this time I could not only accept it, but it felt SO obvious to me that this was the truth.

From that moment on I felt a deep drive and desire to learn ALL I can learn about how we create our reality.

That was almost 20 years ago and since then I studied the Law of Attraction and everything that has to do with Reality Creation nearly every day.
If there was a Master’s degree in Reality Creation, I would have gotten that. But because there isn’t I had to learn everything myself through books, videos, online courses, coaches, and spiritual teachers.
I invested a LOT of money, time, and energy in learning ALL about Manifesting.
I didn’t have the luxury of a Law of Attraction teacher or online program back then. It wasn’t as “big” and mainstream as it is becoming now.
I had to figure it all out by getting a little bit of information here and a little bit of information there.

At first, I used this knowledge to get better and quit using drugs and healed my depression.
I wasn’t yet in the mind space where I could really start living my Soul Mission, because it did take me a couple of years to heal from all the pain I caused myself.
But I did manifest a couple of amazing jobs where I had really fun colleagues and I felt I was actually making a difference.
I knew it wasn’t what I was supposed to be doing, but it was a great start.
Then, in 2014 I felt really strong and my Soul Mission was calling me more and more every day.
I quit my day job and I started to teach other people about the Law of Attraction and finding and living their Soul Mission.
I helped tens of thousands of people in the Netherlands through my online programs, coaching, events, and free content.
And now I found my true purpose in teaching people how to manifest Soulfulfilling relationships with themselves, God and other people.
I am really excited about this new step and I look forward to co-creating with you!

I hope with all my heart that this program, and my other content, will help you make a BIG difference in your life.
I hope it helps you to truly fall in love with yourself and every part of your life.

If you have any questions, just send an e-mail to OR join my complementary Telegram group HERE.

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ― Rumi


“Thank you for clarifying and explaining alignment at its essence. Alignment has been a bit mystifying to me in the past. However, now I get it! Thank you!” — Lyerka Miller

“One of the things I love about Maartje is here authenticity. You get to see it all: her successes, but also her challenges and growth. I am really attracted to that vulnerability because it invites me also to be completely myself. She literally invites me to connect to my feeling and who I really am, and I need that to grow. I experience Maartje as someone who is driven, enthusiastic and sincere. I really feel her drive to help other people to grow, by being themselves. — Cissy

“I got to know Maartje as someone who is sparkling and energetic. Just be being herself, she transfers this vibe onto other people. She inspires to create your life and business in a way that feels 100% aligned.
What I find important in a coach is that someone LIVES their message and not only “sells” it and I really feel that wit Maartje. And that makes her coaching really valuable AND effective.
I absolutely advice people to follow her programs to experience what they can achieve with Maartje her coaching.” — Monique

“Within 3 months of working with Maartje, I have manifested 15,000 dollars. I’m really focusing on clearing limiting beliefs around money, income, earning and being worthy.”

“What results I have created so far after working with Maartje? A lot of quantum leaps, a lot of insights gained, I have started to love myself again. Now I know that I haven’t been crazy all my life, but that life is supposed to be like this, with alignment and manifestation. I have regained belief in my dreams, I am focused on what I want to attain. My alarm clock is now set at 4 AM, so there’s regularity and I have all morning to spend time on myself (how AWESOME is that), I am happy in life again, I am judging myself and others way less than I was before, I am loving life again, I have rock-solid confidence that everything will turn out fine, I am in control of my money again and instead of it flying out the door, it now comes flying in, I have a healthy diet again, I have started to really declutter my house and am giving away or throwing out all that no longer has any added value for me, I am HAPPY again. My mission is now crystal clear to me, I have said no to services I no longer wanted to deliver. No more holding back, just doing it. Start before you’re ready… The Law of Attraction has been alive within me for so long, but somehow the penny has only just dropped… to give you an example, I just manifested a trip to Nepal in March.”

“I have fallen in love with money, ha-ha! I used to literally hate money. But now I see that I am truly worthy of receiving money and am capable of allowing it in, of being that creator that can receive money for the services I am offering in the area of spirituality. All is in flow!!! I am meeting all kinds of special people, and I am ready for the next level.”

“When I align, the bookings come rolling in. So, I know it works.”

“So much has happened, where do I begin? I have received a large tax return. My husband is working a lot of extra hours and is earning more because of that, and he received quite a profit distribution. I have already been able to send out more invoices than I did in all of 2016. So, I have more clients, and more income. I am receiving wonderful and unexpected gifts, for example from clients. I am enjoying being an entrepreneur more. I am standing up more for my business. And I feel really supported by Maartje, her team, and the community.”

“10,000 dollars revenue per month? That felt so FAR away for me… Until Maartje Koper entered my life… with a calculator in my hand, I am now discovering that this money goal is now REALLY close… because I am the owner of my own abundance. I am soooo happy!!!” — Teersa