So, a couple of days ago, I woke up with this message in my head and the URGE to write it. I guess you can see it as kind of a channeled message.
For some reason, I haven’t posted yet.
I trust it has to do with Divine timing 🙂
So it will not resonate with everyone. And even if it does resonate on some level; it might not make you instantly feel good, because it might trigger some resistance. BUT I’ll try to be as gentle as possible with translating this message for you 🙂

So, beautiful co-creator, what’s up with the facade?
What’s up with this persona you are “playing.”
How important is it for you that people will perceive you in a certain way? View you in a certain way?
Yes, you were born on this earth with free will, but there are a few buts and ifs around the topic of free will.

Because this is what it is:
You ACT from your EGO self, and you EXPECT your Souls Desires to be fulfilled. And that’s NOT how it’s going to work.
I am SO sorry about that. I am SO sorry to burst through that bubble.

So where are you playing a game? Where are you putting up a mask and not being your authentic self?
Is it on social media?
With your business?
In sharing your real and honest message?
In expressing your deepest desires?
In your relationship?
Or with ALL these things?

This brings you RIGHT back to childhood, doesn’t it?
Playing that sweet little girl or boy JUST to receive the love and the validation from your parents.
But it wasn’t working then, and it’s also not going to work now.

We ALL crave for unconditional love.
We ALL crave for validation.
We ALL crave to get the recognition that we are perfect, just the way we are.
But you are NOT going to find that in the outside world if that is not already IN your own awareness.
Because the outside world ONLY mirrors what you feel inside.

This, my beautiful co-creator, is an invitation to finally break this pattern.
Yes, those desires are ALL valid, and it’s ALL possible. But first, you need to start giving these things to YOURSELF.

You have to fully start loving yourself.
You have to validate who you are and the choices you make and the desires you have.
You have to recognize and own your OWN truth.

Is this easy? No, I guess not.
I GET how hard this is.
I struggled with this too. I still do sometimes.
When I started talking about the Law of Attraction, I was SO scared that people would leave me and judge me.
And that DID happen.
Family members have unfriended me on Facebook.
My parents didn’t GET me.
Colleagues rejected me.
My boss warned me to “be careful” and to think about my image.
People criticized me and left me.

I heard SO many harsh things the last couple of years:

That I was a fake person.
That I was only geared towards the material world.
That I only cared about money.
That I was letting people down and hurting people.

And not only with sharing my message. ALSO if I am living my truth in my personal life.
I ruffled a LOT of feathers. People just aren’t always used to living a life from a place of alignment. Most people are still operating from fear and expectations and aren’t able to deal with truth and alignment.

And I confirmed and gave in LOTS of times to keep people happy and pleased and not let them down.

And you know, as long as you can rationalize it and stay in your head, that might work.
Because being abandoned and rejected is my BIGGEST fear, and I guess that is true for most people. And when that happens, that’s not fun. But every time your fears become a reality, you have a chance to move beyond the illusion of fear.

Because as SOON as your heart starts to become more open and as soon as you start connecting more and more to your soul, it’s starting to get REALLY hard to live a lie.

Because your heart and your soul CRAVE realness.
Covering up your deepest desire and your heartfelt truth in order to get love, to be seen in a certain way or to not disappoint people is an Ego thing.
And most conscious people are being invited by Source (God, the Universe) to stop living from ego and start living from soul.

I know I have received this invitation last year.
And Source (God, the Universe) is NOT gentle with killing your ego self.
I was SO frustrated last year!
I wanted SO bad to rise to that next level of happiness and income and success.
But at the same time, I tried SO hard to hold on to everything that was blocking my growth.
And I COULDN’T face the changes I had to make.
Not on purpose, no.
I thought my reasons for holding on to stuff where absolutely valid.

I made a commitment to my team.
I couldn’t let my clients down.
I couldn’t just change stuff up. I will lose money. It’s not “smart” business-wise.”
People aren’t “getting” me as it is, this is going to be SO hard.
I can’t just start sharing about God and spiritual concepts; people aren’t going to “get” that, they need more structure and more to hold on to. It’s not going to resonate with them.

Funny that it is SO hard for us to let other people down and it’s SO easy for us to let ourselves down, isn’t it?

So you know what happened? Life and creation and making money got harder and harder.
With every passing week, I felt more and more isolated from myself and Source.
I got more and more stuck.

Until …..
I started to see that there was NO other way for me to start living my truth on every level of my life.
NO more sacrifices.
NO more excuses.
I already KNEW in my heart that I was supposed to make some changes, but I just couldn’t put myself to it.

But as SOON as I did, everything started to slowly change.
Not at once. No, it really IS a process.

So what did I DO to make this easier?

I surrendered and started to trust my own alignment, whatever the circumstances.

And STILL, every day I am surrendering more and more.
We are really not in control here. Source (God) is in control. We are just a vessel of Its creation.
And again: no, I am not going all religious on you (Really should work on this need to explain it every time I use the word God haha.) I JUST see God as a state of being, not as a being. God isn’t male or female. I see God as the Source of all creation.

Is it easy to trust and surrender? Heck no.
We have been taught that WE are the ones that are responsible for our lives. But we are responsible for following the call of creation. And that comes through our desires.
God can help you with EVERYTHING you need help with. ALL you have to do is ask!
But I bet you are not asking.
I bet your relationship with the divine is limited, IF you have a relationship with the Divine at ALL.
I bet your Ego has a BIG opinion about that. Telling you it’s not real.
Telling you to NOT believe in “fairytales.”
That life isn’t SUPPOSED to be easy.
That happiness requires sacrifice.

Let me tell you this: OF COURSE your Ego is telling you this. Because it knows, that as SOON as you start building your relationship with the Divine, your Ego is going to die a slow death.

What is MEANT to happen, will happen.
You are always being pulled towards what Source wants to express and create through you.

So I bet, if you are called to read this blog, that you already have a sense that something is “off.”
That you are not living your truth.

So let me tap into where this is heading for you. Let me see what the energy around this says….

You CAN keep this up for a REALLY long time.
You are a REALLY strong person.
You have amazing discipline.
I even get a sense that you can still create a sort of happiness for yourself around the choices you make.
You REALLY convinced yourself you are doing “the right thing.”
Right now, You still have the illusion that you can make this work.
That somehow things will change or that your desire for truth will leave you alone and then you can rest comfortably in NOT stepping out in the great unknown.
So, that is definitely not going to happen. I can feel that SO strongly.
Soul desires will never leave you alone. I wrote a blog about that a couple of weeks ago. You can read it HERE.

So let’s connect to the energy of the future.
Think 5 years ahead and think you are still not following your souls’ desires, living your real truth. What is the energy that comes up?
Do you feel that? LET that energy come up. Nothing is going to happen if you just let it come up. You are not making any decisions here. We are JUST exploring the energy. But you NEED to face this energy. It’s ONLY getting harder if you keep pushing it away.
It feels REALLY heavy. I can feel it in the bottom of my stomach. I feel it’s connected to the first chakra and it has to do with you not feeling safe.
And that makes sense in regards to everything that I have written.

So step 1 would be to work on feeling really safe in this life.
Because this is what we do: We are scared to do stuff, and then we will just bury it. Deny it. Avoid it. Hoping it will blow over.
But it won’t.
This is what Source REALLY wants you to know in order for you to NOT slide into a depression or a dissociative state of being: This will NOT go away UNTIL you start following the energy of your Soul instead of the energy of fear.

But when we change the energy around it FIRST, then it’s so much easier to get clarity. And to get in touch with our emotions and desires.
And from THAT state of being, the aligned actions you can take will just reveal itself step by step.
I always say: there is ONE logical step to take and NOW that step is exploring this energy. That’s it.

So how does safety feel for you?
Where in your life do you already feel safe?
Let that energy flow through your body.
I feel there is a LOT of resistance. You have been carrying this energy around for AGES. You are REALLY fighting this!
So relax in the discomfort.
Visualize a Golden cord between your heart and Source.
And let all that stagnant energy flow through that cord. Just Surrender it to God. Ask Him to transform the energy in love and light and let that energy flow back into your body.
Let LOVE flow through every cell of your body. You ARE love. ONLY LOVE!!!!
Fill your body and your energy field with nothing but love.

That already feels more relaxed right?

So, now the next step is to start telling yourself a different story around this.

There is only ONE ultimate power that creates this Universe: Love (God, Source.) Most believe in 2 powers: Love and Fear.
But fear is a man-made concept.
You can CHOOSE fear because you have free will.
And now it’s time to fully align with the power of love.
You ARE safe.
Everything happens FOR you.
As soon as you start aligning with a different frequency, your whole reality starts to change.

OMG, I have SO much to share about this with you. I can’t put it all in one blog haha.
So the question is: what do you need to hear NOW to start making this shift?

Invite this ultimate source of Love (God) into your life.
Connect with it as often as you can.
Start seeing this ultimate power in everything.
Start seeing Love in even the toughest things.
KNOW that you are always being loved!
Really start trusting that!

Life takes care of you; it just does.
And the more you can see this and align with this truth, the more you can feel safe and loved, whatever your situation might be.
And the more you start giving yourself permission to attract only unconditional love into your life
You can see that if you start aligning to a different truth, your reality will automatically change. It HAS to change, because of the mirror effect.

So, I hope this blog inspires you in some way. Please let me know what your insights are or if it resonates.

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Love you always, Maartje

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