So, if you are following me for a little bit longer, you know a LOT went on in my life last year.
Every time I thought I was done with going through a business or a personal transformation, something else presented itself.
With the most transformative event the break-up I experienced 6 weeks ago.

It really turned my life upside down.
And we ALL go through these experiences whether it’s a breakup, an illness, someone leaving your life, a business transformation, bankruptcy or whatever.

It’s the kind of experience that leaves you shaken to your core.
Everything you thought was real, seems like it isn’t real anymore.
Everything you thought was important, doesn’t seem to be important anymore.
It leaves you with SO many questions.
On the inside, you can suddenly feel like you stepped into a new reality. And in the beginning a NOT so fun reality.

EVERYTHING inside you just wants to go back to the day that ALL was ok.

The day you were still together.
The day you hadn’t heard this Soul shocking news.
The day you were still healthy (at least, you thought you were.)
Or whatever your big upset was all about.

But you can’t go back.
Whatever you try, it seems that the door to the past is closed.

You can’t GET there anymore.
You need to figure out your life again in this new situation.

But how the hell do you do that? In this blog, I will give you some tips!

1. Know what this Soul Shock is all about.

That’s exactly what it is: a SOUL wake up call.
Your Soul is ready for the next step.
Your SOUL wants to be at the steering wheel instead of your Ego.

We live in a time that the Ego is slowly dissolving.
But we, as humans, are SO used to living from our Ego selves.
But the ONLY way we can evolve as a collective consciousness is as we start living from Soul more and more instead of Ego.
Most problems in the world are caused because people are living from Ego. And a LOT of us want a transformation.
This Soul Shock is YOUR chance to step up to the plate, let go of your Ego a little bit more and connect to your Soul more.

Every powerful creator knows we are going through an enormous shift.
We are making the shift from living from fear to living from a place of love.
SACRIFICING yourself is NOT living from love. It’s ALL your Ego.
Your Ego wants to be needed and wants to be important and in control and wants to do the “right” thing.

But what exactly IS the right thing?

Is it the “right thing” to do to go to a Soul-Sucking job every day while you know your passion lies somewhere else?
WHY do you do that?
Because you are scared that the money will dry out?
Because you are scared, you can’t pay the bills?

I DON’T want to underestimate how hard these struggles can be. I have BEEN there.
But if you want to move BEYOND the illusion of fear, you need to change SOMETHING.

And I GET how hard this is.
I ALSO had these fears when I quit my job.
These fears STILL come up every time I shift something in my business.

And I also REALLY didn’t want to let go of the relationship I had with this man. ALL I wanted to do was just get him back. But the more I pulled and resisted him leaving me and dwell in my upset, the more he pushed me away. Until there was NOTHING left to do for me, then surrender and let go of my expectations.

This is what my Soul Said to me:
“You have to live for YOU.
You have given enough validation of your love for him.
You are an amazing and wonderful person with such a big heart and so much to give. It’s time to step into your FULL potential. It’s time to start embracing your gifts even more fully.
It’s time to start living your purpose even more fully.
It’s time to start shining your light even more fully.
It’s time to let go of ALL your fears. You already ARE being loved because you love yourself and you let Source love you!
And from THAT energy of pure love, you will attract nothing but love back into your life. From the PERFECT people. People who WANT to be in your life and love and honor you, JUST the way you are.”

So do you see how valuable a Soul Shock can be?

Those transformations and insights don’t happen overnight. I will probably have to tell myself this story for a 1000 times more, to fully shift from fear to trust and from separation to being whole within myself.
So that brings me to point 2:

2. Give yourself the time and space you need.

Soul Shocks confront us with our DEEPEST fears.

Fears of abandonment, separation, never being loved, not being good enough, not being responsible enough, letting people down and so on.
Those and more can ALL come up!
And they can let you experience REAL pain.

I had a couple of days that I had SO much physical pain in my heart that I thought I was having a heart attack. Instead, it was my heart SCREAMING to love myself and honor myself and start forgiving people and start loving them unconditionally and start putting myself first.
I am not there yet. The pain still comes up sometimes.
And every time I think I moved past it, the next layer of the onion arrives.
And ALL we can do is face it, transform it and heal it until there is nothing left to clean up anymore and we have shifted into a state of unconditional love.

So please, be GENTLE with yourself.
Ask for what you want and take care of yourself!
Be vulnerable.
Connect with people you fully trust and who you know will support you, no matter what! You NEED these people in your life. I am SO lucky I have my Soulsisters and Bob, who is STILL my Soulmate and Brigitte, my Soul coach.
I know how hard it is to let people in, but when you start living from the belief that Source is there for you and wonderful people are brought in your life to help, guide and support you, this will ALL change.
Open up! Share your deepest feelings and thoughts. Be willing to look them in the eye and transform them.
Find amazing healers or coaches and mentors who can guide you on this journey. DON’T try to do this on your own!

This is the thing: you HAVE TO let them in. You have to start trusting in your own divinity. You have to start loving and forgiving yourself on a deeper level so you can allow all the good that life has to offer you!
ALLOW yourself to receive people’s love.
And YOU need to make that shift FIRST. Because if you keep believing that you are not good enough or you are a “burden” to people, guess what kind of people you will attract into your life?

This is NOT easy, but the rewards are ENORMOUS.
The more pain you heal, the freer you get and the more your energy starts flowing again. And this is really important if you want to manifest stuff. Because everything ties together!
And that brings me to the next point:

3. Soul Shocks are inevitable.

It’s no use thinking:

“If only I have done this or that.”
“Why did I make this decision?”
“Why did I do or say that?”
“If only ….. ”

This was MEANT to happen. There was no other way to wake you up and give you the opportunity to move from Ego to Soul and from Fear to Love.
You can’t turn back time. Well, actually you sort of can haha.
You CAN turn back time by clearing out ALL the shit you are holding on to.
Guilt, regret, fear and limiting beliefs will KEEP you in the same vibration you are in or you WHERE in at the time of the Soul Shock.
THIS is your moment to heal and transform everything that comes up for you.
This asks for one thing:


You have to be honest with yourself.
You have to honestly start expressing your thoughts and feelings.
You have to start REALLY opening up your eyes for what’s going on, even though this is really difficult.
You have to shift to the place where you can give yourself permission to start living from your Soul.
You CAN’T change other people, AND they are never going to change unless you change something within yourself first.

And then point 5:

5. This IS going to pass.

I get it, some days you are tired and DONE with everything.
You are DONE healing for yourself and the collective.
You JUST want to live your life.
You JUST want to move past this and forget about all of it.
You JUST want your life to be “normal” again.

But you can’t go back! It’s just not going to happen. Your Soul is calling you, and ALL you can do is listen.

But just take one step at a time.
Just feel what you feel.
Ask Source for Guidance.
Keep aligning to your Soul and your Soul desires.
Start practicing spiritual principles as trust and surrender.
Keep taking inspired actions every day. Even if it’s watching inspirational youtube video’s 50% of your day.
Keep setting intentions and expressing your Soul desires to the Divine.
Keep doing the work.
Find joy in your everyday life.
Connect to your Souls Purpose.
The moment that things will flow again WILL come. And those moments start to become more and more frequent.
And you experience more and more moments that you are connected to love again.

I would LOVE to support you in the journey in living from your Soul. Even if you haven’t experienced Soul Shock, but you are just shifting in living from a place of soul alignment more and more.
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Love, Maartje