Yesterday at 8 PM I gave a new Energy Reading.
The topic of this week is: What do you need to feel SAFE so you can change the world and make lots of money.

The plan was to make this reading all about feeling safe. And in a sense it also IS, but the cards/ Source wanted it to be about something more specific.

I see a lot of my friends and clients: powerful female creators who are separating from their partners OR who aren’t aligned with their partner any more because they just can’t keep up.
OR they are already single, and they can’t attract a partner that they are fully aligned with.
Relationships are evolving.
The women are becoming whole on their own. Well, not ALL women, but my clients: powerful and spiritual creators, certainly are.
They don’t NEED a man anymore.
And this is SO confusing for men too.
Because they haven’t been taught to live from their heart fully and let love be enough. They need to be the “men” and take care of the women. So HOW do they take on a new role? What’s the lesson for THEM there?
In the end, it’s all about becoming WHOLE inside of ourselves.
It’s ALL about creating unity WITHIN ourselves.

So I think this energy reading is really helpful if this is relatable for you.
It will give you some answers as to why this is happening and what you can shift inside of yourself to become more in alignment with the masculine inside of you and the men inside of your life.

You can watch the replay HERE.

Let me explain why this is so freaking important to talk about this topic:

Since the break-up, I have grown SO much.
I healed a LOT of stuff and shifted my energy to an even higher level than before.
I noticed that I have been giving away my power on a LOT of levels.
I also talked about this in the energy readings. You can find them HERE on my youtube channel (don’t forget to subscribe!)

And I have been working on taking my power back.
And during the day I feel really good and powerful (95% of the time.)
And the last couple of nights where rough. It was as if I connected with a really toxic and fearful energy field every time I closed my eyes.
I woke up a couple of times a night with an intense pain on my chest, drenched in sweat and gasping for air.

I DO sleep, and I DO get enough sleep, but this morning I noticed it was becoming really draining and I had to see what is going on here.
So I wrote in my journal: What IS this energy field? What am I connected to after I fall asleep and what can I do to shift it?

A couple of hours later, I came across THIS video of Teal Swan.

The title was: “What Every Man Needs To Know About Women.”
I was curious as to what she was going to share.
And it was SO eye-opening.

She shared that if you put men and women in the same room and you ask: “Who has ever in their life felt like they had to fear for their lives?”
A couple of men raised their hand, and ALL of the women raised their hands.
And If you ask: “Who has feared for their lives last year?”
Most men lower their hands. Most women keep their hands up.
And even if you ask it for last month, week or day, most women keep their hands up.

And when she shared that, I felt how TRUE this was for me and how I have tried to suppress this SO hard.
And I also was aware of the collective truth around this.

The truth is, I never really have felt safe.
The world doesn’t feel like a safe place, especially not for women.
Most of the women have dealt with sexual abuse (including me.)
Most of the women have dealt with intimidation. Men raising their voice, using their physical power to intimidate us.

Women need to feel safe to be intimate with men, and a lot of men have lied to me in order to get me to sleep with them.
They SAY they can be trusted and they abandon you anyway.
I suddenly felled how painful it still is after the break-up. I surrendered to him, and I fully opened up to him and trusted him, and he just let me fall hard. He betrayed my trust SO bad without owning up to it or taking responsibility.
He broke up with me through what’s app. He NEVER contacted me again personally. I never got a form of closure. He wanted to talk to me with his girlfriend after a couple of days, but I wasn’t ready. I think he had NO idea how hurt I was. And when I WAS ready for that conversation, ALL I got was a closed door and more judgments from his girlfriend. He shared ALL my private emails with his girlfriend. He let her believe that it is ME that “lured” him into something.
And you see this a lot. If a couple breaks up because the men wants to be with someone else, most of the time it is seen as the women’s fault.
Remember Jennifer Anniston and Brad Pitt break up?
The story was how Angeline “stole” Brad from poor Jennifer.

As if a man is a purse you can “steal” away.
As if a man is a helpless creature that just can’t say “no” when a woman comes on to him. And I didn’t even came on to him, we just fell in love.
It’s like women are STILL DEPENDENT on men for security or love and they are willing to sacrifice themselves, each other, their honor and their value because they don’t feel they can get what they want any other way.
I did it TOO!
And then we “beat up” on each other and the men gets a free pass.

So, yes I learned that I will never, ever, ever get involved with a man again that isn’t willing to show up for me FULLY. I am going to create that safe space for myself! And it’s SO freaking funny because I would have never let myself get involved with a man that was “taken” in the past. But I was SO convinced of his love for me. Everyone warned me, and I blew them off. I also expressed my fears to him, and he PROMISED me, he wouldn’t betray my trust.
And he still did! And it hurt me in my core. It left me feeling SO unsafe, hurt and broken.

And apparently, every woman feels unsafe most of the time.
And not only in relationships! I see it in the online world too.
And it’s not even men doing this to us, we do it to each other too!
Women gossiping about each other.
“Oh, did you see her? Did you see she did this? Did you see she did that?”
Tearing each other down instead of building each other up and supporting each other. WHY the hell do we feel threatened by each other?

And it massively constricts us from shining our light.
We are scared of being visible because we are afraid to be judged and criticized.
We are afraid to tell our truth and share our message.
Even after ALL he has done, I am STILL scared to write this blog because I am afraid he might read it and I will hurt his feelings. How CRAZY is that?????

And I am NOT saying that men “do this to us.”
I am not saying that men aren’t scared too sometimes.
I bet it’s hard for them too to open up and share their emotions.
But I am a woman, so I can only talk from my own perspective.

Teal says in the video that men really don’t feel it this way and they have a REALLY hard time understanding how unsafe a woman feels most of the time.
I spoke with my husband about it, and he instantly started defending himself. Because the message that men might hear is: “It’s your fault I am not feeling safe.” No, it NOT your fault. I know my husband IS one of the “good guys.” But STILL, I am not feeling safe, even not with him. If I get sick tomorrow, get cancer or something, I think the business and this life is going to crumble and fall apart. And that’s not his “fault.” But it IS what it is.
I know he also won’t be here forever taking care of our daughter and me. As soon as he gets another relationship, he might be out of here. And of course, that’s logical, because I made the decision to not continue the relationship this way. So I KNOW the consequences, and I KNOW how weird this may sound, but it still gives me a feeling of not being safe. Of not being able to let my guard down.

And Teal also said that women aren’t always aware of how this really is for them. If you ask them directly, they would say: “I think I’m ok.”
I would have said that too last week.
Women often look SO strong. How can SHE feel this way? She can definitely take care of herself!
I even said a couple of months ago to “him” that I thought I healed most of my men and “daddy-issues.” That’s why I surrendered to him. I thought I healed it all and that I attracted a man that was different and would just BE there for me. But apparently not. And EVERYTHING that was still there for me to heal, has been brought up to the surface after he left me. And that was SO hard.

And again, I am not saying it’s the man’s “fault.”
What I am saying is this:

I think (most???) women have a feeling that life isn’t safe for them.
A lot of men probably have that too. But maybe it’s different for them. I really don’t know.

Because we have the program “we are not safe” on repeat in our energy field, we attract men and situations that mirror that to us.

Yes, it would be GREAT if men KNEW how difficult this is for us women. It would be amazing if they would support us as a team.
It would be amazing if they would take their responsibility towards us and would own up to the times that they might have (unintentionally) created an unsafe situation for a women.
It would be amazing if they would let go of their Ego for just a second and understand that it might not be their “fault” most of the time, but that doesn’t take away the feeling. So, even if they don’t GET it, they can at least accept that it is this way and see what they can do with EVERY woman in their life to start making her feel safer?

And for all the men (and women too!): Treat EVERY woman how you would like your daughter (Or your sister or mother) to be treated!!!!!

BUT …. WE have to heal too.
We have to claim our power back.
We have to start living in total alignment with Source.
We have to see how valuable we are and not accept any bullshit.
We have to be respectful to EACH other. We have to team up with each other and with the men in our lives to create a safe environment for ourselves, each other and our children.
We have to see that we are not “victims.” We don’t have to hurt each other to feel safe and feel like we are taken care of.
We can raise the bar REALLY high.

So I think this is a theme for a LOT of women (and maybe men resonate with this too. I am not sure, but you can let me know!)

In this Energy Reading I am diving into this topic.

Because it is time we can start to feel safe.
It’s time we start to fully express ourselves.
Stand up for ourselves.
Not tolerate any bullshit.
Make the world an even better place.
Step into our greatness.
Act from an abundance of love and not a lack of it.
Live our mission and make money changing the world.

And that ALL starts with an energetic shift. And when we can heal and shift that on a deep level, we can manifest other circumstances.

Love, Maartje

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