Did you get a chance to look at the reading I did at the start if this week?
It was all about the question: “Why can’t my men keep up with me?”
It’s like an epidemic with female powerful creators that they miss the alignment in their relationships or they get separated because they have the feeling that they have to do it alone.

You can watch it HERE.

(The reading is timeless, so it doesn’t matter when you watch it. If this topic resonates with you, it’s going to be valuable.)

And just a little side note: Even if your relationship is “ok,” this blog is STILL valuable for you! Because it’s all about manifesting and balancing your energies.

So, this is the beautiful thing about creating: if you ask questions, you ALWAYS get answers.
And I came across some youtube video’s and got some insights about the reasons why some female powerful creators have the feeling their relationships are out of alignment.

The answer, of course, lies WITHIN us. As it always does.
It has NOTHING to do with “the men.”

So this is how creation works: As within, so without.
EVERYTHING in our life is there because we resonate at that specific frequency. It’s because we ATTRACTED it with our thoughts, beliefs, and actions.
Of course, most of the time not consciously, but we created it anyway.
That’s why it’s SO important to get coaching around this topic and why I have my Dutch Geld is Liefde Community and my English Manifest Magically Academy. I can read energy, and I always help my clients figure out why they have created what they created and what they need to do to shift it.
It’s often hard to see what exactly is inside you that created your reality AND how you need to change that.

So if your man isn’t stepping up or if your relationship isn’t aligned for you or WHATEVER the thing is, there is something inside YOU that created this.

So for me, these are the insights I got:

I need to change something inside of ME to attract something different.
And my resistance was that I didn’t attract a man that would take care of me. That would step up to the plate and do what they are “supposed to do” as men.
I already knew it had something to do with balancing my OWN energies.
At first, I couldn’t quite get it. Because I always thought I had a LOT of male energy. I always thought I had to become more feminine. That is what I have been working on the last 2 years haha.
But then I learned that I am STILL repressing my masculine energies.

I am ALL intuition and not enough logic.
For example with this whole Twin Flame thing: of course, you can “sense” a LOT of things, but you also have to be logical about it. If someone is not here, someone is not here and twin or no twin, then you have to move on.
And a Divine Masculine would step up to the plate. He would be honorable and just take care of what he needs to take care of. And I didn’t let my INNER masculine DO that.
It’s so funny because people talk a LOT about healing the inner child. But what about healing our inner masculine or feminine?

I also read a blog from my coach Brigitte how women STILL often hide their power and their strength.
Because we have been SO indoctrinated that we have to be “sweet” and “likable.”
OF COURSE, we can’t be “the Bitch.”
Of course, we can’t “overshadow” other people.
Of course, we have to take care of other people, before we take care of ourselves.
Of course, we can’t just go for what we want.
Of course, we can’t just “go” for the money. That’s egotistical. Then we also become one of those people who are only after money. (What the F????)

So MANY conclusions.
And, a lot of the time, it’s not even the MEN that think these thoughts. Yes, there are definitely things that are imbalanced there too. But it’s mostly the WOMEN that judge each other and keep each other small.
Can we PLEASE now agree to SUPPORT each other and NOT judge each other’s power, ambition, language, message, sexuality, light or whatever?
There is ABUNDANCE. And EVERYTHING someone else creates, YOU can create too.

But anyway, after these insights, I felt the masculine inside me rising.
I felt his WILL to take care of the feminine inside myself.
I felt a sudden power to just take care of the money. No problem.
No blocks, no ifs, and buts, just a drive to just make it happen.

After the breakup, I also was really scared to ever step in another relationship.I trusted him completely and I REALLY thought we were meant to be together. It was the BIGGEST shock ever that he left me.
And now suddenly I felt my inner masculine say something like: “I will protect you. I KNOW how a Divine Masculine shows up. I will make sure that you will ONLY say yes to a man if he shows up as the HIGHEST version of himself. Because you never NEED a man, because you are already whole and balanced and I am always here to take care of you.”

And of course, I am STILL a woman haha.
We DON’T have to BECOME men. But it’s a GREAT feeling to balance out these energies and to check within yourself if your masculine and female energies are balanced.

ALSO if you are a man reading this.
Men have been taught to always be logical and rational.
But sometimes you have to follow your inner knowing.
Sometimes there is nothing rational or logical about something and you just FEEL you have to do something.
Does the feminine inside you have enough space? Does her Soul feel nurtured? Is she allowed to follow her heart?
Does she feel loved and taken care of?
Or do you suppress her with logic and with a dominant male power?
Do you let YOUR inner feminine be judged by the women in your life?

So what happens when you balance these energies?

You always attract people that mirror your energy and your consciousness, so if you change, then your reality also will change.
So maybe your partner will change.
Or you meet someone else.
Or, all of a sudden it doesn’t matter anymore, and you look at your partner differently.
But most importantly, you are just really happy on your own. You don’t NEED anything, because everything just comes into your life just because you ask for it and your balanced energy makes it super easy to receive.

Balancing these energies is NOT only important when it comes to manifesting a relationship. Because maybe you think your relationship is doing just fine.
But maybe you have trouble manifesting money or visibility or business success or whatever and maybe it’s because your male and female energies aren’t balanced.
Maybe it’s because you put TO much focus on aligning and not enough on taking action.
Or maybe it’s the other way around.

Either way, it’s BOTH important.
That’s why I teach my clients to balance this in my free Dutch program “Afstemmen & Actie” or my English free program: “The Ultimate Manifesting program.
You can sign up for the Dutch program HERE.
And for the English program HERE.

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Love, Maartje