I had quite a love journey these last 3 years. A LOT has happened. This is kind of the short version:

I became aware of a Soul desire to experience 100% Soul Aligned love.
I had to heal a LOT of shit and old blocks in regards to intimacy, love, self-worth and a LOT of other stuff.
I had to change my thoughts about what a relationship was meant to be, and beliefs like: “You can’t have it all in one person.”
I had to get over the blocks that it was selfish of me to leave my husband, without having ANY certainty if it is ever possible for me to manifest that person into my life.
I had to deal with the judgments of my family and my family in law and everyone who loves my husband.

We already had an amazing relationship, and I think what I had with him is better then most people have with their partners.
So I was scared that I wanted too much with this desire to experience 100% Soul Aligned love.
I ALWAYS want to create a LOT, also in my business and my Creations.
I always have BIG dreams, and since a couple of years, I am really committed to manifesting those big dreams.
But sometimes there is also a fear that I am pushing the envelope a little bit too far.
Am I maybe sabotaging the best thing and the greatest love I have ever experienced in my life?
Because this I know for sure: my husband is an amazing man. He IS going to meet someone else. And I might end up never being able to manifest this special person. I don’t think so, with my manifesting powers, but you never know.
It’s also not a guarantee that I will ever manifest 100.000 euro’s a month (One of my other goals.) If you work on manifesting your dreams you ALWAYS have the change to fail. That is just a fact. And that is why most people DON’T go after their dreams and stay where they are at. They SAY they want to, but they never actually take the leaps that create the space for their dreams to manifest.

Then In December, I fell in love. I fell in love deeply, and I felt he was that love I have been aligning with. It felt 100% in alignment.
But apparently, I wasn’t 100% in alignment with creating Soul Love, and I still had some healing and aligning to do because the relationship collapsed and we haven’t seen or spoken to each other since (at the moment I write this.)

So I had written a couple of blogs about that when that happened, but I decided to take them down.

Because this is what it is:

I wrote those blogs from a place of pain and woundedness.
I felt rejected and angry.
I wasn’t able to see the bigger picture yet.
I was SO super confused about what happened.
My mind just couldn’t grasp it. Because one day we were experiencing this amazing Soul aligned love. We were planning the future, talking about creating our lives together and the next day it was all gone.
And of course, I experienced breakups before. But that was always because a relationship isn’t in alignment, because it’s not equal or you fight, or you don’t want the same things in life, or it’s just done.
But that was not the case. There had been 2 or 3 moments we didn’t understand each other, but that was so minor.
This was just a deep Soul love, and it was mutual. So for it to vanish overnight was SO confusing for me.

So the last couple of months I have been studying about Soul love (And especially Twin Flames, because there is so much recognition in what I experienced in the Twin Flame journey) every single day to understand why this has happened and what the purpose was.

But when I was studying I also discovered this:

Most people still think in terms of old paradigm relationships.
There almost is a judgment for choosing to be with somebody who you are 100% aligned with.

But more and more people (Especially Powerful Creators) have the desire to be in a 100% Soul aligned relationship. And this has a reason. Because in order to experience Soul aligned love, you have to be connected and aligned to YOURSELF first. And THEN you can experience the kind of love that raises the frequency of everyone around you. And that is exactly what the earth needs.
When Soul aligned people come together, something magical happens, and they can create 10 times more together than apart.

But ….
There are SO many confusing messages about Twin Flame connections.
The label of Twin Flames is limiting, and a lot of Twin Flames use the label to stay attached. While DETACHING is necessary.
A lot of twin flames keep focussing on the other person, while the whole goal is to become in alignment to who you really are and as a result, help raise the frequency of the earth, so the only solution is for them to step into their own power and mission.
And Twin Flames usually don’t want to hear this, because it would be SO much easier if the other person could just “fix” all of your problems and wounds. They just want the fairytale love, but don’t want to do the inner work to start aligning with Soul Aligned love.

And a lot of Twin Flames feel lost and lonely.
They hear: “Just move on.” And they just can’t.
Their counterpart is mirroring them, and they just are in their consciousness ALL the time.
And they think this will end if the other person just comes back. But that usually doesn’t happen because of the mirroring and because they still are in an inner place of lack and separation. So ALL they can manifest is more separation and lack.

Only spiritual ascension can heal these wounds.
And in the meantime, that person still mirrors all your wounds back to you to heal, even though you are not even together in the physical.
And unhealthy relationships (For example between an empath and a narcissist) are also often mistaken for a twin flame relationship because the outward manifestation looks a little bit alike.
So that is confusing too, and a lot of Twin Flames stay in unhealthy relationship cycles.

And then there are a LOT of limiting beliefs around the twin flame connection. And a LOT of stories that simply aren’t beneficial when manifesting Soul Aligned love.
And that creates a LOT of confusion and a lot of stuckness too.

So, this is what it is.
I have deleted the blogs I wrote from my website and from social media.
Those blogs were written from a perspective of not understanding this connection and the true purpose of the journey.
They came more from a place of pain and anger and running away from what this connection has been asking from me the last couple of months.
I am not saying that they weren’t valuable and I might find a way to bundle them in an e-book with some more explanations about why I shared what I shared and from what kind of perspective it came.
There already is enough confusion about the Twin Flame journey, and I don’t want to ADD to that confusion by keeping those blogs there.

But right now I would really like to share some fresh content from my broader perspective of the topic of twin flames and soul mates, or how I prefer to call it: Soul Aligned love.
Because in the Twin Flame collective I see a LOT of hurt, pain, anger, attachment, and dependency. I experienced it too and even went through a dark night of the Soul.
It asks EVERYTHING from you to handle the intensity of the connection and create WITH it and not get stuck or lost in it.
I used the connection to heal a lot of wounds inside myself and to step into my purpose on a deeper level.
And I came a long way in the last months, but I am still not there.

Basically, everyone mirrors you, but because a twin flame relationship is a 100% match of your own soul frequency, it is even harder to detach, move on or come into union.
Because what it comes down to is: you create a relationship with YOURSELF. Because your Souls vibrate on the same frequency, and most people don’t have a relationship with themselves that is 100% in alignment. Most people still judge themselves, have expectations of themselves and live in a state of sacrifice and lack. Your Ego has to surrender to your Soul in order to be able to reach Union.

I get that this might still sound a little confusing and I want to share more about this.
So, this is what I want to do:

I have NO idea how many people who are following me are in the process of aligning with 100% Soul love.
You can call it Twin Flame or Soulmate, but I would really like to change some of these labels because those labels aren’t even important. Because the desire for manifesting Soul love isn’t about the OTHER person, it is about aligning with YOUR soul and start living YOUR mission and loving yourself 100%.
And everyone who enters your life mirrors how aligned you are to YOUR soul.

So I would love to share about my “twin flame experience” and what I learned from the separation.
I want to share about how I re-align with Soul love and how I am working on inner wholeness.

And I would love to answer these questions for you:

What is the difference between Soul Mates and Twin Flames?
Why is it important to let go of these labels? How CAN we look at it?
Why so many powerful creators have a desire to manifest Soul Love at this moment and aren’t truly happy and in alignment in there current relationships?
What to do if you feel the call for 100% Soul Aligned love and you are still in a relationship? How did my husband and I handle this?
Why the question: Is someone my twin flame yes or no, isn’t even an important question to answer and how I look at it.
What the function of the “twin flame” obsession is.
What can you do if your Divine Counterpart doesn’t acknowledge the connection?
Do you date other people when you are in separation or how to re-align with Soul Aligned love?
Why does it happen that everything is SO great and then suddenly it’s all gone?
What if your Divine Counterpart is in a relationship with someone else?
What do you say to other people about this connection?

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I know that most people follow me for money and business alignment and I haven’t been talking about this subject a lot.
But I feel in the collective energy that this is a REAL thing for people now and that a LOT of Powerful Creators are struggling with this.

Let me know if you have ANY other questions for me to answer that aren’t in this list by sending an email info[at]maartjekoper.nl

I love to hear from you.

Love, Maartje