Online Coaching program: Soulfulfilling Love Relationships – The journey to Love and Oneness.

Do you have a feeling deep inside that there is someone out there for you that would be your perfect match? Or have you already met this person?

Someone you can be yourself with and someone who GETS you.
Someone who loves and accepts you unconditionally.
Someone who lifts you up and who supports you in realizing your Soul’s Mission.
The Yin to your Yang, or the other way around of course 🙂

Then this program is going to be PERFECT for you. I will teach you everything you need to know when it comes to manifesting this person into your physical Life and creating the Soul-fulfilling relationship you have always dreamed about.

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Do you experience the “call” to manifest a Soul-fulfilling relationship in your life?

Looking back at my life, I always felt that there was someone out there who would be my perfect complement. I resonate with the Yin – Yang symbol: every part is whole in itself, but they complement each other perfectly.

Masculine and feminine energy have nothing to do with gender, everyone has both energies within them. Typically, men have more masculine energy, and women, usually have more feminine energy than masculine. Although this can be reversed as well.

The masculine energy is focused, giving, strong, balanced, decisive, and confident. The Masculine energy desires to serve and be of importance to the world around them.

The Feminine energy is flowing, radiant, creative, intuitive, passionate, fluid, and receiving. The feminine energy desires to create and be loved.

Both parts are necessary for the most powerful Creations. When they are whole and complete in themselves, they are able to co-create at a very high level.

But I always tried to ignore the desire I had to experience this kind of deep and Soul-fulfilling relationship.

Like most people, I carried around all kinds of limiting beliefs about love and relationships:

That real love didn’t exist. At least not for me.
That real love is something you only see in movies and that it will never happen in Real life.
That I simply couldn’t always have what I wanted in life and that I had “responsibilities.”

And I also had a lot of limiting beliefs about myself:

I thought that if people would see me for who I really was, they would leave me.
I felt scared to open up and I was afraid that I would end up alone if I would open up to the relationship I truly desired.
And it also felt too vulnerable. I was scared that I wasn’t able to handle the pain I would feel if I found true love and then it would be taken away from me.

And because of these limiting beliefs, I had all kinds of sabotaging patterns when it came to love and relationships. 

My biggest sabotaging pattern was that I stayed in a marriage that wasn’t working for me for WAY too long. I felt I had a responsibility to make it “work” even though I felt in my heart that it wasn’t the right relationship for me.

It felt that I had over-romanticized the idea of a relationship and that I just had to keep committed to my marriage and work harder at it.

Maybe you recognize this: that’s it’s a big challenge sometimes to listen to your own inner voice when everybody is trying to tell you what to do and not to do or how you “supposed” to behave.

I did everything I could to make my marriage work and to make my ex-husband happy, but I just couldn’t seem to get there.

One day, around 2016 I had to admit to myself: “I am not happy in my marriage and whatever I do, I can’t seem to get my husband to be happy either.”
It’s time I start facing the feeling I have that I believe there is someone out there for me who complements me perfectly. And I knew this person was not my husband.

It was really scary to face my feelings and to let go of the sense of safety and security my marriage represented to me.
Because I knew what I had and I didn’t know what would happen if I would let go of my marriage.

Would I even be able to manifest the Soul-fulfilling relationship I desired with all of my heart?

Wasn’t it just some kind of fairy tale that was all inside my own head?
What if I left my husband and break up my family and I would never meet this person and I would end up alone for the rest of my life?

But I knew deep in my heart: I have to take this “risk.”

I can’t face myself if I don’t do everything I possibly can to follow this call I felt deep inside of me. It felt bigger than myself.

And I was already teaching people about the Law of Attraction. And the Law of Attraction says: “ask and it is given.”
So I HAD to trust the Universe that it would guide me in the most perfect and divine way.

Around that time I met someone. I didn’t recognize him as this person at first. I knew we had some kind of a connection, but I was still too attached to my marriage and the idea of keeping my family together to see what was there.

But over time the connection I had with him grew stronger and eventually, I recognized him as the person I always had been looking for.

He and I both made what I call a “Love list.” This is a list of what you desire in a potential partner and we recognized each other in our love lists.
Of course, I will teach you how to make a lovelist yourself, in this Coaching program.

We had long conversations to see if we could be this person for each other and it all seemed to line up.
It all seemed really amazing. I thought I had met the love of my life and I also finally had the courage to end my marriage.

But then something happened that I hadn’t expected: After a short, but amazing, time together he suddenly left my life.
I am not going into the personal details because that doesn’t matter at this point.

What matters is that I felt confused and devastated after he left me.

What happened to me next is something I haven’t shared with a lot of people.
Because what I have noticed is that people who haven’t experienced this themselves, don’t seem to understand.

If I am honest with you, I was even hesitant to share this personal story with you. The first version of my sales page was totally different from what you are reading now.
I was not sure how my partner, and other people who know us, would react to my personal story.
But eventually, It was him who encouraged me to share this story exactly how I am sharing it right now.
He said that I am only able to serve people the best I can if I share the truth and don’t hold anything back and I have to admit that I fully agree with him.

Even though these types of Soul connections aren’t really understood by people who experienced it themselves.

I have a friend who experienced an intense Soul connection a couple of years earlier and I have to admit I was a little bit judgemental about her too back then.
I thought she was obsessed with this person and I said to her: “Why don’t you just let him go? Why don’t you just move on?”

But I learned, there is no “moving on” from a Soul connection this intense.

A Soul connection this deep asks something totally different of you.

It was like I couldn’t move on from this person.
He was in my head 24/7.
It was like we where connected on a deep level.
It felt like he was with me all the time, without him being there.

I never ever had any trouble “moving on” from a relationship, but this was somehow different.

And believe me, I did everything I could to “move on.”

I tried cord cuttings, meditations or the more firm approach of giving myself a kick in the but and some motivational pep talks that I wouldn’t even want to be with someone who left me just like that.
And I eventually also tried dating other men.

But nothing worked.

I just couldn’t seem to move on.

Can you relate to any of this?
Even if you haven’t met your person yet, there still can be this kind of obsession around actually meeting this person and handeling all these intense and deep feelings.

You just want to get rid of the pain and the confusion and start experiencing the love and connection you crave inside.

And in order to make this happen, people do all kinds of things that are not helping them to manifest the Soul-fulfilling relationship they desire.

Like following readings to get answers, and therefore searching for the answers outside of themselves.
Or chasing their beloved to “get” the relationship.
Or blocking them to make a point how “hurt” they are or playing games in general.
Or trying to make them jealous so they come back.
Or behaving in certain ways to let the other person know how amazing and special you are.
Or complaining about the other person because he or she isn’t “awake.”
Or “waiting” for the other person to “wake up” so they could finally be together.
Or getting lost in addictions and other unhealthy behavior to not feel the pain and emptiness you are experiencing.

Or getting into relationships with other people to not be alone, although you know in your heart these relationships are not serving you at the highest level.

ALL of these strategies often push love further away because they are coming from a place of lack and fear and not from a place of love and connection.

I knew in my heart there was another way. And I am happy to share with you that now I am 100% sure there IS another way.

Somewhere deep down I knew and felt that this was a journey about LOVE and that all the attachment and codependency and judgment I was experiencing and also saw in other people, is keeping us separated from the relationship we desire to experience.

I already knew that life mirrors us because I have been teaching people about Manifesting since 2014 and I have been studying how we create our own reality since 2002.

So I thought: If people say this is a SOUL Journey, What I have to do to either attract this person back into my life OR attract the person who I AM meant to be with, is to have to get in ALIGNMENT with my Soul.

And what is our Soul MADE of? Of LOVE.

So I tried my best to release the attachment I had to the person and I started learning what love REALLY is and how to actually make choices based on LOVE.

At first, this was a challenge because I noticed that most people don’t know what Love REALLY is.

In my program, I will also share everything I know about Love with you.

Because what most people see as love is based on attachment, obligation, expectation, sacrifice, codependency, superficial bonds, and “physical contracts.”

But do you know what the beautiful thing is: The Universe DOES know what unconditional love is and it always mirrors back the choices you make.

So when I started to commit to the journey of choosing LOVE, the person I still loved with all my heart came back into my life.

I can’t say that it was “fairytale magic” right after he came back because he still mirrored back parts of me where I was choosing fear or separation over love.
Maybe you recognize this too, but don’t worry I will help you to deal with this.

But what I DID see, was that if I chose Love, we would grow closer and if I chose fear or separation, he would pull away again.
And what I also noticed, is that no matter what appeared to be happening between us in the physical world, he always loved me. The love was always there.

At the end of the day, creating harmony with your Soul is a Journey. You can never say you are “there” because I learned there is no “there” to arrive at. We are always creating and creation is always evolving.
The ego-mind always wants to “get” somewhere because it thinks that it will be better once it is arriving at that place.
But love is already available NOW.

Because Love is a CHOICE.

It has NOTHING to do with “chasing” the relationship. It has to do with becoming aware of the fact that love is available RIGHT THIS MOMENT.

The peace and the connection and the oneness you desire to feel when you would have the relationship is already available to you NOW. That is not dependent on your physical circumstances at ALL.

And if you start choosing love and start to connect to yourself on a deep level, then life will mirror back that love and connection to you.

THEN you will have the most amazing connection and the most amazing Soul-fulfilling relationship you can ever imagine with someone who is just perfect for you.

Because THEN you are building positive Karma. We LITERALLY experience in our physical reality the choices we make in our hearts.

When he left my life, I wasn’t choosing love at ALL. I thought I was, but I really wasn’t. I said I loved him and wanted to be with him, but I wasn’t REALLY choosing to LOVE him, myself, and Creation.
I wasn’t co-creating in complete alignment with my Soul, with who I really was, and with the truth of Creation.

I was still afraid to lose love and therefore I used all kinds of ego strategies to “get” love, just like most people do.

But you know what? You can never “lose” love. How can we “lose” something that we ARE?

If you learn how to choose love, the person you are meant to be with and who is your perfect match at that moment will be magnetized into your life. And you can keep growing, evolving, and learning together as long as you can contribute to each other’s lives.

It is the BEST feeling in the world, to learn on a deep level that love is already INSIDE you and love was always there and love will always be there.

It makes you feel safe and powerful to realize that YOU are the creator of the relationship you desire to experience. And that ALL you need to do is shift your beliefs, thoughts, and feelings to experience the relationship you always dreamed about.

And that is EXACTLY what I really want to teach you in this program. You will learn everything I know about manifesting the Soul-fulfilling relationship you desire. 

If you connect to the love that is already inside of you, then you will attract the person that is perfect for you.

And you can call this a Twin Flame or a Soulmate, that doesn’t really matter, that is just a label. What REALLY matters is what you feel in your heart is possible and to start following your OWN inner guidance and the call of YOUR Soul.
And then YOUR person will show up and it will be amazing. It’s Divine Law that is called:

As within. So without.

“Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.” — Rumi

I have experienced it myself and saw it with a lot of my clients too and if you feel “the call” too, I would LOVE to teach you how this works.

And I would LOVE to invite you to learn how you can start creating a relationship in alignment with your Soul, so you can start experiencing everything you know in your heart is possible for you.

Practical Details

This program is for you if you can relate to the story I share above or to any of these situations:

♥ You have the desire to manifest a Soul Relationship into your life, but you have no clue how to start this journey.
♥ You have met someone with whom you feel an undeniable connection and this stirred up all kinds of feelings. And you have a TON of questions about this connection that you need to get answered.
♥ You have met a special person years ago that you just can’t get out of your mind. You just FEEL that there was something special, even though you can’t explain any of it.
♥ You have found the person you see as your one Soul Mate or Twin Flame, but you are experiencing separation.
♥ You and your Soulmate or Twin Flame are in a physical relationship or seeing each other in some kind of capacity but are you experiencing all kinds of blocks.
♥ You know deep in your heart that your current relationship isn’t fulfilling you anymore and you want to heal the blocks that are between you to harmonize your energies so you can get clarity if you are meant to stay together or if there is someone else out there for you.

After this program:

♥ You understand how your Soul Journey works.
♥ You will feel more empowered, more self-confident, and more loved.
♥ You will see how your Soul Partner mirrors you and what you need to do to choose love, so they can start choosing love too.
♥ You will have opened yourself to receive Love.
♥ You will have learned that you are a Divine being, worthy to receive everything you have ever desired. You know how your frequency matches the highest frequency of Love.
♥ You will have received all the tools to manifest an amazing and magical relationship, with someone you feel really aligned to.
♥ And much, much more!

This Coach program is not “just” about learning how to manifest your Soul-fulfilling relationship. If you know how to be the creator of your reality you can manifest everything you desire. AND you will be of amazing value to the people around you because you are able to show up as the powerful and loving creator that you are. As a result of this shift within yourself, you will start to receive more flow and ease than you have ever experienced before. Wonderful people and experiences enter your life and you have the feeling you are being guided by life itself. You will start to feel like a completely different person when you surrender to the journey of your Soul.

After you sign up for this program, you will instantly get access to all the modules from this online program. 

These are the modules you will get access to:

Module 1: How to set yourself up for success with this program and your Manifesting journey and how to make it EASY.
Module 2: The Mindset of Manifesting your Divine Partnership
Module 3: What is the starting point of Manifesting your Unique Love Story?
Module 4: The Purpose of Soul Relationships.
Module 5: The push – pull dynamic that is behind every relationship.
Module 6: How does the mirroring effect work?
Module 7: Feel your way to Love
Module 8: The biggest blocks on your Soul Relationship Manifesting Journey
Module 9: How to deal with these Blocks?
Module 10: Release the old to let in the new.
Module 11: It’s all about choosing love and keep choosing love.
Module 12: The most important relationship is the relationship with yourself.
Module 13: Your daily Alignment practice to Manifest your Soul Relationship.
Module 14: The only thing you need to do to manifest the relationship you desire.
Module 15: The balance between love and wisdom and between the Feminine and the Masculine
Module 16: How do you communicate from a place of love and oneness?
Module 17: What if things aren’t going the way you want them to go?
Module 18: Shifting into the energy of unconditional love and acceptance
Module 19: Why is following your Soul Mission important when it comes to manifesting your Soul Relationship?
Module 20: What are the signs that you are about to manifest your Soul Relationship?
Module 21: How to KEEP your relationship strong if you have manifested your relationship.
Module 22: FAQ Module

In the next couple of weeks, these modules will be added:

Bonus Module: Healing of the father-mother wound and dealing with family systems.
Bonus Module: How to communicate boundaries and go from being nice to feeling loved.

BONUS: You will receive powerful Guided meditations to help you to connect to your most powerful self.

You will have lifetime access to all the modules so you can go over them as often as you like. The modules are in video format and are 45 to 60 minutes in length.

Personal coaching and Support!

The journey to manifesting Love is a very personal journey. We ALL have our own stories and beliefs that are keeping us from experiencing love. That is why you receive Coaching on this journey. You can ask all your questions in The Private Telegram group. I will record bonus content OR we schedule a group coach call through Zoom so you can get answers to your questions and receive the guidance and support you need.

Where my strength is, is helping you discover the limiting beliefs that are keeping you from experiencing love AND to help you create the belief system that is IN alignment with what you want to experience in your life. Getting access to weekly coaching will give you THE fast track to experiencing the Soul Fulfilling relationship you desire.

AND in the Private Telegram Group, you can connect and co-create with the other people in this program.

Coach Calls will always be recorded, so don’t worry if you can’t join us live. You can ask your questions beforehand if you can’t be there live.

You get access to Coaching and the Telegram group for one year.

Your Investment

In the next couple of days, you get almost $600.00 off the regular investment. Normally the investment for this life-changing 1-year long Coaching program is $1997.00 or 12 Installments of $197.00 But right now the investment is $997.00 if you pay in full or $97.00 if you pay in installments.

This is what you will receive for your investment:

♥ 24 modules in which you are invited to go DEEP and do the inner work to get into alignment with the energy of love and oneness so you can start to experience the physical Soul-fulfilling relationship you desire.
♥ Powerful homework exercises that will help you connect with your Divine self.
♥ Coaching and the opportunity to ask me all your questions. One year long, I will be your mentor, cheerleader, and tour guide on this magical journey.
♥ Co-creation and connection in a private Telegram group. You will be surrounded and supported by a tribe of like-minded people who want nothing but the best for you. This is invaluable. You will get to experience how it is to be truly loved, held, and supported.
♥ Access to powerful Bonus Visualizations to help you shift into new frequencies.
♥ You will learn, step by step, to create a life that is all about self-confidence, self-love, oneness, and harmony, not just with your Soul partner, but in every area of your life.

The doors of this program are currently closed. Do you want to receive an email if the doors of this program are opening again? Then send us an email at

About me

Brave-lion-and-MaartjeMore about Me: I had my first spiritual awakening when I was 23 years old. I felt stuck in life, in all areas. I didn’t know who I was or what I wanted.
I was living my life with a mask on. I knew that I didn’t fit in at work, but was afraid to speak up about my needs. I think I didn’t even know my needs back then. I was afraid to really look at myself.

I felt like a failure because I was failing to be that person other people wanted me to be.
Why couldn’t I just be like other people? Why couldn’t I finish my degree and go to work without getting stuck?
Why did I have all these desires and dreams but was it so hard for me to manifest them into reality?

To not have to feel the pain of life I started using drugs on a daily base. Some days even before going to work. I was trying everything to cope, but of course, in the end, this wasn’t a sustainable lifestyle.
In the end, I got burned out and depressed and called in sick. I came across the book from Louse Hay called “you can heal your life” And after that, I learned about the law of attraction.

First I was experiencing a lot of resistance to it all. It was hard for me to believe that I created the mess I called my life.
But after shifting through my resistance, I felt relief and a wonderful feeling of being free. Because it meant that I could also make other choices. I wasn’t stuck in this mess forever! For the first time in my life, I could see how it was possible to create my own reality.

In the years after that, I’ve learned all about conscious creation. I thought this was extremely fascinating. I started to apply the tools into my own life and became very successful with manifestation.

I created many wonderful things like a soul-driven business, a great place to live, finding the best education for my daughter, endless creativity, wonderful soulmate friends and ended up being in a loving marriage for 18 years with my Soulmate and one of the best friends I have ever had in my life and he is STILL one of my best friends and an amazing father for our daughter.

I thought I already knew a lot about manifesting and how we create our reality until I met someone you could label as my “Twin Flame.” After that, I shifted deeper than ever. Being confronted with someone who mirrors you so closely is the best way to learn a LOT about yourself. It has been very confronting at times. And because you have a connection at the level of your Soul, you just can’t seem to get away from this connection. So the ONLY way is to go THROUGH it and learn and grow.

For many people, the Twin Flame or Soul Mate Journey is really hard and filled with trauma, pain and separation.
And yes, just like many others I’ve also had my share of these moments of darkness. This is commonly known as a dark night of the soul, but I prefer to call it the dark night of the ego.
If you do the inner work and face the truth and take full responsibility for your own growth, it’s possible however to shift through the trauma and pain quite rapidly. I know this to be true because I’ve been there myself. After my separation, I started googling to try to learn what had just happened to me, because it didn’t make any sense. I saw that people stay in pain and separation for years and years when they met someone they have an intense connection for. But it REALLY doesn’t have to be this way.

You CAN be happy with your OWN life AND build an amazing relationship with your True Love.

I know this from personal experience and also from helping a lot of my clients with insights about the Soul relationship dynamic and seeing them heal and taking amazing steps on their journeys.

I can’t wait to pass on the knowledge I gained to help you on your path to peace, love, oneness, and joy. With yourself AND in the relationship with your Soul Partner.

Are you in?


Q: Does it matter where I am on my journey to join this program?

A: No, until you have created alignment in your Soul connection with unconditional Love and compassion, there are still steps you can take.
It also doesn’t matter whether or not you are on a Twin Flame or a Soul Mate journey. I will teach in my program what the difference is and why the journey is really the same journey.

Q: Twin Flame teachers share that there is a big difference between being together with a Soulmate or with a Twin Flame. Is it possible to share both in one program?

Yes, I think so. For me, the only difference between what people would call a soulmate or a Twin Flame is that with your Twin Flame you have exactly the same values and core desires and you make the same core choices from these values and desires. My experience is that the mirroring works the same. In essence there is only ONE consciousness, so everyone is a manifestation of the same consciousness. I also think we should be careful with labels. Most of the time it’s the ego who wants to keep control. If you go beyond the labels, you can connect to what you FEEL and experience and to what is true for YOU. And I think this is what the Soul Journey is ALL about. I will share more about this in my online program.

Q: Am I going to get together with my Twin Flame or Soul Mate after following this program?

A: Your ego only sees a “you” and the other person.
The truth is that you ARE already together. You have never been separate because we have always been ONE. If people choose love and oneness, they will always make the same core choices. But if people haven’t chosen love, they are able to make different choices.
Where people are NOT the same is in the area of ​​the ego. So, we are going to look at what it takes to find that connection with your Divine self IN yourself. IF someone is your true Soul Partner, your core choices will always be the same as their core choices.
If you choose Love IN yourself the right person who will mirror this, and they WILL show up if you desire to be with someone. It’s divine Law.

Do you have any more questions? Feel free to send an e-mail to