So, I think, this is the number one manifesting mistake people make:

They see the Universe as a Vending Machine.

The ask for what they want, with other words: put in a euro in the vendingmachine, and the Universe delivers.
And Yes, yes yes, technically, if you strip EVERYTHING away, that IS how it works: ask, and it is given.

BUT that is only if there is no resistance between the ask and it is given part.
And with most people, there IS resistance — a LOT of it.
And you have to clean that up to become a vibrational match with what you asked for before you can experience it in your reality.

So this is what I see happen a lot:

People ask for what they want.
They do positive affirmations, make a vision board or visualize.
They “try” to think positive.
Or they just tell themselves a story that they ARE doing the work and ARE taking actions. But they are only taking practical actions and aren’t really willing to go within and go deep.
And then what they want doesn’t come.
And they get mad and frustrated.
They say things like:

What am I doing wrong?
I am doing my affirmations and thinking positive and doing the work, and still, it’s not here.

BUT …. the Universe is not a vending machine.
You don’t “just” put in a euro (a positive affirmation or a positive thought or a wish) and then what you want comes out.

If only it where that simple haha.

No, this is how it DOES work:

You ask for what you want.
The Universe triggers the F*ck out of you and brings situations and emotions to strip away all negative beliefs, dissolves the Ego-self, and blocks you from taking actions that are not in alignment with the vibration of what you are asking for.
And only if you are willing to go through it and NOT give up, THEN you get what you ask for.
Only if you KEEP finding alignment and grow PAST all the limitations you encounter, THEN you get what you ask for.

Most people give up WAY before that.
And I GET that.
It’s SO much easier to just give up sometimes.

Spiritual teacher Bentihno Massaro also calls this a day 2 moment.
He describes 3 phases when it comes to manifesting something. It doesn’t necessarily have to be on day 1, day 2 and day 3, but that’s how he calls it.
Day 1: You ask for something.
Day 2: The Universe brings challenges on your path to ask you: “Are you sure you want this?” Because you haven’t fully shifted your energy yet.
And then you can say: “Yes, I do” or “No I don’t.”
Day 3: When you say: “yes, I do,” and you are willing to do what it takes, what you want to manifest arrives.
When you get scared or whatever and back away or sabotage, it doesn’t come.

An example:

I interviewed Bentinho Massaro a couple of years ago. It was an amazing interview about money and spirituality.
Did you see it? You can watch it HERE on my youtube channel.
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When I asked for the interview, I didn’t really expect him to say yes. In my eyes, he was this big spiritual teacher, and I was JUST starting out with my business. But for some reason, he DID say yes. And I got EXTREMELY nervous in the weeks leading up to the interview. I was totally in my head about it. And what happened was that they postponed the interview because Bentinho was sick. But he was only in the Netherlands for a couple of days. So I got really scared that I didn’t get the chance to interview him.
And at that moment I felt that I REALLY wanted to do it. Despite of my fear, I wanted it SO bad! So I affirmed to the Universe that I really wanted it and that I was willing to do what it took and shift into that energy where I was brave and willing to step up my game.
And a couple of days later I got an email with a new date for the interview.
After the interview, I told Bentinho this story, and he also said: “Haha, you experienced a day 2 moment.” 🙂

Another personal example:
About two years ago I became aware of my desire to experiencing Epic, Soulfullfilling love. Actually, it felt more like a “call.” It felt like it was bigger than myself.
I couldn’t even ask for it straight away because subconsciously I felt I was vibrating nowhere near the frequency that made it able for me to experience that. I also felt (on a subconscious level) that I might not be able to stay with my husband, figuring all this out.
When I was finally able to look at it and start aligning with what I wanted to experience (and cleaned up a WHOLE lot of shit), I fell in love with somebody.
It was an amazing journey.
I LOVED getting to know him. Getting to know him was like unwrapping a present. The more I got to know him, the more I loved him.
It was the best time ever to talk to him, create with him and fell in love with him.
And he felt the same way.
BUT even with him, I wasn’t in alignment with experiencing true love.
When I look back at our journey, I was SO attached to him.
I was SO scared that hey might leave me.
I couldn’t imagine my life without him. It was like I already missed him, even when I was WITH him.

You can kind of imagine what I created with that energy.
Yes, he left me.
People mirror you. So he could only push me away because I didn’t give him space to just BE in my life. I just couldn’t believe that I could experience something this amazing, so I tried to control the situation and energetically pushed him away.
And I probably mirrored his deepest fears and blocks too.
They way we felt for each other and how he left my life is SO strange. I think we both acted from a really wounded place.
And of course, this is all really subjective. Because I already did SO much personal growth work (and so did he!), but to experience this type of love, your vibration has to be REALLY high vibe, and you have to be fully detached, and I still wasn’t there on an energetic level.

Since he left, I have been in a rollercoaster of personal growth.
Even now he is not in my life physically; he still mirrors me.
First I had to get over my hurt of him leaving.
Then I had to get over my guilt of me hurting him and pushing him away.
I know I really had no choice, but I STILL felt really guilty. Later I learned that also had to do with some past lives we were connected with each other. It was the pain of a couple of lifetimes that I had to purge and release.
I got flashbacks of previous lives where we met up and played similar roles in each other lives, and it hurt SO much. I sometimes felt that my heart was breaking.
I have to create my life, with me thinking of him 24/7 and letting him go at the same time because he is just not here at this moment and I HAVE to find a way to move on and take care of myself. Because I can only attract love with him or with ANYONE else if I am in alignment with true love myself. If I learn to fill up my OWN cup and take care of myself, whether I am in a relationship or not.
And so I have to learn to FULLY love myself and a million other things I learned the last couple of weeks.
I am doing better and better every day, but it’s still the BIGGEST challenge I have ever been through. It forces me to create on a WHOLE new level.

It’s funny because I think we can all relate to this. That you ask yourself the question: If I knew it would be THIS hard, would I have asked for this thing? Would I have put my euro in the vending machine? Haha.
But yes, I would. I DID experience something REAL with him, and I will cherish that for the rest of my life, even if we never find each other again. And I also trust that if I work through all this and heal myself, that I will experience a love that is even greater then what I experienced when we were together. Whether it’s with him or if the Universe brings someone else on my path.

So, conclusion: You can ask for EVERYTHING.
And the Universe can bring you ANYTHING.
But in order to become a vibration match, it could be that you attract contrast and challenging situations. And then you HAVE to stay committed to what you want.
You can NEVER give up.
Well, maybe for a little while haha. There were definitely a couple of moments during the last couple of weeks that I wanted to give up on this journey, but at the end of the day, my Soul is urging me to keep aligning with love and all I can do is listen.
To feel what I feel.
To follow my intuition.
To accept and follow my desires.
To step into my own power fully and create from that place.
To keep believing in myself.
To keep believing in what I am feeling and that I am not making this whole thing up and I am not crazy.
To raise my vibration and become the happiest person I CAN be, even though the situation challenges me every single day.
To keep following my alignment and keep working on detachment.

So are you also willing to do that with what you are manifesting?
Remember: the Universe is not a vending machine. You can have EVERYTHING you ask for but what you have to put in is NOT just a positive affirmation, you have to put in raising your vibration UNTIL you are a vibrational match, no matter WHAT it takes, until it takes.

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Love you always,