Now and then we offer one of our online products with a ‘Pay what it’s worth’ system.

We do this for a couple of reasons:

Brave-lion-and-Maartje1. To give everyone who wants to learn about manifestation the chance to become the most powerful creator they can be and fulfil their Souls Purpose. So money won’t form an obstacle to get access to these kinds of powerful teachings.

2. To actively help in the healing of money blocks. Once, money was JUST a tool to make exchange easier. But people gave money SO much meaning. A Pay what it’s worth system invites people to feel their feelings around money. It helps them to see if there are still blocks around money. It offers a safe environment to start being honest about money and start the healing process, so we can make money simple again. I helps people to think about what we actually value in life and what we spent our recourses on.

In essence, money is actually an amazing thing. People invest their time, energy and love into providing a service or product. With the money they receive from this, they can invest in things that add value to their lives. Even if people make money with a job they don’t like and don’t want to be, to go there for a reason. They do it to provide for their family and to earn the money to take care of themselves. It’s a GIFT and an honor to receive the money that is earned by any kind of dedication and invested energy.

I want to invite you to start seeing and noticing this with every dollar or euro (or whatever currency) you spent. Be aware of the energy that is invested for you to be able to eat your food or live in the house you live in. Be thankful for everything you are able to spent.

3. To align with new economic models where there is more freedom to co-create together. A pay what it’s worth system makes business more personal and offers flexibility.

4. To reach as many people as I can to fulfill my Mission. It’s my Mission to help as many people as I can to connect with the energy of Love and Oneness and to start living and Creating from that place of being.
I think Pay what it’s Worth lowers the barrier for people to follow my programs. People often tell me that listening to the modules shifts something in their energetic field. People often get creative ideas or big shifts and insights.
And they also share with me that my commitment helps them to keep showing up every day to becoming the most Powerful Creator they can be.

I want to invite you to pay a little more if you are affluent and pay a little less if you are still learning about the energy behind money. I want to invite you to release guilt and shame around either giving and receiving.

What I sometimes see is that people find it hard to commit to the program if they can’t pay the full price. But I would really want to ask you to just receive and give back by investing the time and energy in yourself and seeing you are worth this time and energy. If you shift into feeling worthy, more money will soon show up in your life as a reflection of your new state of being.

So how do you value the worth of a product?

There is a minimum investment of $7.00 per product for administrative costs that you pay when you sign up. You can choose to invest more or choose to evaluate the worth of the product after you have followed the program.

Maybe you already invested in a similar product and you can compare.

Or you can value the results you get when you go through the program and implement what you learned.

And of course, also based on the time and attention I put into making it. I have been studying Reality Creation since I was 23. I am 100% committed to my Mission and create every program with love.
When the business is financially stable, we have plans to use profits to invest in social projects that help co-create the New Earth.
I invest all of my resources in building this business and fulfilling my mission. I can relate to this quote from Walt Disney:

“We don’t make movies to make money. We make money to make more movies.”

Of course you can only get the results when you actively follow the program and implement the teachings.
So I invite you to make a commitment in time and energy. Only if you follow the program and implement the teaching will you get the results you desire and can you value the program(s) you invested fairly.

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to

Love, Maartje


“Thank you for clarifying and explaining alignment at its essence. Alignment has been a bit mystifying to me in the past. However, now I get it! Thank you!” — Lyerka Miller

“One of the things I love about Maartje is here authenticity. You get to see it all: her successes, but also her challenges and growth. I am really attracted to that vulnerability because it invites me also to be completely myself. She literally invites me to connect to my feeling and who I really am, and I need that to grow. I experience Maartje as someone who is driven, enthusiastic and sincere. I really feel her drive to help other people to grow, by being themselves. — Cissy

“I got to know Maartje as someone who is sparkling and energetic. Just be being herself, she transfers this vibe onto other people. She inspires to create your life and business in a way that feels 100% aligned.
What I find important in a coach is that someone LIVES their message and not only “sells” it and I really feel that wit Maartje. And that makes her coaching really valuable AND effective.
I absolutely advice people to follow her programs to experience what they can achieve with Maartje her coaching.” — Monique Hautvast

“Within 3 months of working with Maartje, I have manifested 15,000 dollars. I’m really focusing on clearing limiting beliefs around money, income, earning and being worthy.”

“What results I have created so far after working with Maartje? A lot of quantum leaps, a lot of insights gained, I have started to love myself again. Now I know that I haven’t been crazy all my life, but that life is supposed to be like this, with alignment and manifestation. I have regained belief in my dreams, I am focused on what I want to attain. My alarm clock is now set at 4 AM, so there’s regularity and I have all morning to spend time on myself (how AWESOME is that), I am happy in life again, I am judging myself and others way less than I was before, I am loving life again, I have rock solid confidence that everything will turn out fine, I am in control of my money again and instead of it flying out the door, it now comes flying in, I have a healthy diet again, I have started to really declutter my house and am giving away or throwing out all that no longer has any added value for me, I am HAPPY again. My mission is now crystal clear to me, I have said no to services I no longer wanted to deliver. No more holding back, just doing it. Start before you’re ready… The Law of Attraction has been alive within me for so long, but somehow the penny has only just dropped… to give you an example, I just manifested a trip to Nepal in March.”

“I have fallen in love with money, ha-ha! I used to literally hate money. But now I see that I am truly worthy of receiving money and am capable of allowing it in, of being that creator that can receive money for the services I am offering in the area of spirituality. All is in flow!!! I am meeting all kinds of special people, and I am ready for the next level.”

“When I align, the bookings come rolling in. So, I know it works.”

“So much has happened, where do I begin? I have received a large tax return. My husband is working a lot of extra hours and is earning more because of that, and he received quite a profit distribution. I have already been able to send out more invoices than I did in all of 2016. So, I have more clients, and more income. I am receiving wonderful and unexpected gifts, for example from clients. I am enjoying being an entrepreneur more. I am standing up more for my business. And I feel really supported by Maartje, her team, and the community.”

“10,000 dollars revenue per month? That felt so FAR away for me… Until Maartje Koper entered my life… with a calculator in my hand, I am now discovering that this money goal is now REALLY close… because I am the owner of my own abundance. I am soooo happy!!!” — Teersa van Weezel.