Online program: The Magic behind Manifestation

The Magic behind Manifestation is one of the most complete Manifesting Programs you will find!

Learn how manifestation REALLY works – FINALLY – Learn how to become the most powerful Creator you can be and live the life you are meant to be living.

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I have been studying the Law of Attraction and Manifestation since 2002

When I was at my lowest of lows, I was depressed, addicted and burned out. And then this amazing Spiritual Law came into my life when I was desperately yelling to the Universe:

“Is THIS what my life is supposed to be like? There must be something MORE than the life I am living now?”

And there was!
Because the Law of Attraction taught me that I could DO, BE and have everything I wanted.
So I asked myself the question: “Ok, if this is true, What do I REALLY want in my life?” And the thought came:

“Then I want to learn everything I can learn about how we create our reality, AND I want to write every day and share that with other people.”

That was my deepest wish and biggest desire in life. And the thought of being able to do that very day REALLY made me excited. If I could just follow my Soul everyday, I would be the luckiest person in the world. I was SO fascinated by the idea that we are the Creators of our own reality. I wanted to know EVERYTHING I could learn.

But I really couldn’t see HOW I could make my vision of living my Souls Mission a reality. At one point I tried to manifest the lottery, so I wouldn’t have to worry about making enough money while following my Souls mission. But even THAT didn’t work. Because … well…. that wasn’t my Souls Mission 😉

Not being able to manifest what I truly desired was SO frustrating! Because I KNEW what I wanted and the Law of Attraction said I could have it, but I just couldn’t make it work.

I was at the point that I wanted to give up studying the Law of Attraction. I wanted to do and manifest SO much, but I felt I kept going in circles and couldn’t break through.
I actually temporarily ignored everything that had to do with manifestation.

But …. that’s the thing with your soul’s mission, with what you are supposed to do with your life… it chooses YOU. So quitting simply wasn’t an option. It’s my personal mission to learn everything I can about how we create our reality and the Law of Attraction is a vital part of that.

So every time I wanted to quit, I could always feel a sort of “invisible force” pulling me forward.

And eventually,  I discovered that I was missing some important puzzle pieces. And that was the reason why it didn’t work as I thought it was supposed to work.

And I want to share these missing puzzle pieces (and everything else I know) with you!

Because there are SO many misunderstandings going around about the Law of Attraction.

For example that ALL you have to do is think some positive thoughts, and whatever you want comes into your life.

But that isn’t how it works at ALL.

For me, Manifesting is not really about the physical stuff. Maybe at the beginning it was. And I was also blinded by getting the house and the car and the money. But soon I noticed that that’s not what manifesting is about at ALL. Because when I had the house and the car and the money, I STILL didn’t feel that deep fulfillment I was really longing for. And I also noticed that all that stuff comes and goes. Money comes in, and goes out. Houses come and houses go. I STILL felt I was missing something.

And then I learned that Manifesting is not about the material stuff at ALL. Manifesting is really about getting to know who you REALLY are, becoming the most Powerful Creator you can be and start living your Soul’s Mission.

Manifesting is really about getting to know yourself as a Divine Creator. And HOW that works, is EXACTLY what I am going to teach you in the Magic behind Manifestation.

Do you ever ask yourself the question what you truly want to do, have and experience in your life?

People seem to want a lot of things and have a lot of desires, but rarely do they give themselves permission to REALLY dream. Rarely do people take the time and the effort to get to know themselves in the most intimate way.

Often the ego runs the show. And it’s just busy what it can “get” out of life. It’s always chasing stuff or avoiding stuff to fulfill its short-term goals.

But the question is: what do you TRULY desire? What does your SOUL crave?

What kind of work would you really like to do? Hoe would you like to contribute to the creation of the New Earth?
How would you like to feel with money?
How would you really like to take care of yourself?
How would you like to feel about yourself?
How would your days look like and how much time would you like to spend on building your spiritual connection and going within?
How would your connection with other people be?
What level of support would you like to receive in your life?

And even if you don’t know yet, you WIIL get clarity. Once you get on this path of self-discovery, the answers WILL come!

I would LOVE to guide you on this journey in the online program: The Magic behind Manifestation.

Wherever you are on your journey, this program is for you!

Because I was learning all about Creation and alignment when I was at my all-time low in 2003 when I was depressed, addicted, burned out and stuck in a job and life where I wasn’t happy.
And I am STILL learning now I have come this far, and I live my Soul’s Mission every single day. I am still going deeper and deeper in connecting with the Magic that Creation truly is.

For most people, if they want to change something in their life, the first question they ask themselves is: “HOW do I do this?” The ego always needs a plan and needs to see the path to where they want to be. The ego needs security and safety. But those things are NOT found in a “plan” or in controlling the physical reality. Those things are only found WITHIN!

Changing your reality is an internal process. We create our reality with what we focus our attention on and what is in our energy field.

So it’s important to become aware or what exactly is IN our energy field, in our counsciousness.

And what the thoughts are that we think.
And the beliefs are that we have.
And the feelings, that we feel.

It’s about getting to know yourself as a Divine Creator.

I know that there is only one way to create a different reality:
By going within and asking yourself the question: What is it in ME that is causing me to FEEL this way? What is it in me that I Created this experience? And what can I CHANGE?

As Abraham Hicks puts it so well: “Never face reality unless your reality is just the way you want it to be.”

And this is a difficult concept for people. Because we were taught to “Face reality” NOT to CREATE Reality.
We have been taught that we are not being “responsible” if we DON’T face reality.
But to shift your reality, you need to take your focus off of what you have created and shift it to what you WANT to create.

Yes, you DO have to be really honest about what you created, but the next step is always to take 100% responsibility and to focus on the reality you WANT to Create.

And that takes a lot of practice.
I’ve been learning all about manifesting for almost 20 years now.
And I have been applying it on a daily basis since 2014.

First I only ready about manifesting, but I didn’t really apply what I learned. I was aligning myself to the reality I wanted to create every now and then.
Then I practiced changing my vibration on a daily basis.
And now it’s become a part of who I am, a part of my every day life.

I acknowledge and express my desires.
I examine the beliefs and feelings that are out of alignment with the reality I WANT to Create, and then I shift them.
I ask the Universe for support and guidance.
And I shift my awareness so that MORE is possible.
And then I keep that energetic space open to be in alignment with what I want to manifest, take inspired actions and then (one day) it just shows up.
And I STILL learn new stuff about how we create our reality.

Manifesting my desires has become second nature to me.
It became a way of life.

And for most people, manifestation is NOT second nature.
They manifest what they want sometimes, but most of the time they manifest unconsciously OR from a place of lack.

They live their life with beliefs like:

“You can’t always have what you want.”
“Life is hard, and you have to struggle.”
“You have to give in now and then because that’s just the way it is in life.”
“You just can’t always have it your way.”
“You want too much or are too much.”

And I get these beliefs. I had them too.
And I remember very well how difficult my life was back then, and before I made a commitment to becoming the most Powerful Creator I can be.

And sometimes I forget how challenging it was for me or still is for other people.
And how many questions come up when you start with Manifestation.
And how much practice is needed to make it second nature so that you can REALLY get the results that you desire.

And that’s the goal of this program: To make manifestation fun and easy.
So that it can become a (daily) habit and you can get the results that you desire.

Because, If you do your Inner work every day and learn how manifestation really works, then miracles will happen in your life:
In a few years time, everything has changed in my life.
I feel like a mega-powerful creator.
I am really happy (most of the time haha), and every day I get to do what I love doing most: writing, learning all there is to learn about how we create our reality, and creating wonderful content.
I know that if I want something that I can ask for and then it is just a matter of time before it comes into my life. Most often not HOW I expected it to come or in the TIMEFRAME I expected, but it always comes — that or something better.

And IF I experience contrast, it’s easy to trust that everything will work out perfectly again because ALSO contrast is there to SERVE you, not to mess with you. If you learn to do your inner work, it becomes easier and easier to quickly shift through contrast.

But this level of confidence wasn’t just there.
That confidence grew through the practice of manifestation and alignment and learning how your vibration Creates your physical reality.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” ― Nikola Tesla

And I want to help you to learn what it takes for YOU to manifest your desires.

And no, it’s NOT egotistical to manifest your desires. Your desires are your life’s compass. And then I am talking about SOULS desires. Not EGO desires.
Yes, you can, of course, have an amazing house or car, but SOUL desires go SO much deeper than that! And it’s your contribution to the creation of all-that-is and to the expanded consciousness of the Universe to manifest your Souls desires into reality.

So are you ready to join me in the Magic Behind Manifestation?

This program is for you if you:

  • Want to live in 100% alignment, never sacrifice a single thing, live from your highest vibration possible and manifest your every desire.
  • Want to get everything out of your life that it has to offer you.
  • Already know that “working hard” from a place of sacrifice is NOT what is working for you and is not giving you the results you desire
  • Feel that Creation is CALLING you. You feel now is the time for you to create WONDERFUL things in your life and be of great value to other people.
  • Are ready to do the inner and the outer work to manifest your Souls desires.
  • Are ready to take 100% responsibility for your own energy and vibration. Because with your vibration you create your reality.
  • You know deep down inside that life is supposed to be easy and joyful and you are committed in finding a way to get into alignment with that truth.
  • Want to connect with a Tribe of people who are uplifting and supportive.

You can use the tools I teach you in this Online Program to manifest everything you want in your life, for example, these things:

  • Manifest amazing relationships.
  • Manifest Business success, Magnetic marketing, more clients and more money
  • Aligning with endless inspiration and creativity.
  • Being connected to spirit.
  • Taking inspired action and taking quantum leaps.
  • Endless self-confidence.
  • Health and body.
  • Opening up to more receiving.
  • Increasing your personal value.
  • Being magnetic to other people and aligning with the right people

This program will turn your manifestation power in the next gear on all areas of your life.

These are the modules you get access to in this online program:

Every day, you will receive access to a new module. You get lifetime access to the modules after these 24 days. The modules are all offered in video format and will be 15 to 30 minutes long.

These are the modules you will get access to:

Module 1: How to get the most out of this program?
Module 2: How does the Law of Attraction REALLY works? How do we Create our Reality?
Module 3: How to make a commitment to become the most powerful Creator you can be?
Module 4: What is manifestation REALLY about?
Module 5: What are the Levels of consciousness and how can they help you to become the most Powerful Creator you can be?
Module 6: How to raise your vibration to start receiving all your desires.
Module 7: What is the mindset of a Powerful Creator?
Module 8: How to get clear on your desires?
Module 9: How to get clear on your blocks and beliefs? And what are the biggest blocks on the pad of manifestation?
Module 10: How to shift each and every block?
Module 11: What are the most Powerful Manifesting Techniques you can use?
Module 12: How to Create your Daily Alignment Ritual?
Module 13: How to write the new script of your life and why is this important?
Module 14: How to deal with attachment when it comes to manifesting?
Module 15: How to deal with contrast when it comes to manifesting?
Module 16: How to deal with overwhelm when it comes to manifesting?
Module 17: How to deal with perfectionism when it comes to manifesting?
Module 18: The ROOT cause of all pain and contrast when it comes to manifesting
Module 19: How to leave doubt and pain behind you forever?
Module 20: How to take daily inspired actions?
Module 21: How to deal with: “I don’t feel like doing the work today?” and other forms of avoidance and procrastination?
Module 22: What to do when you feel the Law of Attraction “isn’t working” for you?
Module 23: What are the signs that your manifestation is on it’s way?
Module 24: How to STAY in your Manifesting Power?

This is NOT your next “fast food” manifesting course.

Manifesting has nothing to do with thinking “some” positive thoughts or repeating a couple of affirmations and BAM there is your wish fulfilled.
Especially not when you want to Create something REAL and sustainable in your life.

This kind of “fast food” manifesting, might get you SOME results, but the problem with this is, that you haven’t built a true foundation yet.
And you will notice that you can’t KEEP your manifestations in your life.
Or every time it seems like something is happening, it will all disappear again.
OR manifesting still feels like a LOT of work and takes you a lot of effort and this is really DRAINING your energy. And altaugh you try your hardest, you STILL aren’t getting where you want to be.
And possibly even losing your faith in your manifesting power OR giving up on your dreams all together.

That’s because, if you want to become a MASTER at Manifestation, you have to be willing to go DEEPER in your Divine self.

If you want to become really good at something, better than most of the people out there, you CAN’T stay at the surface level.
If you want to become a really good musician or a professional athlete or the best in your profession, you have to be willing to go all in.

When it comes to manifesting, this has nothing to do with how hard you work.
But manifesting has also NOTHING to do with “wishful thinking” or “hoping” that something might change in your (non existent) future.

It has to do with the willingness to shift into the vibration of who you want to be NOW.
It has to do with the willingness to let go of your ego and go DEEP in the inner work and invest your time, energy and resources into it.
And find someone who can walk you through the process, step by step and help you build your strong foundation.

And I would LOVE to be this person for you.

I funneled ALL of my 20 year knowledge and ALL of my love in this program.
It will literally give you E-VERY-THING you need to know to go DEEP in the process of manifesting your dream life.

If you commit your time and your energy and go through the content, then step by step, you will learn:

  • What it takes to become a Master Manifestor.
  • How to become a Master of your Thoughts and Vibration.
  • How to get connected to what you REALLY desire.
  • What is keeping your Manifestations away.
  • How to get an unwavering faith in your Manifesting powers.
  • How to shift every block you encounter.
  • How to deal with criticism and judgements for following your dreams and deal with the fear of rejection and abandonment.
  • How to deal with contrast and setbacks.
  • How to know without a shadow of a doubt that your manifestation is on its way.
  • Raise your vibration AND sustain your new baseline.
  • And so much MORE.

These are the practical details.

If you sign up, you will instantly receive access to the first module and you can get started right away.

This is what you will receive when you invest in yourself through this program:

  • Lifetime access to all the modules from this program.
  • Ongoing Monthly Q&A Coaching Calls where you can ask all your questions about manifesting.
  • Ongoing access to a Private Manifest Magically Members Group where you can connect and share success stories and ask questions.

Your Investment

Your time investment is about 15 to 30 minutes a day. This sounds like a lot. But making time for the inner work is THE most important thing you can do in your life. Your time investment is going to bring you SO much return on investment. Even TIME is “just” a construct and how people experience time is even something you can manifest differently. And even if you only have 5 minutes a day to start investing, it will make a difference in your life. And 5 minutes can become 10 and then 20. When I started committing to the daily inner work I had a full-time job, a toddler, a household to run and I was starting a business. So time was something I did NOT have. But I DID have a commute to and from work each day and THAT was the time I start spending on doing my inner work. I teach you all about how to get started OR how to go DEEPER into your inner work and how to create an alignment ritual that fits your specific situation.

For the next couple of days, you can sign up for this program using the ‘Pay what it’s Worth’ – System.

You can sign up for this program and YOU decide your investment. Normally the investment for this program is $497,00.

HERE you can read all about why we do this and how you can use this System. There is a minimum investment of $7.00 (Ex VAT for Dutch participants.)

30-day Guarantee.

There is a 30-day guarantee. I stand behind what I teach 100%. If you start following the modules and start applying what I teach you and you notice that this isn’t making a difference in your life, you can ask for a full refund. However: If you are not applying what I teach you, of course, there won’t be any result. So we will ask you to show us that you did the daily exercises and opened the modules AND used the Alignment Journal I am going to share with you in the program. If you invested your time and energy and applied the teachings and feel this program is not helpful, we will refund your investment.

If you have any questions, sent an e-mail to OR just sign up right away!

A little bit more about me and about my journey with the Law of Attraction.

I was 23 when I had to read Louise Hay’s book “You can heal your Life” for a course I followed.
In this book she shares how she healed herself from cancer.
That was REALLY difficult for me to read the first time.
Because I never in my life heard about a concept like that before.
I was raised without any form of spirituality in my life and I didn’t believe in a God at ALL.
I just couldn’t grasp that concept.
I thought people saw God as a man in the sky who basically decided over people’s lives and I just couldn’t see that.
So for me, all that was “true” was what I could see with my own two eyes.

And then I read this book and Louise Hay basically taught people in her book that we create our own reality and that she healed herself from cancer.

I had SO much resistance to this message.

Because when I looked at my life, it was all just a big mess.
I was addicted to drugs and gambling. I was depressed and I was burned out.
I was stuck in a job I hated and my life lacked all purpose and meaning.

And if Louise Created her illness, I created my depression and burn-out and everything else TOO.
And I was SO used to blaming everyone for my misery, I just couldn’t grasp the fact that I was the one who created it.
I was SO angry when I read it. I couldn’t even finish the book. All I could think is: “She has SOME nerve sharing this kind of nonsense with people.”

It took me another couple of months before I started rethinking things.
Because whatever I was doing, wasn’t working.
Week after week went by and I was feeling worse and worse.

I looked at the book again and I thought: “Maybe there is some truth in what she writes.
I sure as hell can’t figure it out.”
Deep down I KNEW there HAD to be something MORE. Some little voice inside me told me life wasn’t supposed to be THIS hard.

So I read the book again and this time I had a massive spiritual awakening from the book.
Suddenly I knew this was the truth.
Deep down something radically shifted in me.
I KNEW I created all the things I experienced and this time I could not only accept it, but it felt SO obvious to me that this was the truth.

From that moment on I felt a deep drive and desire to learn ALL I can learn about how we create our reality.

That was almost 20 years ago and since then I studied the Law of Attraction and everything that has to do with Reality Creation nearly every day.
If there was a Masters degree in Reality Creation, I would have gotten that. But because there isn’t I had to learn everything myself through books, video’s, online courses, coaches and spiritual teachers.
I invested a LOT of money, time and energy in learning ALL about Manifesting.
I didn’t have the luxury of a Law of Attraction teacher or online program back then. It wasn’t as “big” and mainstream as it is becoming now.
I had to figure it all out by getting a little bit of information here and a little bit of information there. That’s why I went above and beyond to make sure you will get ALL your information in ONE program, so you can truly commit and you don’t have to “shop around” anymore.

At first I used this knowledge to get better and quit using drugs and healed my depression.
I wasn’t yet in the mindspace that I could really start living my Soul Mission, because it did take me a couple of years to heal from all the pain I caused myself.
But I did manifest a couple of amazing jobs where I had really fun colleagues and I felt I was actually making a difference.
I knew it wasn’t what I was supposed to be doing, but it was a great start.
Then, in 2014 I felt really strong and my Soul Mission was calling me more and more every day.
I quit my day job and I started to teach other people about the Law of Attraction and finding and living their Soul Mission.
I helped ten thousands of people in the Netherlands through my online programs, coaching, events and free content.
And now it’s also time to spread my wings even further and start offering my courses in English.
I am really excited about this new step and I look forward to co-creating with you!

I hope with all my heart that this program, and my other content, will help you make a BIG difference in your life.
I hope it helps you to truly fall in love with yourself and every part of your life.

If you have any questions, just send an e-mail to OR sign up for the course and then I will see you soon in one of the Calls.

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ― Rumi


“Thank you for clarifying and explaining alignment at its essence. Alignment has been a bit mystifying to me in the past. However, now I get it! Thank you!” — Lyerka Miller

“One of the things I love about Maartje is here authenticity. You get to see it all: her successes, but also her challenges and growth. I am really attracted to that vulnerability because it invites me also to be completely myself. She literally invites me to connect to my feeling and who I really am, and I need that to grow. I experience Maartje as someone who is driven, enthusiastic and sincere. I really feel her drive to help other people to grow, by being themselves. — Cissy

“I got to know Maartje as someone who is sparkling and energetic. Just be being herself, she transfers this vibe onto other people. She inspires to create your life and business in a way that feels 100% aligned.
What I find important in a coach is that someone LIVES their message and not only “sells” it and I really feel that wit Maartje. And that makes her coaching really valuable AND effective.
I absolutely advice people to follow her programs to experience what they can achieve with Maartje her coaching.” — Monique Hautvast

“Within 3 months of working with Maartje, I have manifested 15,000 dollars. I’m really focusing on clearing limiting beliefs around money, income, earning and being worthy.”

“What results I have created so far after working with Maartje? A lot of quantum leaps, a lot of insights gained, I have started to love myself again. Now I know that I haven’t been crazy all my life, but that life is supposed to be like this, with alignment and manifestation. I have regained belief in my dreams, I am focused on what I want to attain. My alarm clock is now set at 4 AM, so there’s regularity and I have all morning to spend time on myself (how AWESOME is that), I am happy in life again, I am judging myself and others way less than I was before, I am loving life again, I have rock solid confidence that everything will turn out fine, I am in control of my money again and instead of it flying out the door, it now comes flying in, I have a healthy diet again, I have started to really declutter my house and am giving away or throwing out all that no longer has any added value for me, I am HAPPY again. My mission is now crystal clear to me, I have said no to services I no longer wanted to deliver. No more holding back, just doing it. Start before you’re ready… The Law of Attraction has been alive within me for so long, but somehow the penny has only just dropped… to give you an example, I just manifested a trip to Nepal in March.”

“I have fallen in love with money, ha-ha! I used to literally hate money. But now I see that I am truly worthy of receiving money and am capable of allowing it in, of being that creator that can receive money for the services I am offering in the area of spirituality. All is in flow!!! I am meeting all kinds of special people, and I am ready for the next level.”

“When I align, the bookings come rolling in. So, I know it works.”

“So much has happened, where do I begin? I have received a large tax return. My husband is working a lot of extra hours and is earning more because of that, and he received quite a profit distribution. I have already been able to send out more invoices than I did in all of 2016. So, I have more clients, and more income. I am receiving wonderful and unexpected gifts, for example from clients. I am enjoying being an entrepreneur more. I am standing up more for my business. And I feel really supported by Maartje, her team, and the community.”

“10,000 dollars revenue per month? That felt so FAR away for me… Until Maartje Koper entered my life… with a calculator in my hand, I am now discovering that this money goal is now REALLY close… because I am the owner of my own abundance. I am soooo happy!!!” — Teersa van Weezel.