In this blog, I want to talk to you about leadership. VIBRATIONAL leadership.

When it comes to manifesting what you want, this is SUCH an important topic. And it’s going to help you TREMENDOUSLY to get a breakthrough in what you are manifesting.

So, for most people, when it comes to getting what they want, they become reactive to the circumstances or reactive to their own thoughts and feelings. That’s NOT going to help you in manifesting your big dreams.
YOU need to be the leader of your vibration and your creations.

So what does that mean?

1. Take complete ownership of your alignment and what you have created.

Nothing happens by “change.” And then I mean literally NOTHING.
You create everything in your life with your vibration and your energy field.
You have to take complete ownership over how you think, feel and what you experience.

It’s never someone else’s fault that you haven’t created what you want to create.
Because ALL these people are in YOUR reality.
There is something inside of YOU that attracted these people.

So the question is: what beliefs do you have that manifested this?
Sometimes you have to dig DEEP when it comes to this.

(Sidenote: Just after writing this down, I got a HUGE insight of my own around why I am not (YET!) creating what I want to create on 2 area’s of my life that are SUPER closely linked: Money and love. (Money is Love, remember?)
OMG, this feels SUPER big for me. Yeah on writing my own blogs haha.)

So when you figure out what your belief is, what do you then DO with that?

2. Change your belief.

Tell yourself a different story around what you believe.
Write down a different story and start REALLY believing and feeling that story.
Especially FEELING it.
Let the new story become part of YOU, of every cell of your body, of your WHOLE energy field.

It helps to get coaching around this, to investigate if the new story is 100% in alignment (Join my Manifest Magically Academy!)
Because ONLY if something is 100% in alignment, it EASY for you to manifest.
If something is OUT of alignment, you can do EVERYTHING you want and EVERYTHING that is in your power, but it keeps feeling like pulling teeth and not getting ahead.

And these are a couple of other things that are important to know when it comes to taking leadership of your Creations:

3. The way you do anything is the way you do everything.

You CAN’T be a leader when creating your business and then stay in the victim mode and think you are dependent on your partner or the government for income.
You CAN’T be a leader with your creative project and then “wait” till you have inspiration. You have to CREATE inspiration.
You CAN’T make all the money you want and then “wait” till clients come. YOU have to become SO DAMN magnetic for them that they don’t want to be with ANYBODY else!

The way you do anything is the way you do everything.
NOTHING is separate from each other.

If you are reactive and dependent in ONE area of your life, you are reactive and dependent in ALL areas of your life.
You might not want to look at it like that, but believe me, this is just the way it is.

You may want to tell yourself EVERY possible story to think that this is ok. I sure do. But it’s NOT ok.

Either you want what you want, and you are willing to BE that person on ALL area’s of your life, OR you have to stop torturing yourself, give up your dreams and choose for a mediocre life, because you are just never going to get there like this.

Well, I SURELY don’t want to do that. And I’ll bet neither are you!
It’s your LIFES PURPOSE we are talking about here!!!!!
It’s not whether or not to get a goldfish or something stupid. THIS is real meaningful stuff!

And fulfilling your Souls’ purpose isn’t meant to be EASY.
It’s meant to shift you into your highest vibration possible!
And in order to do that, you have to be willing to do the hard stuff!

If you want to do GREAT things.
In every area over your life!

Take TOTAL ownership around your vibration.
Align with what you want to create every single morning and every single evening and during the day, as much as you can.
BECOME that person.
Ask the Universe to guide and support you in this process.
Ask for signs!

I asked for a sign last night whether or not to keep in creation about something I want to manifest. I asked for a clear sign.
And last night I had a dream. A CLEAR dream.
And this morning I felt it in my heart SO strongly: YES, I am going to manifest this.
And then I started to write this blog, and I had the BIG insight around why I haven’t manifested this thing.
And now it’s up to me to move past these blocks and limiting beliefs and keep creating.

And the last point I want to share with you:

4. Be willing to manipulate people.

So, this is going to trigger the HELL out of people, me writing this down.
But let me explain.

I learned this from my friend Merlijn. When he first shared it with me, I also got triggered a LOT. The word manipulation does that to people 🙂
Because people have free will, right? And manipulating people is WRONG!

But this is what I learned about it so far. (And I am still learning more about this, so more insights to come.)

First this: EVERYTHING you see in your physical reality is YOUR projection. There is NO physical body in your reality that is REAL. It’s ALL your projection.
Where you communicate with them, is at the level of the SOUL. (I learned this from Bentinho Massaro)
And you can check in with their Soul. And their Soul will tell you whether they are up for what you want to create with them or that their Soul has a different plan for them. But you can only do this from a place of unconditional love. It’s not for YOU to “get” anything it’s because you can SERVE them and CREATE with them from Soul level, regardless of what you are or aren’t getting out of it. (Of course, no sacrifice is needed here! This is going to serve you just as much as it serves them!)

And then the manipulation process is NOT how we see it in the human form.
It’s NOT (emotionally) blackmailing people, calling them names and forcing them into creating with you (or you FOR them, as this is the case in most people who manipulate like this. Because that DOES revolve sacrificing your own Soul guidance.)
You should set some REALLY strong boundaries when people manipulate you like that. The message you sent out to the Universe when you tolerate that kind of manipulation in your life is that you are just not worth that much and you give people control over what you do and don’t do. And that is CERTAINLY not helping you in creating your dream life.
And it speaks for itself that you yourself would never be manipulating people into doing stuff for you like that. It will make you both miserable as HELL!

No, with manipulation, I mean holding the space for someone.
SEEING them as their most powerful self.
Sending them loving and powerful thoughts. And just being grateful for who they are, regardless of their actions.
Constantly inviting them energetically to come to create with you (and then at a practical level, as I am doing with this blog.)
Creating the space within YOURSELF to receive these people and seeing and knowing on a DEEP level that YOU are the right person to help these people (or this person) because this is YOUR Souls purpose and Soul journey.
Raising your OWN value and your OWN vibration, so you are in the best space possible to be of the highest service for them.
Loving them unconditionally for the choices they make, WITHOUT giving up on them and STILL keep the space open when they are ready to step into that space.
ALL with NO expectations around the outcome.

No pulling, no pushing, no blackmailing, nothing like that.

If you had someone in your life, who did that for you.

Who loved you unconditionally, no matter what?
Who would see you for who you REALLY are?
And who would give you all the space you need to go through whatever you are going through, but always would just BE there for you, no matter what.
Who would energetically help you with creating a loving and powerful forcefield for you to create in?
Who would let go of their OWN shit (insecurities, judgments, expectations, fears, neediness, etc.) to be of the HIGHEST value to you?

Wouldn’t that just be the BEST thing EVER?
OMG, can you imagine what it is going to DO for everyone’s creative process and the world in general if we would ALL be willing to manipulate like THAT?

That’s TRUE leadership! Vibrational leadership.

And yes, then people STILL have a free will.
It can STILL take them a while to step into that space, and some people will never get there.

Sometimes they have to become REALLY unhappy and feel on a deep level that what they are doing now, just isn’t going to work for them.
Sometimes they need an illness, near-death experience, depression, addiction, burn out, an abusive relationship or whatever strong wake-up call to finally step into that space.
But maybe, if you hadn’t kept that space open for them, they would have NEVER got there and they would have DIED with ALL their wonderful music STILL inside them.
But you, being a spaceholder and just staying present without expectations and without lowering your own vibration to match theirs, can give them the space they need to work through it and step into their true potential.

And THAT is being a TRUE leader.

Now go LEAD, be willing to manipulate and create some magic in your own life and other peoples lives!

(My new tagline. Do you like it? 🙂 )

Love Maartje

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