This week I’ve been experiencing some BIG resistance to everything that is structured and “expected from me” as an entrepreneur.

I am hearing myself saying things like:

“I don’t want to build an email funnel”
And at first I thought it was “just” resistance and I had to push through.
Just Power through.
Just DO the work.
But NO.
I want my work to be ALIVE. To live and breath. I DON’T want it to be static.
And I CAN’T allow myself to build something JUST to sell.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE selling. Because when someone buys from me I get the chance to connect and help someone to achieve his or her aligned, wealthy, epic life and business and that is an amazing thing.
AND they give me money and I love that part too 🙂

So the ONLY way I will EVER build an email funnel is when I feel INSPIRED.
When I know exactly why I would build it and it’s the best reason EVER.
Because then it’s ALIVE. And when things are filled with life and love, they SELL.
When there is no feeling behind it, you can create anything you want, but people aren’t going to buy.
Who wants to buy a product or service that is DEAD?
Dead because there is NO energy behind it.
Why would you offer your clients things that are DEAD? Why are you offering content or products (even if it’s an email funnel!) you aren’t totally IN LOVE with?
Why? Just for the money?
Wake up call! Dead doesn’t sell (except maybe if you sell to really creepy clients).

So I just can’t sell for the sake of selling. In that sense, I am not a hardcore entrepreneur.
And also on a LOT of other aspects of my business, I am NOT an entrepreneur.
I don’t do contracts. My clients don’t sign anything. I am operating from a place of trust and love and attract the clients in my life that are aligned with my energy.
I don’t do rules in general. My clients know they get the best version of ME in anything I do. But I WILL change things when they don’t feel aligned.
Even if some “expert” tells me I HAVE to do X or Z to “make it”. If it doesn’t feel aligned, I don’t do it.
And I don’t explain. I don’t have to be logical or analytical about it. I can just say that it doesn’t feel good. That’s the BEST reason EVEEEEEER!

No, I am NOT an entrepreneur in the “normal” way.
I am a creator. I am an artist.
I sculpt things.
I play with energy.
I let life, creation, GOD flow through me and let Him guide my every action when I am building my business and creating my products.

I am spending a LOT of time on alignment. Sometimes hours a day.
Because when I am aligned. I don’t have to hustle, and sacrifice and “try”.
It just flows.
And if it doesn’t flow?
That DOESN’T mean I am using the wrong strategy. It means that I am doing something that isn’t aligned or I am NOT doing something I am supposed to do.
I am running away from what creation wants to create through me and I am running away because I am scared.
I am scared now to build my International business (aka: creation).
I am scared on many levels, but I am HERE, showing up, doing the work. Opening myself up for what creation wants to let flow through me.

And to connect with you.
And to connect with other creatives, artists, powerful creators and high achievers.
Sharing with you how creation works. How the Law of attraction really works and how the Universal laws of creation all work together to help you build your epic life.
How you can take your unique talents and gifts and express them in this reality in the most powerful way AND make a LOT of money with them and impact a lot of people.

Love, Maartje
— Law of Attraction Expert and Business Alignment Coach.

— I help creative entrepreneurs, powerful creators, influencers, coaches, healers, leaders of the new era and everyone who wants to make money just by being themselves to master their life and business by Mastering their Alignment.
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Often they feel they want to do things in their own way and break out of all the boxes society has created for them. Somewhere deep down they feel they are meant for greatness and I help them to discover that greatness within them.
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