I just finished an amazing VIP retreat with my clients. One of the questions that came up was the question of how I could stay so committed to what I want to create.
For a lot of people, it’s easiest sometimes to just give up.

And I admit it: I want to give up a LOT of the times too.
Almost daily.
Creating your dream life and dream business can sometimes just be REALLY hard.
ESPECIALLY if you want something SO bad that it drives you insane.

So in this blog, I am going to give you some tips on how to stay committed to what you want to create.

1. Accept that it is just really hard sometimes.

To create something new in your life, you literally have to become a new person. You have to leave old patterns, thoughts, feelings, and energy fields behind.
It is exactly that growth you go through on the level of consciousness, that is the REAL gift here.
So now, think about what it is you want to create.
And write down how you would feel when you have this.
What would you do from day to day?
What people, circumstances, and parts of yourself would you have left behind when you have created this?
For what would you no longer be available?

And step into that person NOW.

Stepping into that person can be SO challenging sometimes. Because you have been used to acting and thinking in a certain way for SO long. It can be hard to let go of some stuff.
It could be that you are hurting people or make some really tough decisions, stepping into that new you.

Breaking through an energy field can be the hardest thing ever. So give yourself what you need and ask for help. There are always people that can support you. Reach out to them!

The question is: are you willing to do that? Are you willing to let it be hard sometimes and STILL follow through?

2. Remind yourself of your WHY.

What makes it a little bit easier is reminding yourself of why you want what you want.
For me creating my most amazing life and business has become non-negotiable. I’ve been in SUCH a bad spot in my life, I really don’t want to be there anymore.
I made a commitment a while ago that I am only available for stuff that gives me joy and happiness.
And I have to make that commitment every single day.
Life is just too short, you know?

It’s my life’s purpose to learn all about creation there is to learn and really apply that in my life.
And the more I connect to this, the easier it gets to follow through.
I also know that if I DON’T do the hard things, that the hard things get even harder.
Because the Universe always helps you and guides you when fulfilling your souls’ purpose. And if you don’t listen to the desire within if it’s just a small whisper, life brings you challenging situations that you HAVE to transcend.
You really have no choice. It’s a decision you made before you got here.
And the longer you wait with following your souls’ purpose, the harder it gets.

3. It’s never the right time.

What I see most people do, is they wait and wait and wait.
They wait for that perfect moment.
They wait until things get easier.
They wait until they have the money.
They wait until their spouse is ok with them following their dreams.

And in the meantime life just passes them by.
And yet another day has gone by that they haven’t stepped into that blissful life that they know, deep down inside, is possible for them.

The problem with “waiting” is this:

You create your reality with your energy field; with your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and actions.
And if you stay in the same energy field, you create the same reality over and over and over again.

YOU need to step it up.
YOU need to decide what it is you want to create.
YOU need to decide where you are and aren’t available for.
YOU need to make a change within yourself and then reality changes with you.

4. Stay in creation.

What also is going to help you immensely to stay committed is staying in creation.
Most people, when they bump into challenging situations, they make conclusions about what is and isn’t possible. They say things to themselves like:

“I can’t see a way out.”
“I will just have to give up on my dreams. It’s just too damn hard.”
“I don’t know what to do.”
“I don’t know how to make this work.”
etcetera etcetera.

But by making conclusions about what is and isn’t possible, you close yourself off to everything that IS possible.

This is what I say to myself:

There is always an answer.
There is always a solution. Every problem also harnasses a solution. It’s just Universal law.
There is always a possibility to create what I want.
What is possible here for me Universe?

And then, instead of being in conclusion, I stay in the question.
These are a couple of amazing questions to ask:

What space must I be to create what I want to create (or resolve this problem)?
What is good about this situation that I can’t see yet? (NOTHING happens by accident. Every situation is in your life to help you connect even further to your divine self. Just try to be open to the gift in this situation.)

And after I ask these questions, I keep my energy field open and stay open to receiving the answers I need to keep creating.

5. Focus on what you DO want to create.

And this goes hand in hand with point 4. If things get hard, we tend to look at what is difficult and what we DON’T want.
Try your best to keep focussing on what you DO want.
Write down what you want.
Connect with the energy of that as often as you can.
REALLY feel how it feels when you have what you want and feel that as often as possible.
Combine that with asking questions and becoming this new you, and you will see that slowly but surely, your reality starts to change.

You get a sudden flash of insight or inspiration.
Suddenly you see a possibility where you thought there wasn’t one before.
You get creative.
You find the right words.
You suddenly feel guided.
You suddenly know exactly what to say.
You read or watch something that helps you.
You meet somebody that helps you.

6. Know that what you want is not egotistical.

A lot of people think that they are selfish when creating their dream life and business. But that’s really not true.
People who are in alignment are the BEST people to be around.
They are magnetic.
Only being around them is such a gift.
They really contribute amazing things to the well being of the planet.
Their energy field can really be healing to people and help them transform their lives.
These people just make the world a better place.
But to be this person and add a REAL contribution to the well being of the planet, YOU have to be happy.
YOU have to work on your energy field and leave all toxic, damaging and negative people, thoughts, and actions behind.

How would fulfilling your Souls desire EVER be selfish?
We are here to create.
We have been put on this earth to manifest our desires.
It is just TRUE.
And stepping up and helping your soul to expand is NOT selfish. It’s your DUTY.
And …. as I share in point 7, you are always being guided in this process.

7. What is meant to happen, happens.

As I shared before: If it’s your Divine purpose to experience or create something, it will happen.
Most people FIGHT to make something happen.
But stop fighting for a couple of seconds.
Take a deep breath in and breath out. If you breathe out, surrender ALL your problems to your Divine self.
Do that a couple of times.
Connect to the core of the earth and to the Universe.
Fill your energy field with love and light and the energy of endless possibilities.
Expand your energy field so that it fills up the whole Universe.
Now amplify the energy that you ARE. And amplify it some more.
Make that connection to your Divine self.
And create from THAT space instead of from your head.

When you create form a place of connection and holding the big space for what you desire, creating things gets SO much easier.
Get out of your head as often as you can.
Trust that a path will be revealed to you. If it’s really a Soul Desire, it WILL.
You ARE being guided. ALWAYS.
And you are ALWAYS being loved.
And you are deserving of the very best!
Don’t ever forget!

Love, Maartje

— Law of Attraction Expert and Business Alignment Coach.

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