Money is Love is THE money-breakthrough training for conscious creators that want to slam their money blocks, so they can manifest the life they were born for.

Let me ask you this: do you want to create unlimited abundance as a powerful creator? Are you living the life you were born for, in every single moment?

Are you fed up with telling yourself you don’t have the money to do the things you really want to do?
Are you fed up with the endless money struggle?
Are you fed up with having all these “one-day” dreams and no clue about how to finally manifest them?
Are you fed up with doing all these things you don’t even like while the money STILL isn’t showing up in the way you would like it to?

It’s time to change your money story, lovely co-creator!

It’s time for a NEW energy: the energy of abundance. The energie of Money is Love.

It’s time we all start tapping into our full potential, living our life’s purpose and open up to receiving the money that fully supports us.

It’s time we release all of the negative stories we have been telling ourselves about money:

That money is difficult.
That money is a struggle.
That money is something that’s only meant to be had by a selective group of people.
That money is bad or even evil.
That money makes people greedy.
That by receiving more money, other people will have less of it.
That big, powerful corporations rule the world and that they render us powerless.
That money is the root of all evil and we have to erase it from our lives to truly be free.

Are you often telling yourself no because you don’t have any money?
Is money difficult or hard for you?
Or is money coming in, but is it flowing out at the same speed?
Are you struggling with the prices you should set for your clients every day? Are you deliberately keeping your prices low, because you are scared people will not be able to pay them otherwise?
Are you stuck in a job you don’t belong in, but that you hold on to “because you need the money”? Even when you know you have been put on this earth for something entirely different?
Or are you already living your passion, but does that mean you no longer have the money to allow yourself the things you are longing for deep within?

In other words: is money one of the reasons why you are not leading the life you were born for, the life you are longing for and that will TRULY make you happy?

These stories block us from becoming the most powerful creators we can become!
Those limiting stories keep us in a place of dependence and giving away our personal power.

But ….. Confusing enough …… Money problems have nothing to do with money!

It has to do with the way we LOOK at money.
It has to do with not knowing what money REALLY is and how it REALLY works.
It has to do with NOT knowing we can create our reality, and not knowing how to truly receive.
It has to do with not being fully aware of our money consciousness.

It is my personal goal to teach as many people as I can about how we create our reality.
It is my personal goal to teach you all about my core message: You are a powerful creator and you create your own reality: EVEN with money!

And believe me: I KNOW how difficult it can be to make this shift.
For the biggest part of my life, I struggled with money every day.

Now I can honestly say that I feel that it really can be simple to manifest money into your life.
What does that do to you, when I say that? Do you believe it?

Because there used to be a time that I wouldn’t have believed it had anyone told me that. Over the last years I have had the privilege of learning that manifesting money really can be easy. And I know that this can become easy to anyone. I feel it AND I have witnessed it with my clients. I would LOVE to teach you how you can get to the point that you say to yourself: “Yes, Maartje, I now feel it too. Manifesting money IS easy.” Because you know what happens then? Money will flow into your life as it never has before.
And you may now be thinking: “Money isn’t important”.
And you are right, in a way. But what you can DO with the money IS important.

You can start leading the life you were born for. You can start leading YOUR ideal life. Your DREAM life.
You can get up every day, and make your own choices.
You have the financial means to really provide for your family and your loved ones AND to really contribute to the world.
You can take the courses and online trainings you want to take in order to live up to your highest potential.
You can travel to all the places you want to visit.
You can surround yourself with things that feed your soul.
You will never have to settle for less ever again, because you know you deserve all the great things life has in store for you.

You can do all that when you learn how to heal your money blocks, and learn how money REALLY works.
In the Money is Love Program, I have lined up the most important keys that can help you create a full-on financial breakthrough in your life.
Once you start applying these in your life, you’ll notice a huge shift taking place in the way that you look at money.
Money will never again be the reason for not leading the life that REALLY suits you: the life you were born for!
Over the past years I have had the privilege of learning as a mentor, writer, spiritual entrepreneur to look at money in a completely different way. But I really had to LEARN that!

Because for the longest time, I made money working at a job I didn’t really like and I didn’t even make a lot of money doing so.
I made just enough to survive.
And when I had money, I’d spend it on things that weren’t nurturing for me.
I was addicted to drugs and didn’t really take care of myself.
At one point it was so bad that I slipped into a major depression.

And then one day I’d just had enough.
I already knew what I REALLY wanted to do from the age of 22: I knew I wanted to learn everything I could about the Law of Attraction and write about it every day. In my heart I was I writer and I KNEW that. But the only thoughts I had where: WHO is going to pay me for that? How can I make money doing this? And so I kept my dayjob for over more then 10 years. And believe me: that’s a REALLY long time to NOT follow your soul!

But one day I had enough. I really felt I learned enough about the Law of Attraction to make a really big leap: So I quit my day job and started my business, AND I worked on my money mindset every single day!

But even when I started my business, the money blocks weren’t gone all of a sudden. I noticed how much blocks I REALLY had. All of a sudden money wasn’t just coming in every 25th of the month, But step by step I started creating it and healed my blocks. And once I learned how to do that, I started teaching others how to do that as well.

I was ALL IN aligning to my dreams and goals (I call it hardcore manifesting.)
Step by step I eliminated all my bs stories that held me back and I learned how to receive abundance in a BIG way.

Now, four years later I make over 50K a month in my Dutch business.
I am living in a wonderful villa.
I can send my daughter to a private school.
I had my husband retire his job.
And I ONLY do the things I love.

I now see in what ways people are holding themselves back when money is concerned. Money often is one of the most important reasons people have for not living full-out, and the area where people have most blocks.

Aside from that, I have fallen in love with money as a topic. I noticed that the more money blocks I healed, the freer and happier I became. And was able to more and more lead the life that REALLY suits me.
And that’s how my commitment to healing money blocks began and where my idea for Money is Love was born.
We are often SO scared of money. We allow money to have SO much power over us. How many people aren’t sacrificing their time and happiness for money each day?

With the Money is Love Program I want to change that. Over the past years, I have been able to help thousands of people break through their money blocks, and create room for the abundant life they SHOULD be leading. And I want to help you too! 

But as great as this may sound, this Program isn’t for everyone! This program is only meant for people who are ready to take FULL responsibility. Money is Love isn’t a magic pill, and it certainly isn’t a Quick Fix or “Get Rich Quickly” type of thing. It calls for commitment, daily alignment, researching blocks you have hidden from for years AND taking actions that feel uncomfortable. So, you really need to be prepared to do that work, because otherwise, you will not get the results you are longing for.
But IF you are that person and are ready and feel a YES with all that I am writing, then I would really like to help you experience a breakthrough in your manifesting power!
I want to show you that you can take another approach to money, that you can heal your money blocks, and that you can get money flowing after you’ve healed these blocks.

How amazing is that?

Just by learning to see money as LOVE instead of all the other limiting stories I mentioned above.

And I’d LOVE to teach you how to do that as well.

And NO, it’s not about the money.
It’s about what money can give you:
Freedom, unlimited possibilities and choices. The ability to express who you really are and live your full potential.

And no, I can’t promise you that you’ll also make this much money and probably you don’t even have to or WANT to. 
There still is no magic pill. You will still have to do the work every day: the inner work and the outer work.
But what I DO believe is that our desires CAN come true. We ARE able to manifest the dreams that are inside of us.
It’s not a “coincidence” that I created this wonderful life, because for the most part my life was really not serving me.
It is because I decided to learn ALL about the Laws of Creation and the Law of Attraction.
And I‘d love to teach you how I did that.

And I am not the only one who has achieved great results with my Money is Love Message.
I have helped thousands of my clients in the Netherlands to achieve amazing results. Just like this wonderful testimonial from Jacqueline:

“What’s amazing is that just by listening to some of your audio’s I made just as much money these last two days as I normally do in 2 weeks.
You also said that investing in yourself always comes at the wrong time. At the time I wanted to start the ‘Money is Love’ Program there wasn’t any money left, I just knew something had to change. But I immediately saw the results from my investment.
And yesterday I also received an inheritance that I didn’t know was coming. I am SO happy for the first time in a long time.”

And I hear these kinds of stories from my clients ALL the time:

People doubling their income.
Reaching the 10K a month for the first time (Or more! One of my clients had a 37K month last month! And another client had a 40K month!)
Getting a raise at their job.
Getting things paid for them.
Selling their house for a lot more than they had expected.
Getting a big tax return.

And many, many more.

And as one of my clients put it:

“Maartje, I have read a LOT of money books and followed a LOT of trainings on the subject, but nobody explained how money really works in the way you did. Now I FINALLY understand. I really feel this is what you meant to teach in your life.”

Monica Job

The Universe really IS abundant, but you have to learn to tap into that abundance. And I will teach you how in my VIP Money is Love Community.

“I’ve started doing your exercises, they’re so powerful. I’m VERY grateful to you. I hadn’t realised the amount of GUILT I had around money. I actually have a bit of debt and it helped to realise I can energetically shift it. Will work on that a bit more today. Thank you.”

Lyvia about the Debt course.

“I have started using Maartje’s Alignment Journal 2 weeks ago and the results are almost impossible to believe. For the first time in my life I am able to stay focused. For the first time in my life I know exactly where I stand and what to do. For the first time in my life I am really getting things done. This Alignment Journal feels like home to me. Every time I start to feel a little lost, I take my Alignment Journal and ‘come home.”


Money is Love Program

In the Money is Love Program you get access to the following content:

When you join the Money is Love program, you will get access to the following content:

** 12 amazing high vibe modules about manifesting money.

The online training is built up of 12 written modules (PDF) and some amazing bonuses. You get access to the modules and bonuses in the Membership area.

Module 1 The energy of money. — What energy do you have to be, in order to let money flow into your life effortlessly?

Module 2 What does your rich life look like? — What does your life look like when you have stepped into that new, rich person? You are going to create the script of your new life and step into that new you.

Module 3: What blocks are in place between you and your rich self? — In this module, we are going to see where you stand NOW with your money story. I am going to help you determine which story you are telling yourself. This is important because we create our reality with our beliefs, so it is crucial to see WHAT beliefs you have. In the module you will encounter a TON of money blocks, most of which you did not even think of before, but which probably leave a big mark on your money manifestation.

Module 4: How can you heal your money blocks and make them a thing of the past, permanently? — In this module, I will teach you everything about a mega-powerful but simple healing technique that you can use to release all the blockages that you have encountered. Since I use this technique, so much has been changed in my life!

Module 5: Good money habits for a rich life. — In this module, we will switch to action. We have done a TON inner work in the first modules, and now it is time to make the shift to the ACTIONS you are going to take. Actions that come from alignment and inspiration.

Module 6: Creating money is a CHOICE — In this module, I will ask you again to decide to manifest money, and I will share with you what you need to do that. Also, I share with you what you can do if you have no confidence and I share a ton of reasons with you to NOT wait with money manifest. And I share a TON of possibilities with which money can enter your life to inspire you. AND I share with you what one of the most important things is when it comes to attracting more money in your life TODAY.

Module 7: The relationship between value, money and God. — In this module, we will talk about your personal value and how that is linked to making money, AND we are going to talk about the value of money. I am going to share with you how you can easily increase your hourly rate and what it takes to increase your value in the simplest ways.

Module 8: Finding your money flow — In this module, we will look at how you can make creating money REALLY easy. Earning money has a flow and a rhythm, and I’m going to help you find it. And we dive deeper into the process of manifestation.

Module 9: Letting go of all of your money drama. — A lot of people have created a lot of drama around money. In this module, I help you to discover all forms of drama AND of course to release them for good. AND I have a VERY special invitation for you!

Module 10: The Universe WANTS you to become rich! — The Universe is always there for you, and you can always ask the Universe anything you want. In this module, I will teach you which questions you can ask and how that works. Also, I share a script that helps you to ask for daily guidance. And in addition, I share a few totally out of the box money manifestation stories with you that can shift your whole consciousness about what you think is possible.

Module 11: BECOMING the rich YOU — In this module, I will help you to confirm the rich you again, and I will teach you what is needed every day to step IN your new identity (of course: from alignment!)

Module 12: In the end, it’s not about the money. — In this module, everything comes together. Once again, I share with you what the manifestation of money REALLY is about. And if you understand that, then you will never experience any shortages again.

** Bonuses:

  • Training: How to overcome debt? The energetic frequency of debt.
  • Money Manifesting Workshop – the 10X your income alignment process.
  • The Money Checklist: The mindset and activities that you need for everyday money making.
  • Training (PDF) How to make money NOW (Or as soon as possible?)
  • Audio Training – How to make 250 dollars an hour or MORE?
  • Powerful Money affirmations.
  • A Powerful Money Manifesting Script.

From November 1st we are going to go through this program live! 

That means you will also get access to:

** A special Money is Love Facebook group

In this facebook group, you can ask all your questions around manifesting money and co-create with the other participants.

** 6 Q&A Coaching Calls

Q&A Coaching calls are REALLY valuable. These coaching calls will give you even more insights into what is possible for you. They will raise your energy and your creativity. They will get your energy flowing and will get you into action to manifest more money in your life! You can ask all your questions during these calls but even if you have no questions, you always hear exactly what you need to hear. The Law of Attraction makes sure that is going to happen!

Practical details

When you sign up, you will get access to the content immediately. 

And the modules will also be sent through email.

And you get access to the recordings of the Q&A Calls we held when we did this program live.

You get lifetime access to all the content (Modules, Q&A calls, and bonuses.)

Your investment

Your investment for this first round of the Money is Love program will be $97,00 or €85,00 (Ex VAT for Dutch Clients.) (Normal price: $197,00 or €173,00

We offer a money back guarantee of 2 weeks. If at any moment, during the first 2 weeks of the program, you feel that this isn’t the program for you, you can send us an e-mail and we will refund your investment. No questions asked!


Q: Is this program just for entrepreneurs?

A: No, it’s not. Even when you (still) have a day-job, (or no job at all) you will get a lot of insights on manifesting money and the Law of Attraction, and who knows what kind of inspiration you will get!

A: Is this program just for coaches and online entrepreneurs?

Q: No, my clients are healers, creatives, artists, musicians and business owners with all kinds of businesses AND yes, also coaches and online entrepreneurs. But the Laws of creation and manifesting money are Universal.

Q: I LOVE this program, but I am not quite there yet with my money mindset to make this investment. 

A: Then please, just sign up for the free gifts HERE. Read my blogs HERE and watch my Money is Love Interviews HERE. This will already bring you SO much value. If you apply this content, you are ready for an upgrade really soon. OR sign up for THIS free training to see how to get this program for FREE.

A: When do I get access to the content?

Q: After you sign up, you will be able to access to the content right away. You get your registration e-email and a welcome e-mail. If you did not get those, please sent an e-mail to
The content is presented in a secure membership area.

A: Can I get 1 on 1 coaching in the Money is Love Program?

Q: In the Manifest Magically Academy, you can get coaching and you have a chance to ask me all your questions during the Q&A Calls and the Community manager and coach Tineke will be there for you. You can sign up HERE. 1 on 1 coaching is also a possibility. 1 on 1 Coaching with me asks for a big investment, financially AND energetically. You have to be prepared to go ALL IN in facing your blocks AND taking aligned action. You can send me an email for the details if you feel a hell yes around 1 on 1 coaching.

A: How do I know this is the right program for me?

Q: I always FEEL it. Something inside me tells me that there is something in a program that will give me new insights.
And even if you’ve already learned a lot about manifesting money, there are always a few golden nuggets.
And what I have learned for myself is that I have to KEEP feeding my mind positive messages to keep aligning myself to true wealth.
If you are scared or worried about the money, that’s normal. A lot of the times investing is really scary, but investing in yourself is really important for your growth AND your money flow.

Do you have any other questions? Send me an email at or sign up right away.

Love, Maartje