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Interview with Frederick Dodson

In this interview I talk with Reality Creation expert Frederick Dodson about money, self-worth and inner riches.

Interview with Spiritual Teacher Bentinho Massaro.

In this interview I’m having a fun and free flowing Q&A session with Bentinho Massaro on the topic of Money, How Money is Love, How to attract Financial Wealth and Financial Freedom using tools such as The Law of Attraction, the traps most people experience when using the LOA, and we speak on what Abundance in general means.

We also talk about how money and attracting abundance plays into generosity and being of service to others and the planet, and how it allows us to follow our own joy/theme that much more rapidly and efficiently.

In short: watch this interview if you are ready to expand you understanding and receptivity toward the flow of abundance and money in your life, and go from wherever you’re at, to a more passionate, freer life and lifestyle, so that you can continue to be of service to many.

You can read more about Bentinho Massaro HERE on his website.

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