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I just moved into my new house. Yeah!
OMG, it was SO much work haha. And there are still boxes EVERYWHERE haha.
But …. I had a LOT of help.
My house manager is going to organize the house this week, so I can keep on creating and writing and just doing what I LOVE to do.
A couple of years ago I would have found it SO difficult to receive that help.
But now …. I LOVE to receive.

I LOVE receiving help.
I LOVE receiving guidance from the Universe.
I LOVE receiving all these wonderful people in my life.
I LOVE receiving money haha.

A couple of years ago I WANTED to receive, but it was SO hard for me.
I felt guilty constantly.
I worked SO hard (in advance) to “pay people back.”
And I was SO scared that I never could repay people, so I tried to do everything by myself.
Now that is different, THANK GOD.
It’s so great to have amazing co-creators in your life.
Beautiful people who love you just as much as you love them.
It’s SO great to live a more relaxed life.
And … don’t get me wrong, with relaxed I don’t mean “doing nothing.”
I LOVE to create. I am not really the type of person who sits by the pool all day long haha. Well, sometimes, but after an hour or so ALL this inspiration comes bubbling up again, and I just want my laptop haha.

But you know what?
There was a time, just a couple of years ago that I wanted nothing more than JUST be on my laptop, just write, just connect with people and make a living doing this.
And now this is my reality.
I created it.
Well, it DID took something haha. But it’s NOT what most people think it takes.
Most people think it takes hard work, sacrifice, and doing all kinds of business stuff that just isn’t aligned.
But that’s not it.

So what DOES it take?

It takes alignment.
It takes the courage to express your deepest desires and to start living from SOUL.
It takes diving into your passion and why you are HERE. Because if you do work that is 100% Soul aligned it NEVER feels like work. I WANT to write now. I HAVE to write. Although I already been on my feet for 14 hours and have been moving house all that time.
I want it because it fuels my Soul.
AND it serves my business and my clients too. So how cool is that?

But you know, most people won’t invest in a program like Relax, Release, Receive, where you learn EXACTLY how to do that.
I see it every day.
People are looking around. “Where is that magic bullet? Where is THE solution that brings my business and my money flow to that next level?”

And they invest in yet another strategic course. Or yet another sales program. Or another marketing program.
People often don’t see the link between spiritual development and alignment and creating MASSIVE success in their business.
And don’t get me wrong. I have been there too. Even though I KNOW how important alignment and soulwork is. I invested in a strategic marketing coach last year. And I invested a LOT of money! More than 30 times the amount what your investment is for the program Brigitte and I are doing.

But I found it SO hard to make the return on investment I was hoping it would bring me.
He developed marketing technique after marketing technique and implementing a couple of those techniques didn’t really DO that much for my business. AND what hurt the most was that it took me away from my SOUL work: writing and creating and teaching people about Reality Creation.
But after I spent a little more time with him, I saw WHY he is so successful.
He LOVES what he does. Developing and implementing new marketing techniques IS his Souls passion.
And that love and that passion is what works for him.
He LOVES people, and he is a great person with such a big heart!
And of course, there are a LOT of people who get amazing results by implementing his techniques. No question about that. But for me, as a crazy, soul aligned, powerful creator, I just couldn’t make it work. And I see this a lot with my clients too!
And now I know I don’t HAVE to.
ALL I have to do is align, create and connect with people.

And for a lot of entrepreneurs that are JUST starting out, that is a little too vague. They need some more practical tools. And that is fine of course. And I teach that stuff in my Manifest Magically Academy, AND I also have a LOT of amazing, skillful business coach colleagues.
BUT… There will come a day, when you KNOW the practical stuff.
And you just feel that there is MORE.
Your soul URGES you to let go of some old stuff that doesn’t work anymore.
You FEEL it, but you are scared to let go.
You wonder: “If I really start creating this way, will that work? What if there isn’t any money coming in?”
But you know what the funny part is? Most of the time money isn’t flowing into people’s life abundantly anyway when they don’t live their souls’ purpose.
They are scared to lose is all, while they really don’t HAVE that much to lose.
Yes, maybe you got SOME money, or SOME clients or SOME flow or SOME sense of fulfillment.

BUT COME ON…. is that REALLY enough?
Do you want to be ok with SOME level of happiness?

Don’t you just want it ALL?
Don’t you just feel in your heart that there is so much MORE?
Is your Soul calling you in?
Do you feel deep down that this is going to be the most amazing ride of your life?
Do you hear this little voice that the Universe IS going to take care of you if you just say HELL yes?

And NO.
NOT tomorrow.
NOT in the new year.
NOT after the holidays.


Your scared little mind will ALWAYS come up with a reason to NOT step into your destiny.
Your ego mind wants to do EVERYTHING to keep control.
And do you know what it is going to bring you?

Well, check for yourself.
Are you already abundantly blessed?
Did you experience that “big break” already?
From ALL the times you thought “This is going to be IT” was it EVER IT?

No. Nope. AND ….. never going to happen.

SOUL work baby!
SOUL guidance.
That’s what it takes!
Let go of the fear and slip into surrender.


It’s time.
And you know what? The money IS already there. You just have to be willing to make the leap and invest in your soul.
Can you feel that?

So, there is no excuse to not join us on this 12-week healing journey into your true self.
If there is ONE thing Brigitte and I can do is to help you let go of ALLLLLL the shit and slip into total alignment.
DISCOVER who you really are and build a business around this.
It will be amazing for you!

And I don’t tolerate any shit anymore in my life.
Not from me and not from you.
You CAN’T keep saying that you are going to do it “one day.” and then just keep yourself stuck in the same old patterns.
What needs to happen before you finally say yes to your true desires and what your soul is craving?
How many walls will you have to keep walking into?
How much do you need to lose first to gain everything that lies into your souls’ purpose?

Is this a bit harsh?
No, not really.
Sometimes a little wake-up call is what it takes.
Let me be that wake-up call.

I am here. Brigitte is here.
We are ready to help you on this journey.
If our energy resonates, then this is exactly what you need.

HERE you can listen to the free call we did where we talked about doing business – and specifically creating, marketing and selling programs – completely and ONLY from soul, intuition & flow.

And of course:

* How we create our programs completely from flow & soul and how that works.
* How you can know & trust that, when you follow your own soul & flow, you will AUTOMATICALLY create programs your CLIENTS want and need
* How to “download” your sales pages.
* How your business and your offers are already created on an energetic level and how you can just “step into that.”
* How you can know the difference between intuition and your mind talking.
* What creating your business is REALLY about on a Soul level for powerful creators.
* How we set prices.
* How to deal with worries about money when you follow Soul.
* How to deal with the guilt that comes up if you are making it yourself easier then most people.

And SO much more.

You can listen to the replay HERE.

Love, Maartje

— Law of Attraction Expert and Business Alignment Coach.

— I help powerful creators, creative entrepreneurs, influencers, coaches, healers, leaders of the new era and everyone who wants to make money just by being themselves to Magically Manifest their life and business.
I teach them to live in accordance with the universal laws of Creation to effortlessly attract more clients, more money, more creativity and above all more freedom, connection to source, flow, fun, ease, and love.
Often they feel they want to do things in their own way and break out of all the boxes society has created for them. Somewhere deep down they feel they are meant for greatness and I help them to discover and express that greatness within them AND make money doing that.
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