“Who has my money?”
It is something salesman Grant Cardone always says. I have been to his 10 x event in Las Vegas last year.
I LOVE how he is shameless in asking for the money,
But a lot of powerful creators are scared to ask for the money.
I saw it again yesterday during my Dutch workshop: “In 10 steps to your next money breakthrough.”
There were a couple of clients who were super scared to offer their clients their services and products.

And that is such a shame, because if you can’t sell your products and program’s you won’t be able to help other people AND you won’t be able to make money and then it’s SUPER hard for you to keep serving your clients in the highest way possible.

So, let’s talk about that to give you some clarity and hopefully some shifts around this topic.

The most important reason people are scared to ask for the money is because of the beliefs they have. So let’s take those beliefs and turn them around for you, shall we?

Belief #1: I don’t want to “force” myself onto people/ I don’t want to “bother” people.

So you are not “forcing” yourself into people or “bothering” them if you offer them your service.
That is only the case if you are trying to sell something to somebody who doesn’t have a problem (or doesn’t SEE they have a problem) or has really no interest in learning from you.

I assume the person you are speaking with (or who is watching your webinar or is in your workshop) is there by CHOICE.
Nobody forced them into anything.
People have free will.
I KNOW that sometimes people get upset if other people are trying to sell them something.
I saw a wonderful example this week. I came across a sponsored Facebook post from a free webinar. And a couple of people where like:

“Yes, THIS is free, but after this, you for sure are going to sell us something.”

Uh… well…. DUH…

That people have resistance around this doesn’t mean YOU have to hold back. It’s really those people who have to change their mindset around this.

I NEVER walked into a physical store and saw people yelling:

“Oh, so it’s FREE to come into the store, but if I want to take something home I have to PAY for it???? How outrageous.”

Everyone thinks that is normal.

And just like a physical store has different price classes for different types of clients, you do too.
I certainly have.
For the Powerful creator who is just starting out, I have my free online program’s.
And for the powerful creator who is already doing pretty good with manifesting their business and money and everything they desire, I have my paid programs so that they can get even better.
And for people who want to be a Master Manifestor, I have my premium content, VIP programs, and Masterminds.

So it’s more about the TYPE of client you help.

For example, if you are a coach, like me: some people won’t value coaching at ALL. I know people who will NEVER invest in a coach.
Those people will always think you are too expensive.
But there are people who are willing to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in coaching. They make millions or billions with their business, and they want premium access to their coach and only want to work with the best. Paying MORE will even give them a good feeling because they WANT to pay for exclusivity. They don’t want what everybody has.
They probably think we are too cheap 😉

So find people who have the problem you are solving.
Make sure they already acknowledged their problem and they want to have it solved now and that they resonate with you and are ready to do the work or make sure that you get them ready.
And make sure it’s clear for them how you are going to help them solve their problem.

Everyone who gets mad to you selling them something is not your ideal client.
But you are NOT working for them.
You are working for your ideal client.
So, go out of your own way. Be willing to receive the resistance from the rest of the world to SERVE your ideal clients.
They NEED your help.
They NEED you to NOT be a sissy and just do what you do the best you can.

Belief #2: If I take away money from someone else, that other person will have less.

So, this also isn’t true at all.
Everything is made out of energy.
We create our own reality.
Your reality is a reflection of your beliefs. So if you believe people don’t have money, then you will most likely attract a LOT of people who don’t have money.
Well, I see LOT’s of people with money.
They go shopping or go on holidays.
Go out to dinner, to the movies or the theater.
Invest in their business and their personal growth.
Remodel their home or get a new bathroom or a new car.

Why not let them invest some of that money in your products or services?

And besides that: I figure you bring VALUE with your service or products.
People will improve their health, well being or their happiness.
Or they make more money or learn to get more clients.
So that is worth a LOT.
It’s just a TRADE you make with people.
Why not see it as something practical and stop making it something emotional?

And people have FREE WILL.
NOBODY is FORCING them to invest in your products or services.
People can say YES or NO.
Just treat them as adults that can make smart decisions.

There are a couple of situations that you have to protect people for themselves. If you know it’s not a right fit or if you know this is not going to be the best investment for this person, of course, don’t sign them up. Be ethical about it. But other than that: don’t ASSUME that they do or don’t have the money.
I have experienced it a LOT that people were complaining about not having the money, and then they paid in full.
Or that they said they don’t have the money, and a couple of weeks later they signed up with one of my colleagues. That means that I have made some wrong assumptions or haven’t made the value of my program clear enough.

And if we take this belief even further: YOU create your reality.
Basically we live in a Matrix.
It really doesn’t matter if you create a small amount of money or a big amount of money. It really doesn’t mean anything.
This will be kind of puzzling if you don’t know a lot about Reality Creation, but people who are following me a little while longer will get what I mean.
It doesn’t MEAN anything, ONLY the meaning YOU give it.

So give it the meaning that money is fun.
People LOVE spending money.
It’s AMAZING for people to get to connect with you through your business.
You make people super duper happy.
Just align with the right people.
Let Source bring the right people on your path.
Selling is NOTHING more than connecting with people and honestly helping them to achieve what they want to achieve. What’s not to like?
Relax with money! Just let go of the stress (It’s not that hard, Brigitte and I am teaching it in our program that starts Monday. Her is the link to sign up: http://www.healyourmoneystress.com)

Belief #3: If they say No I will feel rejected. I will start to doubt my ‘whole’ business. So I don’t ask them at all, so they can’t say No.

So, I see it like this: sales also is JUST a numbers game.
I teach my clients to remove the emotion.
And I am NOT saying: suppress your FEELINGS. That’s something different. If you are angry, be angry. If you are sad, be sad.
Just let it flow, and those feelings will flow right through you.

What I am saying is this:
DON’t tell yourself stories that are not helping you.
Not ALL people are going to be your client.
If you connect with your clients in a real way and really help them and are committed to your mission, your business and your clients, only a couple of percent of the people who follow you will EVER buy from you.
If you sell with strategy sessions (personal conversations) your conversion may be 10% at first and if you are really skilled and filter your clients 50% or higher.
If you sell through webinars, at first your conversion will be maybe 2% to 5%. Sometimes it’s even 0% in the beginning.
If you are more relaxed with selling, you know your clients, and you know more about why people buy or don’t buy, it could become 10% to 20%.

So WHY have the illusion that EVERYBODY will say yes?
If you believe in something that is never going to happen, you get disappointed ALL the time.
And I LOVE magic, but if you succeed in getting 100% conversion you are a real magician, and you can be FREAKING rich, and you should teach everybody how to get those amazing results.

My friend and business coach Veronique Prins shared a great post about it this week. She said her husband worked in a sales team and they didn’t ring the bell when they got a “yes” but they rang the bell when they got a no. Because that would mean they were a step closer to a yes.

It’s OK when people say no.
Sometimes people aren’t ready yet.
And sometimes it’s just not a fit.
Yes, you can remove objections, and you can definitely work on your sales skills. But there will only ever by so many people who are going to say yes.
Just accept that and don’t take it personally.

I STILL have a couple of AMAZING beliefs left, but I am going to cover those in a livestream I am going to do tonight at 8 PM Amsterdam time (CET) in my Manifest Magically Facebook group.
If you aren’t already a member, you can find the group HERE.

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Love, Maartje