It is something I see a LOT with entrepreneurs: overwhelm.
Well, of course not JUST with entrepreneurs, almost everyone can fall into the trap of overwhelm from time to time.

But it’s really not necessary. And in this blog, I will share some tips around how to shift from overwhelm to trust or how to stay away from overwhelm altogether.

The inspiration from this blog comes from someone who has sent me an email, and this is part of the email:

“I get confused about so many emails!
I appreciate your flow and generosity to share all your insights
Though, I am overwhelmed. These days you don’t know where best investing your energy and time.”

So if you are a little like me, you subscribe to a LOT of email lists too.
I am SUPER curious and just like to see what other people are up to.
I get around 40 to 50 emails in my inbox daily from lists I subscribed to.

But it doesn’t overwhelm me, and this is why:

(And …. you can use these steps for EVERYTHING you feel overwhelmed by. Because most of the time it’s NOT about the amount of content. It’s about a belief you carry and an energy field you are tuned in to.)

1. I follow the energy and let myself be guided by that energy.

When I am in my inbox (Or working on my to-do list or whatever) I don’t want to do it all.
I have aligned with the belief that I always read, follow, do the exact right things at the exact right time that will bring me the best results that are in the highest good of myself, my business, my clients and the people I love.

There are a couple of people whose emails I ALWAYS open.

For example:
My friend and coach Brigitte van Tuijl.
My friend and business coach Veronique Prins.
My former mentor Kathrina Ruth.
And 2 or 3 other people that I just find fascinating.

Some of them email weekly, some of them a couple of times a week and some of them multiple times a day.
It’s not about how often they sent their emails. For me, it’s ALL about the energy.
They are just in alignment with what they do. THAT’S the energy I soak up.

I don’t even always read word for word what they are saying.
And I ALWAYS feel if what they are saying is in alignment for me.

NO ONE can resonate with you 100%.

And why is that?
Because they simply are not YOU!

Only YOUR energy can be 100% in alignment with YOU.

(Haha, I hope I am being clear there.)

2. Overwhelm is just something I don’t choose.

When I look at overwhelm, this is the energy that is behind it:

“I have to get and follow it all because if I miss a step, I am lost.”
“I don’t have enough time, and I feel really stressed about it.”

I don’t align with that energy.
If I have thoughts or am aware of energies of overwhelm I shift them instantly.

If I am aware I am tuned into stress because I am thinking:
“I have to do this, and this and this and I have to do it now because else I won’t get X or Y.”
I try to realign my thoughts (and my energy) by shifting those thoughts:

“No, there is never anything I HAVE to do.
What wants my Soul to create through me right now?
What do I really feel like doing?
What feels like the most aligned choice for me?
I always have enough time.”

And with going through my inbox, I just scan it. I don’t even read most email topics, I just see if something pops out energetically and if it doesn’t, I just don’t read them. EVEN if it would be of one of my favorite people I follow (of course we handle client emails differently haha. This just goes for email from email lists I am subscribed to.)

3. I have a deep trust in the Universe and my manifesting powers.

I trust that the Universe will guide me.
I trust that I always see and know the exact right things.
And I wasn’t born with that trust. I created it by aligning to it every day and practicing it.
I read once that trust is the most spiritual exercise in the world and I agree.

4. In the end, it’s all about the energy.

Creation is ALL about following the energy and just applying the Laws of Creation to your life.
I don’t have to “know” “do” or “get” anything.
Yes, there is always action to take, but never anything to do. I know that if I am open and balanced, that I will always do the right things.
And it’s not about “understanding” how stuff works.
The LESS we use our mind and thoughts, the better life often gets.

Well, sure, you use your mind for practical things and don’t walk onto the street naked (Although that could be fun haha) But your inner guidance often only comes through when there is silence.
When you start calming your mind, shifting your energy from your head to just BEING.
It’s something a lot of people don’t do because they are afraid they won’t DO anything anymore.
But I haven’t experienced that myself. I was also afraid that would happen, but I STILL LOVE creating, it’s more creating from a place of being instead of doing.

5. Organizing your life.

And then for the practical side of things. This is what I do with that in case you were wondering. BUT actions just come if you are aligned with what I write in the rest of this article. It’s not the place to start with. It comes ALL by itself if you just ARE the person who is always calm and relaxed, follows the energy and has trust in the Universe.

I only plan 2 or 3 appointments in my calendar a day, and I keep at least one day free. So I have a lot of room for creation and stillness.
I sometimes make a to-do list, but I never look at it.
I live in the moment, and at any moment I can always do just ONE thing, and I let the Universe guide me with this. I just feel what has the most energy on it. If my minds goes into the past or the future to worry, I stop it and bring it back to the present.
I do delegate most of the things that don’t give me joy.
I have an amazing house manager and team, and I also retired my husband 2 years ago, so he also takes care of me.
If I want to run a successful business and be an energy reader and healer, I have to be in flow. If I am not in flow, the business doesn’t work. So I make that a priority.

6. Ask the Universe.

And if you still doubt whether or not to put your time and energy into something, you can simply ASK the Universe.
“Dear Universe is this going to be a contribution to me (Or my business, my money flow, my happiness or whatever it is you want to have more of.)”
And then feel how it feels. If it starts to feel light and spacious, the answer is yes. If it feels heavy or stale, just LEAVE it. It’s not going to bring you anything.

And then, for the many emails, I sent.
I just sent what comes through me. Sometimes it’s a lot. The last couple of months it was a little bit less because I was doing some behind the scenes work.
I send emails daily.
If you follow my paid programs, there will be even more emails.
It’s JUST how it comes through me when I am in flow.
But you know what? You DON’T have to read them all.
Just apply the above rules to the emails. Scan them, feel what feels good and trust you always get the exact right information.
AND it’s all about the energy. Most people LOVE getting these emails because it reminds them of how powerful they are, how easy manifesting can be and shifts their energy back into flow.
But if it doesn’t work for you in that way, then just ask the Universe what WOULD feel good.

I hope this article was helpful to you to shift from overwhelm to calm and relaxed 🙂

Love, Maartje

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Love, Maartje

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