Every once in a while, an old, deeply hidden belief resurfaces, like:

Everyone walks out on me.
I’m not good enough.
I don’t deserve love.
I will never achieve anything.
No-one understands me.

Bam. There it is again. When you least expect it. Just when you are looking away, when you’re not paying attention. It is exactly then that you are confronted with a deeply rooted belief that isn’t functional, brings you nothing but grief and pain, and above all else isn’t even true. And then you have a choice: are you going to bury the belief at the same place you had before or are you going to look the underlying fear in the eye?

And this isn’t really a conscious choice, but a natural process. At exactly the right time you will attract the right experiences that teach you the lessons you are ready for at that time. All you need to do, is lean back and let it happen.

What it usually comes down to, is that you can look the fear in the eye at times when you feel strong enough, or when your subconsciousness decides it is the most logical step in your development, or when the pain gets too great to bear.
Then you will find yourself in that situation again, where you are confronted with your belief and then you decide: it is going to change NOW. Deep down inside you know that you have at some point created this belief as a means of survival. But this belief is no longer serving you and you realize: this can’t go on.
That is the time when you really feel the pain and are able to allow it. Then you recognize the presence of the pain and this creates space for healing and transformation. You are no longer fighting it, you are no longer pushing it away, you no longer hate it, you allow it and feel it. For the first time, you tell your pain: here I am, I’m listening. Tell me what’s going on, because I am finally ready to really listen to you, to envelop you in love and to heal you.

You have repeated your old belief so many times that you have started to believe that nothing else exists beyond the reality of this belief. And now it is time to replace this belief with other beliefs. Beliefs that do work for you, that make you feel good and that can create a new reality.

Deep down you know how you want to feel. Because you want to feel the exact opposite of those negative feelings that are causing so much pain in your life.

Everyone walks out on me becomes: I trust that there will always be someone there for me. I am loved. I feel the love inside of me, and see the love in others. I fully surrender to the other person and trust what is.

I’m not good enough becomes: I am perfect, exactly as I am. Every part of me can just be.

I don’t deserve love becomes: I am just as worthy as everyone else, and I allow myself to receive all the love in the world. There is an abundance of love.

I will never achieve anything becomes: I now see how talented I am, and allow my potential to develop freely. I meet the right people at the right time, who can help me move forward in my life. I let the flow of creation effortlessly flow through me. I am born to do what I am longing for.

Nobody understands me becomes: People have more in common than I think. I too meet people who understand me and who recognize themselves in me. I open myself so people can see all of me. I now shine in love.

And as soon as you know how you want to feel, it is time to retrain your brain and introduce your body to the new powerful feeling of love and trust.
There are hundreds of ways to do this: reading books, creating a vision board, meditation, visualizations, using sticky notes, journaling, affirmations, and so on. Figure out what works best for you and try something new every once in a while, because your mind likes variety and loves to be challenged.
What’s important, is that you don’t just train your mind with the new belief, but also train your body (feelings and emotions) by means of visualization and meditation.

You can overcome anything. You might relapse a couple of times, and that’s fine as well. Change can be hard and it is a process. It has taken you years to ingrain these beliefs into your system, so allow yourself time to turn the process around. Be kind to yourself and forgive yourself for the mistakes you make. Because sometimes you just need a wake-up call, and that’s fine too. Just remember one thing: it takes an equal amount of energy to shift your focus to positive thoughts and feelings as it takes to shift it to the negative. But it brings you so much more!

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