Today I spent the day at the Bentinho Massaro event in Amsterdam. It was amazing.
I really wanted to take some time to share with you some of my insights. I hope they will inspire you too.

These last couple of months I have already been practicing more and more with detachment, embracing my shadow self and connecting with my divine self.
This was an amazing next step where we went even deeper into that.

Today I had some moments of total connection to my I AM presence.
If I have to explain this: we have our human self and our I AM self.
Bentinho spoke of a third layer: the Absolute, but we haven’t covered that yet.

Our human self (our Ego) identifies itself with form.
It wants things.
It needs things.
It thinks it can only be happy when it has those things.
It looks at the physical world and makes conclusions based on beliefs.
For example: “I am successful because I make a lot of money.”
Or: “I can only be happy when I have the relationship I desire.”

The I AM part just IS.
It’s hard to even label it.
But you CAN connect to it.
It feels like space. It feels like being connected with everything.
It feels like nothing and everything at the same time.
Like a space of endless possibilities.

You can observe your life and your human self FROM this place of I am and you will see that desires, judgments, and fears fade away.
It was Bentinho’s invitation to connect to the I AM as much as possible.

He said: Life is NOT fun.
Life is an endless series of experiences that cause suffering.
He was REALLY funny sharing about it haha. But, ok, sorry, I can’t share it like that on paper 😉

He said: “We are basically lumps of blood and bones and a couple of times a day we have to go to tiny rooms to release a bunch of shit and fluids.
We judge ourselves and each other a LOT.
We are afraid to make important decisions.
We think we have found what we are looking for (he mentioned, for example, finding a soulmate) only to discover this relationship is also not what we are looking for.
We live our lives between a state of wanting things and never being truly happy when having those things.”

Life just SUCKS a LOT of the time. Haha.
And we are trying SO hard to make it better.
And sure, you can become happier. I know I certainly improved my life the last couple of years. But there is STILL suffering haha.

But there is something even greater than suffering or joy.
There is a real transformation that you can make when not only releasing your suffering, but ALSO the things that make you happy.

Bentinho said: “Think of something that makes you REALLY happy.” And I did.
And he said: “And now surrender that to the higher power. Just release it.”

And that is something that most people are scared to do.
Because we spent our whole lives searching to become happier.
And then you have something that makes you happy, and you surrender that.
No, most people cling to what makes them happy (or even what they THINK will make them happy) with all of their lives.

But I am brave and I did it.
And you know what? It really felt SO FREE.

I had a couple of hours this week, where I experienced some MAJOR suffering because I wanted something REALLY bad and I couldn’t have it. Well, at least not in the way I wanted it.
So I held on to what I DID have.
And now I JUST surrendered.
I connected it to the I AM part of me and surrendered it.
And it felt extremely liberating.

So does that mean you shouldn’t enjoy the pleasures of this life anymore?
Shouldn’t you enjoy great sex or amazing food or lots of money?

Sure you can.
I still like all these things too! I’ll bet Bentinho does too!
But don’t let your identity be dependent on those things.
Don’t think they will make everything ok.

Don’t make false conclusions. For example:

“If I do this, THEN I will be happy.”
No, you won’t haha.
You STILL don’t know what will happen after that.
You STILL are going to get challenged and triggered as HELL.

Do these things, while being connected to the I AM presence inside of you. Then you can just enjoy them for what they are. Because the I AM part of you doesn’t really care. It has no judgments or expectations around this.

I know I am going to practice this more.
I want to say: I feel really good haha. But even THAT is a judgment.
Things that seemed important a couple of days ago, don’t seem that important today.
It’s kind of stepping into a WHOLE new layer of creation.

A deep trust that the things that will serve me, show up anyway. The form and the time don’t even matter.
I am not dependent on ANYTHING for …. well, nothing haha.

Yes, I STILL enjoy life. I just like living.
I am a really grateful person.
I like using my senses in all kind of different ways.
I like observing how we are all making a big mess out of it haha.
It boggles me sometimes how and why people make it so hard on themselves (And guilty, I still do this too haha.)
Who even needs tv, when we can just observe each other? Haha.

And I can enjoy it, even more, knowing that I am NOT my body and my mind. I am NOT the things I do or the results I get.
I am NOT my desires or my suffering.
I don’t have to “work on myself” because the I AM part of me is already freaking perfect haha.
I don’t have to “go after” things, because everything that will serve me, will automatically show up, in whatever form. And even THAT doesn’t matter.

Can you grasp how freeing this feels?

Something that I also have always admired in Bentinho is his dedication to taking care of his own alignment and vibration. That was also the case during the event. He said something like: “No I don’t care about your questions and stories. They don’t serve you or this retreat to share them or go into them. THIS is what I want to teach you.”
I just LOVE that.
We are all just being so “polite” to each other and in the meantime life just passes us by. He only has 2 days to deliver this content. He knows what he feels called to do, and he just goes for it. There is no (self) judgment if he makes statements like this and because there is no resistance, he doesn’t create anything weird with it. It doesn’t really matter to him how people will take that. And I just LOVE that! That ALSO feels really freeing to me!
Life is just too short you know?

I hope I can inspire you some more to also move into a new space of being.
I am looking forward to day 2 tomorrow 🙂
Maybe I will share some more about it on Monday.

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Love, Maartje

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