I have a very optimistic view of mankind. I can always see the potential and qualities in people, even when they can’t see it themselves.
Some people just don’t believe that they can realize their deepest desires. There’s always a reason to not pursue the thing you want to do most. You don’t have money, don’t have time, don’t have enough knowledge, the economy isn’t stabile, you aren’t good enough, and so on. There are always practical reasons for not realizing your dreams.
What matters is that you learn to develop the belief that the possibilities in life are endless.

People who do make their dreams come true are just like everyone else. There is only one difference, and that is that they have developed the belief in the endless possibilities there are in this world, and have used this belief as a catalyst to make their dreams come true.

The reasons you have for postponing the realization of your dreams always seem justifiable. But the question is: would you follow your dreams if your excuse wasn’t there, if you’d have more time or money? Or would you just think of another reason to postpone your goals? As longs as you are feeding your excuse, you will never feel the urge to take action. If one really wants to do something, they will go for it. There will be nothing that can stop them then.
Truth is that people will not all of a sudden spring into action once the excuse of no time or money has been eliminated.
You take action because your mindset has changed, and you start looking at these excuses in a different way. You are going to see them as a fact you can work around. You don’t even always have to overcome excuses or blocks, you only need to shift your focus to what IS possible. You’ll then find a balance between fear and desire, which will tip in favor of the desire to realize your dream.

But sometimes these limiting beliefs seem to be so stuck in your system. The question then is how you can change that. All beliefs you hold, have developed at some point in your life. Every day we all develop new beliefs or change existing beliefs. Changing beliefs in itself isn’t so difficult at all.

There are many ways to change a belief. It always begins with the desire and intention to change, and not letting yourself be stopped by your self-created obstacle. You can look for inspiration for doing things differently by looking for a roll model, reading a book or looking for a coach. And then you get new thoughts of what you would like to do or who you would like to be. Solutions that DO work for you.
After that you embed this new belief in your consciousness by repetition. On the one hand you train your brain by handing it new information, and on the other hand you embed this new belief in your consciousness by believing and feeling that this is your new reality now.

This new reality and this new-found trust in the possibilities life has to offer enables you to take actions that are more in line with your new beliefs. Using the positive results and a greater trust in yourself, you then continue to build up your new system of beliefs, and thus your new reality.

But every change starts with the following question: What WILL work for me and how can I introduce this into my consciousness? Because every change in your reality starts with a change in your consciousness.

We all have limiting beliefs. Now that I am changing these step by step, I am already noticing how my life is getting better and more beautiful every day, and is shaping itself more and more around the vision that I hold for it. I do realize this is a process, but I have now at least taken to belief that I will no longer let my insecurity get between me and my dreams.

Over the past years I have heard and read countless stories of people who, despite setbacks, despite a lack of means, despite lacking education or the right knowledge, despite physical or mental disabilities, despite limited belief in themselves, despite whatever reason there is, are still making their dreams come true. And it is so inspiring to learn from others and to see how people are making their dreams come true despite all obstacles they encounter. That has confirmed me in the idea that there are endless possibilities. You only need to take the first step, and that is to develop the belief that you will not be stopped by anyone or anything.

Have you been able to leave your limiting beliefs behind? Leave me a comment here, so we can learn from one another. What is the best belief you hold to make your dreams come true? Let your beliefs be and inspiration to others, and share them here with us.

— Law of Attraction Expert and Business Alignment Coach.

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