I wrote about changing your beliefs before:

It takes quite a bit of creativity to create a different outlook on life.
Sometimes you will catch yourself being stuck in your way of thinking. Time and again the same sentences keep coming through in your mind. And when you then realize: I want to change this, it can be difficult to imagine what to replace your old beliefs with.

In this blog I will give you 25 beliefs to inspire you to enhance your happiness in life in the areas of personal development and realizing your dreams and goals. Adapt them to your own liking and rework them to resonate with who you are!
Beware not to stay stuck in their negative counterparts.
With these must-have beliefs you will be able to tell yourself a different story, and by doing that create a better life for yourself. Because, remember this: Your thoughts create your feelings, and your feelings create your life.
Integrate these beliefs in your everyday life, and once you open up to it, you will start attracting the circumstances that will help you to further shape your beliefs into beautiful beliefs that work FOR you instead of against you.

  1. I can do anything I want. (Versus I can never do the things that I want to do.)
  2. The right people enter my life at the right time (Versus I always have to do everything by myself, I stand alone at all times.)
  3. Only the challenges I can handle will cross my path. (Versus This life is too difficult for me.)
  4. My life lessons are mine for a reason. That’s why they cross my path and not someone else’s. (Versus Why is this happening to me? I feel like I’m a pawn of destiny.)
  5. I can overcome even the hardest challenges. My biggest lessons lead to my greatest growth. (Versus Life is hard, I cannot handle it.)
  6. When I pursue my dreams with passion, love and fire in my heart they come true, it’s the only possibility (Versus I cannot realize my dreams.)
  7. I am worth just as much as anyone else. (Versus I am worth less than others.)
  8. I am perfect, just as I am. (Versus I’m not good enough.)
  9. I am unique and special and others appreciate this in me. I can always be myself, no matter what the circumstances are. (Versus I am different and people don’t understand me. I do not dare to be myself.)
  10. There is no such thing as failing. There are just experiments to get increasingly closer to my goal (Versus I’m scared to fail, so I am not starting on anything.)
  11. I am loved. (Versus No-one loves me.)
  12. I forgive myself and others, and liberate myself from anger. (Versus I am angry with others, I cannot get past my anger.)
  13. I am responsible for my own happiness. I have all the tools that I need to create and allow this happiness. (Versus Others are responsible for my happiness and it is their fault that I am not happy.)
  14. I am grateful for everything thatl I have in my life, knowing that my abundance will multiply. (Versus I don’t have enough.)
  15. Everything in life is abundantly present (Versus There a lack of money, love or other things.)
  16. What I do is exactly enough and I do it at exactly the right time. (Versus I never do enough, I haven’t done enough today.)
  17. With everything that I do, I commit and give it my all. (Versus I’m not doing it right.)
  18. I am a beautiful person, inside and out. (Versus I’m too thin, too fat, too ugly, etc.)
  19. I feel connected to others. (Versus I feel like I’m cut off from others.)
  20. When I work with others I always give it my all, and share my knowledge and talents with others. Knowledge and success are abundantly present at all times. When I give it my all, we can accomplish so much more. (Versus When I work with others I keep knowledge and information to myself to benefit from it.)
  21. I create the story of my life! I create my own life. (Versus Others dictate my life. I have no control over my own life.)
  22. I have enough knowledge, skill and creativity to create wonderful things in this lifetime. (Versus I fall short in everything that I do.)
  23. Life is beautiful and meant to be loved and lived to the fullest. (Versus Life scares me, I hold back every single day.)
  24. Life is good to me and treats me with respect. (Versus Life is not fair, and I am always on the short end of the stick.)
  25. I give it my all every single day, every day is an adventure. I never know what the day will bring and I love being surprised every time by all that life has to offer me. I open my eyes for chances and possibilities. (Versus My life is boring and it’s the same every single day.)I am really curious to hear what your must-have beliefs in the areas of personal development and realizing your dreams are. What belief do you now have in place that you will never let go of because it is working for you? Share them with us, so we can learn from them as well.Struggling with beliefs that aren’t in this list and in need of some creative inspiration? Please post your message in this group, so we can help you out!

    For what subject would you like to have a beliefs list? Let me know, and maybe I will create one.


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