We all want more money. Well, most of us do anyways.
And receiving more money is often a matter of simply opening yourself up to receive more money.

Allowing MORE. And then take aligned actions that originate from the belief that there’s always more than enough money available to you.

And it’s really that simple, but most people complicate things to the max by linking all sorts of conditions to it.

They cannot just receive the money, they think they aren’t ready yet to take the actions that lead to more money.

They need to be better first.

Be more.

Do more.

Finish their education.

Finish their website.

Launch the next program.

Get permission from the people around them.

Gain more self confidence

Do more mindset work.

In other words: it is their conviction that they are not yet WORTHY of receiving that money, of already being their successful self NOW.

OR they are not prepared to receive ALL that money will bring them.

They DO want the money.

They are dreaming of a nice big house or a trip around the world.

And the Universe is also showing them how this can become a reality.

Because the Universe always IMMEDIATELY shows us what would be the first step that we can take to manifest our desires.

And once we have taken that step, the next step will present itself and then the next step. There is always a next logical step and once you’ve taken that, the next will show itself automatically.

But FIRST they want to have an overview.
FIRST they want clarity.
First they want to be SURE.
And so they don’t take that step, because they can’t exactly see where they’re ending up yet.

But the Universe won’t show them the second step when they don’t even take the first one. Because why would it? They are making it clear that they won’t do it anyway.
They don’t TRUST the Universe.

A couple days ago my husband and I were talking about this. He said: “You throw something away before you’ve gotten a new one, so you’ll HAVE to buy a new one then. I want to get something new first and then let go of the old.”
And that’s true.

That’s exactly what I do.
I quit my job and then I HAD to build my business.

I terminate services or products when they’re not working BEFORE I know what I will replace them with. I let go of friendships that don’t contribute to my life anymore BEFORE I make new friends. I make choices BEFORE the money is there, and after that I’ll find a way to receive the money. ALL THE TIME!
And most people would stress about it, because they can only feel the fear and emptiness of the insecurity of everything they cannot see yet. The fear that consumes them and that tells them that it “won’t work out”.
And I had that too, but I have learned at a very deep level that the Universe always has our back.

That living an aligned life is the only way to live. I’ll take it even further: I still have that fear. But I simply don’t allow myself to let that fear guide me in any decisions I make. I am really HARDCORE at that. NO MORE BULLSHIT.

And that confidence and that decisiveness NEVER comes from without, but ALWAYS from within.

Trust and validation can only come from within yourself.
If you look for answers in the outside world you will find answers that mirror your awareness and thus match the convictions you hold.

So, if you are in doubt, you’ll meet people that say: “Go for it.”
AND there’ll be people who say: “You’re crazy. Just act normal and keep your job or look for a job.” You yourself are divided within and can’t make a choice and are in doubt, so that’s what reality reflects back to you. What’s outside cannot be different from what’s within.

I am convinced that life takes care of me and that life is one big conspiracy to make me happy. And yes, of course I read and hear that somewhere every once in a while. but I am the one that makes sure that this is TRUE for my life.

I am the one who keeps telling myself that time and again, until it IS my truth.

There is no other way.

Every day I CHOOSE to live in accordance with this truth.

It is SO pointless to look for confirmation outside of yourself again and again and then doubt it AGAIN, when it’s SO FUCKING SIMPLE.

“THIS is what my life will be like from now on.” Keep repeating this to yourself all day long. Write it down 200 times a day. That’s what I really do all day long.

“It IS easy to receive money. Money is everywhere. I am a money magnet. I effortlessly make money. Money flows into my life from all directions. I see more chances and opportunities to make money every single day. I am the one that pursuits what she wants. I am the one who does whatever needs to be done.”
These are affirmations that I write down and say to myself during the day, and thus make true for myself. This is my truth.

And what are YOU telling yourself? THAT will become your reality, and it is so fucking simple to create a new reality: just tell yourself a different story!

Stop whining, searching, complaining and “waiting”. Make a choice, affirm, learn how creation works, don’t waste your time, do whatever it takes and DO THE WORK. And do it day, after day, after day.

You already have all it takes! You can just offer your services and then make sure you get better and better at it. Because growth is our natural state of being. NOT because you are not “there” yet and something else is needed to take that next step.

So the question is: Are you convinced that you can receive your ideal income NOW? Or do you still need something else first?
And will you NOW be able to let go of needing something else first?
And that doesn’t mean you can’t still take that course, hire a coach, follow that training, build that website or launch that course. But then you’ll do that because it’s cool, because you FEEL like it and because you are inspired. NOT because it is a prerequisite for money and success.

Shall I let you in on a secret?
Once you have taken that step, there’ll be something else that needs to be handled first before you can finally give yourself the permission to receive everything you are longing for so badly. And after that there’ll be the next thing and another one. Until you are SO fed up, that you FINALLY take the decision that NOW is your time, that you have learned enough and have done enough and you have enough in place.
And you can make that decision NOW.

And to a certain extent you’ll have to retake that decision every single day and with every uplevel. Every time you want to make more money, you’ll CHOOSE to do so.

So, what convictions do you hold in this respect?
I have convictions of my own as well.

I have the conviction that I have to BE there for my clients, that I need to take tons of action, that I should push my limits continuously, that I have to be extremely careful with my time and energy, and there are more convictions I hold in order to receive money.

BUT these things feel really good.
These things are completely aligned to who I am.

I KNOW I can make other choices, but I don’t WANT to make other choices.

Because if we think we “have” to do something in order to receive money, and that feels heavy, then we won’t do it. It HAS to feel aligned. It HAS to feel good.

I want to create something great and it feels awesome to work on that.
And I really wouldn’t want to receive money without contributing to others’ lives (aside from the fact that I think it doesn’t work that way, certainly not for me).
Because, if someone would give me one million Euros right NOW, I would keep doing EXACTLY what I am doing now. I would not make any other choices.
Because I can choose as I please, and I am the only one who decides WHAT I contribute to the lives of others.

I decide what I do for others and HOW I design my business.
I decide which services and products I launch and I decide under which conditions I run my business, completely aligned to what I want.
Being able to receive money in a completely aligned way, seems to be a form of art.

Because aside from what I have described above, most people do want to receive money, but aren’t prepared to receive all that comes with it.

Because you can wish to receive 10,000 Euros a month, but what else is needed for that?
There is a road you take to get there, and it will take a lot. And if you are still working for a boss, you will at some point have to quit and that means having to deal with that insecurity and find that security within yourself.

You have to build your business.

You have to attract clients.

You’ll have to deal with the opinions your partner or your family or friends may have.

You have to have the guts to fail and you will slip up a few times or maybe you will not make it at all, and then you’ll have to deal with people saying: “I told you so.”

It is possible that you’ll have less money for a month or a couple of months or maybe even a couple of years or that you’ll invest every penny you earn in your business, and then you’ll still have to find the energy and strength to find your inner switch again.

You’ll have to BE there for your clients when you don’t feel like it, when your kid is sick, when you are moving, when someone dies or when you are ill yourself or WHATEVER happens.

You’ll have to deal with people that judge you when you start making more money than is “generally” accepted.

And then SOME!

And no matter how badly people want to earn a lot of money, they are NOT prepared to receive THOSE things AS WELL, and thus they don’t receive the money. And therefore, they stay where they are, for WAY too long. But the desire keeps knocking on their door, every single day. Until they run into a big fat wall and CANNOT make any other choice anymore, because they are sick or burnt-out, addicted or depressed. But then they have to regain their strength again, regain their health first, before they can FINALLY live their dreams.
Jesus, why do people make it so difficult, when it doesn’t have to be THAT WAY!

So, receiving is an art. One I have had to learn, and you can learn AS WELL!
One of the people who has taught me a lot about that is Merlijn Wolsink.
I have noticed that when i reject SOMETHING, be it judgments, other people or whatever, I reject money TOO.

It all has to do with being able to receive.

With opening yourself up to the energies of others. And the question is: are you ready to receive them?


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