How to tell yourself a different money story and why that is important.

He beautiful co-creator.

We tell ourselves stories about our reality all day long.
And it’s really important to be aware of the stories you tell yourself.
Because we create our reality with our thoughts and beliefs and the stories we tell ourselves every day.

For example:
“I have no money. I REALLY want to invest in X or buy Y, but I have no money. And it’s really hard to make money. Summer is coming, and then I never get any new clients. So I better save money now. But maybe it’s too late to save money. Summer is almost here. I should have saved the money earlier. O boy I am in trouble. I feel stressed. This is going to be an awful summer.”

And all day long we are affirming these stories to ourselves.
And the more you affirm this story (or ANY story,) the more real it becomes.
You start living this story.
And what do you think are the actions you are going to take FROM this story?
You are not going to do much marketing, because why WOULD you? Clients aren’t signing up anyway. So you confirm this story: “O, you see. I am right. Summer is always hard money-wise.”

And this is an example.
There are SO many money stories people tell themselves every single day.
I’ve been helping people get clarity (and change!) their money story for years, and I see people telling themselves the most strange stories.
And I did this too! (And sometimes I still do, haha)

For example, a couple of years ago I noticed a pattern: Whenever I had money, I would always spend it as soon as possible. And when the money was gone, I actually felt relieved.
And I was really puzzled by this. Because I thought I WANTED money. Why couldn’t I just KEEP more money?
And after some journaling and talking to my coach, I figured out the story I told myself. This was the (subconscious) story I told myself:
“I can not trust myself with money. I don’t make the best decisions with money. If I just spend all my money right away I can no longer spend it on things that are not good for me and then I can relax. It’s easier NOT to have any money because then I can relax. If I have money, I simply can not handle the responsibility that comes with it.”

Becoming aware of the stories with money is the most important thing. I have a module in my Money is Love Training about figuring out your money story and another module about changing your story.
Because when you KNOW what you are telling yourself, the next step is to change it.

So what is the story I began telling myself after I became aware of the trust story?

“Every day I start to trust myself more and more with money.
Although I haven’t always made the best decisions with money, it has served me immensely, because I can relate to people who have a lot of contrast and blocks around money.
I have experienced it all, and I know what it takes to change these money blocks, and I can really help other people do the same.
I don’t have to defend myself when it comes to the decisions I make with money and all the decisions I ever made.
I trust myself that money will always come. Money is always there when I need it.
Every day I become more and more comfortable with having a lot of money.
It’s safe for me to have money.
I love having lots of money. Just for the fun of it.
It’s ok to spend it and it’s ok NOT to spend it.”


And when it comes to the summer-stress-story, you can tell yourself this story:

“Ok, so I really want to spend money on X. Deep in my heart, I know money will always be there. So EVEN if business is a little slow, money can come from other sources. And I KNOW money actually comes from MY source THROUGH other people. So making more money is for a big part inner work. And I can always do the inner work.
So Universe, let me see what I can shift to tell myself another story around making money.
And Maartje often has her best months in the summer. So maybe there is something there I can’t see now? Maybe when everyone is at the beach there are still a lot of clients who are buying things and willing to invest in what I am selling.
So what can I do today to reach those people?
What is FUN to do when it comes to marketing?
How can I connect with these people in a way that feels really good?”

Do you see that, if you tell yourself this story, that it is a LOT easier to actually do the marketing AND get more clients?

I help people to get 100% aligned to the life they want to create. I LOVE to help you create a different reality around money.
Next week we are starting with a brand new online program in the Money is Love Community: Align to your HELL YES life & Business!
Are you joining us in healing your money blocks and start living the life you are meant to live?


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