So there is this “Universal rule” when it comes to creating your reality that people really DON’T like and I even think not a lot of people KNOW about this “rule.”

So, this is what it comes down to:

If you aren’t able to handle what life is bringing you at THIS moment, the Universe is NOT going to bring you MORE.

So what does that mean?

Maybe you experience some difficulties that you want to bypass.
Maybe you are asking the Universe to bring you something different or something MORE.
Maybe you are trying to align with a dream you been having for a really long time.
And it’s not coming.
And you wonder why.

Well, it’s because you can’t manifest something OUT of your life.
You first have to balance and transform the energies with everything that is already IN your life.
You can’t walk away from the life you created without actively starting to align with something new.
But in order to do that, you have to start FACING what’s REALLY going on.
You have to be able to handle everything that’s going on NOW.

Let me give you an example so you can really start to understand how this works.

Let’s say you want more clients.
The Universe already received your desire. You don’t even actively have to express it. You launch rockets of desires ALL the time, to use Abraham Hick’s words.

So the Universe gives you inspiration.
Or a new mentor crosses your path to help you.
Or the Universe lets you meet someone and you could actually help this person and they would be an amazing client.

But you are not actively doing ANYTHING with these opportunities.
Because it’s hard.
Because you get in your own way.
Because you aren’t willing to actually shift your consciousness and start doing the inner and the outer work to show up.

You DON’T follow the inspiration the Universe gives you. Instead of doing the livestream or write the blog and invite people to work with you, you are watching tv or scrolling your Facebook feed.
You check your e-mail again, and still no new leads.
Still no new sign-ups for your program.

OR you DON’T sign up for the program that the Universe brought on your path because you say to yourself: “I don’t have the money.”
The truth is: You aren’t willing to CREATE the money. To just GET the money. To do the difficult stuff. To just put it on your credit card, take out a loan or go ALL IN for a couple of days with your sales and marketing to GET the money.
The program had the potential to help you make thousands or even ten thousands of dollars, but you didn’t take the chance.

You talk to someone and they might actually be a good client. Well, they are your DREAM client and they would have said HELL YES to your offer. But you wouldn’t know that, because you didn’t actually make them an offer. You got stuck in thoughts like:
“Well, I can’t actually make them an offer, I don’t want to be pushy. They probably don’t want to work with me anyway. I am not qualified enough yet to help them.”
So they just go their way and you go yours.

And then you wonder why you aren’t getting anywhere.
And you wonder when this is actually going to work out for you?
And you wish and pray and hope something will change.

Well, the truth is this:
EVERY freaking day is a day FILLED with opportunities.
You have JUST as many hours in a day as the Miljonails and the Billionaires on this planet.
But it DOES take some guts to actually seize these opportunities.
It’s going to ASK something of you.

You GOT to be willing to get rejected, hurt, seen as a failure, feel vulnerable and clumsy.

You got to be BRAVE enough to handle everything that is already going on RIGHT now.
You have to be willing to carry the energy of what you created RIGHT now.
You can NEVER EVER run away from something and expect to get MORE.

I have been in this “making money with your Soul’s Mission” thing for over 5 years and I still can feel vulnerable, rejected, scared or confused EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.

But I STILL made more then 2 million euro’s over the past 5 years.


Because I did it ANYWAY.
I was willing to do the hard stuff.

Until …. I WASN’T willing to do the hard stuff.
I had a couple of months (maybe even more than a year) that I was running away from my life and business.
I gave in to the feeling of being overwhelmed.
I gave in to thinking it was “too hard” and that I couldn’t do it.
I was mad at everyone.
I even was mad at the Universe that I didn’t have a man to “provide for me.” That I had to do it all “alone.”

Well, BOOHOO, poor me.

I am at a point now that I got my shit together again.
I am NEVER ever going to give away my responsibilities again.
I am NOT giving away my power again.

Yes, sometimes it’s just hard and you JUST want your big “breakthrough” but that just ISN’T going to happen if you run away and hide.
The Universe is ONLY going to give you MORE if you can handle what you already got.

I am ready and willing to show up and do EVERYTHING the Universe (My SOUL) is asking of me.
JUST like I did at the beginning of my Business.

This last month:

I re-structures my WHOLE business.
I made some investments (And believe me: I had to pull out ALL the stops to get that money.)
I am creating LOADS of content again.
I re-launched my High-end Mastermind (In Dutch)
I FINALLY started to do my marketing in English. My Soul was pushing me to do this for ages, but I was still in my own way.
And I did a whole bunch of other stuff.
I am ALL IN again.

And the most important thing: I detached from the outcome more and more every single day.
JUST like I did when I started my business.
I did it for ME. I started my Soul business because I HAD to do it.
Because I was SO unhappy holding myself back.

But somewhere down the line it became more about the money and the clients and the business.
I have let that ALL go.
I am going for BROKE again. MY SOUL is what’s important here.
Doing it for ME and feeling my Creative powers flowing again.

Showing up fully and going ALL IN is something you have to do for YOU. NOT to get more money or clients or whatever.
You do it because it’s the kind of person you want to BE.
Because you are just not happy with yourself if you keep living a life filled with excuses.

You do it because you want to EXPERIENCE life.
Because you want to FEEL.
Because you want to be PROUD of yourself!
Because life is just TOO SHORT to be F*ing around and NOT being your best self. It’s JUST as simple as that.

So, the next time you are asking yourself why you aren’t getting more money or more clients or your projects aren’t working out, ask yourself these questions:
Where are you NOT showing up?
Where are you walking away from?
Where are you making excuses?
What opportunities have already came on your path that you didn’t take (or didn’t even SEE?)
Where are you WASTING your time with obsessive thinking, worrying or other stuff that isn’t even important?
Where are you denying your true desires?
Where are you hiding from?

The way you do ONE thing is the way you do EVERYTHING!

Just DO what your SOUL calls you to do every single day, even if it’s the HARDEST thing you have ever done. If you do THAT, you will have more money and more clients then you ever could possibly dream of. But it’s JUST a side effect from YOU showing the F up. Because you live your life to the fullest and shining your light and being ALL IN is just SO damn magnetic for people that they can’t take their eyes of off you.

Clients are NOT coming because you “want” them. Because “wanting” something, desiring something is actually a really low vibration.
It vibrates just a little higher than the frequency of fear. And it’s going to totally repel clients and everyone else that vibrates at a high frequency and is willing to actually INVEST in themselves.

I hope you get this.
And I hope you use this information to really shift your vibration and ask yourself the question: why am I actually doing the things I do?
If you do it to “get” something: detach and start doing it just for YOU. Just because you are the kind of person who gives your ALL to live.

I wish you a Magical weekend with loads of love and fun and High vibes.

Are you ready for the next step?
You are the Creator of your Reality!
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Whatever your desire is, most people deny their heart’s desires. They don’t really have the guts to GO for it OR it takes them a really long time to create what they want to create.
That’s because we don’t have enough knowledge about how Creation REALLY works.
And that is exactly what I am here to teach you!
I teach you how you Create your reality and what you can change to effortlessly manifest your EVERY desire.

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Love, Maartje