[Sacred love Manifesting] Are you FULLY loving and Honoring yourself?

As I said in one of my last blogs, I am not going to share a lot anymore about my Twin Soul (Twin Flame) journey. But I changed my mind 🙂

When you are in the Twin Soul journey or the journey of manifesting sacred and connected love, transformation goes SO quickly.
It’s like a personal growth pressure cooker. I can’t say it’s always EASY, but I AM learning a LOT.
I can hardly keep up with everything that is happening and shifting inside of me. If I start sharing this stuff when I am done, I think I can write a couple of books about it 🙂
I am getting insight after insight. And ALL these insights help me with learning MORE about manifesting and how creation REALLY works.

So why did I change my mind? Because my first responsibility is around serving YOU.
NOT sharing came from a fear that I might not get what I want. But I am no longer fearful of that.
Because what is the Twin Soul journey ALL about?

It’s about FULLY aligning with YOUR energy.
With the fullness of who you are.
With your Souls Purpose and serving people.
With the Divine.
It’s about REALLY starting to honor yourself.
It’s about shifting from 3D manifesting to 5D manifesting.

NOT about the ego and creating from a place of fear.

So, this was my BIGGEST insight from the last couple of days:

* Align with the twin flame/ sacred love energy, not with HIM (or her) in 3D.

EVERYTHING that you want to manifest has an energetic frequency.
Receiving it in the physical is ALL about connecting to THAT frequency and receiving FROM that frequency.
I don’t know if you are manifesting a relationship or wanting your relationship to be different, but this doesn’t matter, because this works the same for EVERYTHING you are manifesting.

What we are used to doing and what we tend to do is looking at the 3D reality of it. I could be looking at:

“He is in a relationship.”
“He doesn’t want to be with me.”
“He doesn’t contact me. He is ignoring me.”

And that’s all true, but it is also ALL 3D reality, and therefore, it doesn’t even matter, and I don’t even need to focus my attention on it because it’s NOT what the problem is.

The question is NOT for example: “Why did he choose for her and why doesn’t he connect with me?” (ALL 3D stuff!)
The REAL question is: WHY did I create this? What is it in ME that attracts somebody that is just not available for me?

So, this comes back to the abandonment issues I talked about earlier. I also learned that, the reason that people attract somebody who is not available, is most of the time BECAUSE of abandonment issues in childhood.
So I asked myself the question: “Do I recognize this from my childhood?”
At first, I couldn’t really see it. I thought I healed all my childhood stuff.
I even shared it with him in one of my emails haha.
I don’t have any heavy emotions around it anymore.

But I thought: well, I DID create this, so there MUST be something there.
So I just started writing.

Well, my daddy was really never there for me. I know he tried his best, and I did forgive him for it, but that WAS what it was.
I worked really hard to “deserve” his love and affection and it really never came. He NEVER said he loves me.
So, how did that made me feel? Well, I don’t have any emotions around it anymore. I accepted it. But it DOES trigger this:

“Well, if you don’t want to be there for me. That’s fine. I don’t need you. I create my life without you.” I literally pushed him away.

And that is precisely what happened here.
I Tried REALLY hard to deserve his love, and he DID say he loved me a couple of times, but he still isn’t HERE right now. He is not available for me. And my tendency is to push him (AND My Soul Desire) away and to say: “Well, then I just create it by myself. I am pretty happy with myself. I don’t NEED anyone.”

And it’s not that we have to TOLERATE this behavior in our lives, don’t get me wrong. But there IS a desire there that I deny within myself if I keep stuck in this pattern of pushing REAL LOVE away.
And I CREATE that, by either attracting men that are NOT available OR don’t really challenge me in the way I want to be challenged in a relationship, and it gets kind of boring.
He challenged me.
The magnetizing energy where I was looking for was THERE.
With him, I saw a future where we stimulated each other and grew together.
BUT, he is JUST not available at this moment. And that is ALSO the truth.

But I can’t DO anything about that in the 3D. It has NOTHING to do with the choices he makes or even with HIM.
I can ONLY do anything about it at the 5D level.
At the 5D level, I am ALREADY connected with my Divine lover.
I am already together on a Divine level with the person that I FULLY align with: with my Twin Soul.
With the person, I have such an intense, energetic connection with, and that multiplies BOTH our energies times 10 so that we can make an even BIGGER difference in this world then I am doing by myself or HE is doing by himself.
And of course, have amazing sex and intimacy with 🙂
Well, it’s TOO much to list it up here. My love list is 3,5 pages long 🙂

And yes, he was EVERYTHING on my list. Literally. EXCEPT for ONE thing: He is just not available to me.
He is NOT here right now.
He chose to go back to his old life and NOT create a new life with me.

But it IS a Divine desire to connect with that person on my list. With EVERYTHING on my list AND of course also that he is just available for me and ready to make a real connection with me and actually create a life together.

A divine desire can easily turn into an obsession when you focus on the 3D of it. But that’s ALL lower energy.
You can avoid it becoming an obsession by keeping focused on Spirit, on your Soul desire and the energetic frequency of it, on serving people through your Souls purpose and on doing the spiritual work to come into complete alignment with your desire.
If you do that, manifesting a Twin Soul relationship (or whatever you want to manifest) will never become an obsession.

As soon as I am thinking about HIM and connecting to his 3D body or mind, I feel the energy lowering. I think it’s also not serving him. In hindsight, I think I might have smothered him a little bit with my love.
It came from a good place but also from the same place as with my father: I tried to prove my love to him. And with that, I wasn’t fully receiving HIM.
It’s NOT serving me and NOT serving the other person. It limits the energy and not let the energy flow freely.
And THAT is what I need to let go.

There is nothing to PROVE.
I have to shift that fully into RECEIVING that person from a place of already being good enough, JUST the way I am.
And really start nourishing myself.
Nourishing my Soul desires.
Nourishing my energy.
Nourishing my Divine purpose.
Nourishing my body.
Nourishing my Divine feminine and fully receiving his Divine Masculine.
THAT’S the energy of receiving.

And OWNING my desire.

Some people might say: Just, let it go.
And yes, I AM letting HIS 3D self go. Every day I am disconnecting more and more from his 3D self and the story around that.
But wanting to manifest my Twin Soul relationship has nothing to do with this man or ANY man.
It’s a spiritual journey.

I also compare this to following your Souls Purpose. Most of my clients already connected to their Souls Purpose on some level.
And what I also see is that they can NOT let that go.
Some of my clients try.
They go back to a day job or whatever. But it keeps CALLING them back.
Ask ANY of my clients: “Can you let go of your Souls Purpose?” And the answer is probably no.
It’s the same with the Twin Soul energy. It’s NOT something that you CHOOSE. It is something that CALLS you in to serve the world from a higher level.
I have been called, and now I have to follow the energy of it and see it through.
Besides: living your Souls Purpose also has NOTHING to do with the 3D of it: with the business or the money or whatever. It also is ALL about your Spiritual Journey.

So, sure you don’t NEED anybody. NEEDING somebody for your happiness comes from a place of lack.
But a Soul Desire doesn’t come from a place of lack, it comes from a place of purpose, and our “job” as humans is to fulfill our Soul Desires to add to creation.
So can you OWN what you WANT to create? Can you OWN and CLAIM your Soul desires as yours?

I think when I attract the RIGHT person, he and I could be GREAT together.
When I attract that sacred love (my Twin Soul) and he has the same manifesting power and commitment to do the inner work and to create an extraordinary life, that would be the BEST thing.
Can you imagine how powerful we would be together? A true power couple haha.
I think when people are fully aligned, and they create together (even though they are working on different projects), magic happens.
I already experienced that a couple of times with Soulmates. I did programs with a couple of my Soulmate business friends and EVERY time that was magic.
I think with a Twin Soul there will be even MORE magic.
You just feel it, you know, if 2 people that are in total alignment are together in the same room. It lifts EVERYTHING up.
It can instantly shift energy.
I think that’s AMAZING.
I want to create that too.

And I know I WILL.
I don’t know when, and that’s not important.
I even don’t know WHO this person is. And that’s not relevant either. He will show up at exactly the right time. There is NO 3D action I need to take right now. Because this is not about working hard, it’s about receiving.
Mr. Big Love already knows what my feelings are. So if it still IS him, there is nothing for me to do there in the 3D. I just keep aligning with the energy of what I want to create and I trust that it will show up, in the form that is perfectly aligned with what I REALLY want.

So, these are some things for you to think about when creating what you create:

What do you REALLY want?
Are you focussing on the 3D reality of it, or the 5D?
Can you shift your attention back to the 5D energy of it as soon as you notice you are thinking about the 3D?
And if it’s not showing up (yet) the way you want, do you recognize this situation?
What was the situation?
How did that make you feel?
And what desire is behind that situation? How would you like to feel about it?
And can you give that to yourself right NOW?

I hope this gives you some manifesting insights.

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It’s about connection and surrender!

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Love, Maartje

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