Making Money, just by being YOU. Is that possible?

Make money just by being you? Is that possible?
With all of my heart and soul I can honestly tell you: Yes, it is!

It is possible, because I am doing it every day. And not only me. LOT’S of my clients are doing it TOO!

My quest started when I was 23, when I wasn’t able to work because I was burnt-out. I was stuck in life. I was working a job I didn’t feel comfortable in, I was depressed and addicted.
I already knew that something wasn’t right in my life.
I knew I wasn’t on the right path but I didn’t know what to do about it. I felt OVER responsible for my clients, my boss and my colleagues and I thought” Well, I can’t just quit, because I have bills to pay.”
My parents always taught me that work isn’t supposed to be fun and that it requires sacrifice, so I just carried on as best as I could.
Although I used drugs almost every day just to survive the day and I had to drag myself to work every day.
And one day I came to work and one of my colleagues said: “Are you doing ok, Maartje? You don’t look that well.” And something inside me broke. No, I wasn’t doing well at all and I didn’t know what to do about it. I started crying and didn’t stop crying for almost 3 days.
I couldn’t get back to my job. Working was no longer an option and I ended up staying home for one and a half year.

That’s when I started raising questions about the how’s and why’s of life:

Why is this happening to me?
Is THIS it?
Is life supposed to be like this?

And if that would be the case, then I didn’t feel like doing it anymore – that was for sure.
And whether or not you have gone as deep as I have, there comes a time for (almost) everyone that we start asking ourselves these kinds of questions.
And, because I was asking the questions, I got answers.

You can read what those answers are, in this free manifesto: