I was 22 years old when I came into contact with the Law of Attraction. That is now almost 18 years ago.
It was at a low point in my life. Every day, I dragged my ass to a job where I wasn’t happy. But I couldn’t see another way.
I was depressed and addicted.
That changed when I came across The Law of Attraction, and the Law of Attraction taught me that I could be, do and have anything I want.
So I asked myself the question: “If I can do ANYTHING I want to do, what do I REALLY want?”

And the answer was: Learn ALL there is about how we create our reality and write every day.

I felt deep in my heart that I wanted to write.
Writing made me happy.
It still does.
It is one of the loves of my life.
When I write, and I let the words flow out of me onto the paper, I am super happy.
Just me and my laptop. Maybe that’s all I need in life haha.

And I write a LOT.
I write everything in Grammarly now, because English isn’t my native language and this app checks my writing for me.
According to Grammarly, I wrote 80.000 words last week.

So what do I write?
My alignment journal (I share with the clients in my Manifest Magically Academy how I align to my dream life and dream business.)
Sales pages.
My daily Manifest Magically modules that I share in my Manifest Magically Academy.
Notes for my Manifest Magically workshops.

But what do I NOT write?


Well, actually I have written about 10 books.
And a couple dozens of book that I started, but never finished.
And I never published any of them.
I just gave them away for free or forget all about them.
I’ve printed one (My Alignment Journal) and sold it (and gave a LOT away for free haha.) We had 5000 copies printed. They are almost gone now.

So WHY don’t I publish those books?

Recently I was thinking about that.

Have you seen the 18 signs of Magical Manifestation?
It’s an overview of what the most powerful manifestors do to effortlessly manifest what they desire.
(Download them HERE)

And my writing has all those 18 signs.

It’s easy.
I don’t have to think about it.
I am always guided when I am writing.

But when I think about writing a book, I think it of something that is hard. I think of it as a creative process that takes months and months of struggle (maybe even YEARS!)
You hit creative ceilings, and it takes everything to break through those ceilings.
And the subject has to be REALLY good. The content has to be laid-out really carefully.
And a LOT of people have to check it.

But that is not how I write my books.

I get a download.
I sit down behind my computer and 2 or 3 days later I have a book.

For example a couple of days ago.
I woke up with a thought in my head about a situation that took place 17 years ago. I knew intuitively that I had to write about it.
So the first thing I do is I get my laptop and start writing.
And page after page flows out of me.
I don’t even know WHY I am writing it and where it will end up.
I just write down what comes up inside me.

I thought it was a blog, but I already had 5 pages, and I was nowhere near finished.
So I thought: oh, maybe it’s 2 blogs.
But even 2 wasn’t enough.
So I thought: Maybe it’s 3 blogs.

But then I suddenly knew: “No, it’s not a blog it’s a book.”
And when I took a break and was in my car, I also got the title of the book.

So, that is how I write my books.
And because it is so effortlessly, I don’t consider them “real” books.
Because it’s not HARD for me to write them.

And maybe you laugh about this, but we ALL do this.
We have the belief that if things aren’t hard, then they aren’t really valuable.

Making money takes sacrifice.
My parents always told me that I couldn’t make money with a creative profession.
Well, were they wrong.

My bookkeeper always says: “What makes this business the most money, is when you write.”

So, I guess it’s time that I shift my perspective a little bit around my writing.

My writing is just effortlessly for me.
It has ALL the 18 signs of Magical Manifestation.
And that makes it one of the most valuable things I have to offer. For my soul, but also as a contribution to the whole.

So, let me ask YOU: Where do you deny your talent?
Where do you make it TOO HARD?
Where do you have false beliefs that hinder you from creating the life and the business you were born to create?

I would LOVE to help you to make that shift!
I am offering a small 2-day Manifest Magically VIP retreat at the end of January in my new house. I have only 8 sports available. We will go DEEP. This will be 100% soul work, purpose work and manifesting your tiny little ass of. It’s just going to be really cool, hanging out with other people who are all about flow, easy, joy and powerful vibrations.
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PS: for my Dutch clients: I was interviewed by Hugo Bakker last week (In Dutch.) It was really fun. We talked about manifestation as a way to create success. And how success becomes really simple if you take away all the “noise.”
You can listen to the podcast HERE.

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Love, Maartje


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