2 SUPER Powerful healing exercises (With personal soulmate examples)

The Law of attraction says that you create your life with your beliefs and thoughts. And at times where you feel stuck and not in alignment, it could be really healing to look at your thoughts and beliefs and turn them around.
Because of what I am going through with the whole break up thing, I have been reading a couple of books about love and relationships.

The last 2 days, I really had to do some DEEP healing and soulsearching. The days before were easier than the last 2 days.
But that’s ok because I learned a LOT again.

One of my friends, Sabriye called me Friday. She also read my blogs. Sabriye helps twinflames in their process of union.
She said to me: “this sounds more like twinflames then soulmates, Maartje.” Other people have told me this too. I rejected the idea before because I thought that the twinflame journey is a really difficult one, and with him, it always felt easy and in flow (although we have triggered each other a BUNCH of times now I think about it haha!)
AND of course, now we are not together. So this could be a separation stage, as often seen with twinflames.
I did some googling and started reading the book: Twin Flames, Finding your Ultimate Lover.

So, do I think he IS my twinflame? I honestly can’t say. My heart and my head weren’t really aligned these last 2 days.
I recognize all the signs, but there isn’t really a full proof test, and I also could see these signs for other relationships that I had. The only test is this: If I will do the inner work, and I connect to MY soul and the unconditional love I have for myself and for God, IF he is my twinflame, he can only mirror that because we are ONE and he has to come back to me.
If he ISN’T my twinflame, I STILL have to do this inner work, because of course, I would LOVE to meet my REAL twinflame.
So either way, I have been doing LOTS of healing. NOT to get him back, but because it just doesn’t feel right to be removed from myself and the love I have for myself (and for him.)

So, in 2 of the books I have been reading, I found some powerful healing exercises that I would LOVE to share with you. I hope they will give you some insights and maybe you can apply them for things you are going through.

The first exercise is the mirroring exercise I found in the twinflame book. It has 4 steps:

Step 1: Describe in one sentence the upset you are experiencing.
Step 2: Write the sentence again, but in regards to yourself.
Step 3: is there any truth in this? The answer is always yes.
Step 4: Speak to the part of you causing the upset and love yourself until you experience peace, relief, and completion within.
Do the visualization exercise.

Step 1: Describe in one sentence the upset you are experiencing.

“I feel sad and mad that he rejects me.”

Step 2: Write the sentence again, but in regards to yourself.

“I feel sad and mad that I reject myself.”

Step 3: is there any truth in this? The answer is always yes.

Yes, I am rejecting myself on SO many different levels.
I want to run away from myself ALL the time.
I judge myself A LOT, still.
I judge myself for wanting to experience an epic love story. I judge myself for not “just” moving on.
I judge myself for being so open and honest. I fear that people will think I am crazy. I fear that HE might think I am crazy for sharing all this and that he never wants to talk to me again.
I judge myself for wanting it all. I still fear I want too much and that one day it will all come crashing down on me.

(OMG, That REALLY hurts! I feel the pain of that on my chest like a BIG heartache.)

Step 4: Speak to the part of you causing the upset and love yourself until you experience peace, relief, and completion within.

“You know this is what you WANT. You know it’s part of your Souls’ Mission to be this open and just put it all out on the table. So you can unconditionally love yourself.
You KNOW how many people you help with your openness and the fact that you want it ALL and are not scared to admit it?
You really have to feel in your heart how healing that can be for people AND for yourself. Can you remember that a friend once said: “It gives me permission to EXIST?”
That is what you do for people, AND that is what you do for yourself.
You give people permission to exist and to really align with their true self and their desires. How amazing is that?”

“Yes, but I am constantly too much, and I am constantly driving people away.”

“You are driving the WRONG people away. People who aren’t MEANT to be in your life. There are 7,7 billion people on earth. They can’t ALL be in your life. Can you trust that if you open up, share from a Soul connection, that the RIGHT people will be in your life and that the people who aren’t Soul aligned will leave your life (Or change, ALL on their own because you changed your vibration around them?”

“Yes, I do, but I just HATE it if people are mad at me or if I disappoint people. I can’t seem to deal with that energy.”

“But the most important thing is to love YOURSELF. Your love can transcend everyone’s hate. AND it’s ALSO not very loving to people to NOT give them the space to be mad or sad or disappointed. BUT, that has NOTHING to do with you. Those are THEIR feelings. They project THEIR feelings onto you. And even those feelings you can just slide off of you, ESPECIALLY when you have nothing but love in your heart. It only triggers something inside you, because you feel on some level they are right or you are denying that part IN yourself.
And …. you don’t HAVE the power to let anyone feel ANYTHING. NOBODY has that kind of power. Only YOU are responsible for YOUR feelings.”

Now I feel nothing more coming up. In the exercise, it says that you can then ask this part of you what it needs to fully believe this.

“So what do you need to fully believe this?”

“I just need to be told that I am perfect, just the way I am. And that I don’t have to change myself or make myself less then I am. I need to know that I am fully deserving of my epic love, the money and the business I want, JUST the way I am.”

And then I will give myself that and REALLY feel it.

“Yes, you are perfect, JUST the way you are. You don’t need to change ANYTHING about yourself.
God created you perfectly, to fulfill your life’s mission AND be with your Twinsoul AND make all the money you want.
You are FULLY deserving of EVERYTHING you desire, JUST the way you are.”

And I REALLY feel it, and I will do the visualization exercise where I hug that part of me and let it come closer and melts it into me and my heart.

That already feels a LOT better!

Another GREAT way to shift something is using the 4 questions from Byron Katies. I have been reading her book “I need your love, is that true?”
So these are the 4 questions:

1: Is it true?
2. is it really true?
3. How do you react – what happens – when I believe this thought?
4. Who would you be without the thought?
Turn the thought around.

And then a personal example. When I did one, it was REALLY liberating, and I felt a BIG shift.

The belief/ thought is:

He needs to be with me.

1: Is it true?

Yes, I think I would be better for him.

2. Is it really true?

Well, no, because he just isn’t with me now, so, therefore, he doesn’t NEED to be with me.

3. How do you react – what happens – when you believe this thought?

It keeps me stuck. It makes me feel less than full. Because I think I am missing out.
If I hold on to this thought, I try to pull him back in, and when it doesn’t work, I get frustrated.

4. Who would you be without the thought?

Without the thought, I would be free. I could just KEEP loving him unconditionally.
I told him I was ALL IN in the relationship and giving him space to go through whatever he needs to go through is still me, honoring my commitment to him.
Besides, we spent time apart from each other before and that brought us even closer.
Without this thought, I would just give him space AND give myself space to go through whatever I need to go through MYSELF and trust that the right thing happens.

Turn the thought around. (Find 3 ways to turn it around!)

I need to be with him. Is that true? Or truer? I don’t NEED him. I am finding peace just being with myself and aligning with my true love, whether it’s him or someone else.
I need to be with myself. Is that true? Or truer? I certainly need to be with myself. I need to do some healing and soulsearching, and I am learning a TON.
He needs to be with his girlfriend. Is that true? Or truer? It could be. Well, probably it is because he IS with her right now. Probably he needs to see it through, or he needs to feel he gave it his all and maybe it could even be that they stay with each other for the rest of their lives. My thoughts about that aren’t really his business. (Ok, feel some resistance there too haha, but I will just do another exercise on that one in my personal alignment journal.)

I would REALLY invite you to also spend some time daily on investigating your thoughts and healing everything that comes up. It is going to give you a LOT more freedom.
For some people, it’s a little bit challenging to do it with words.
I recorded a powerful healing exercise for you to do.
You can listen to it HERE.

Have a Magical day!
Don’t wait, Create!

Love you always! Maartje


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Love Maartje

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