Something I hear a LOT is this:

“I want to do this, but I don’t have any money until next month.”
“I really want to buy X, but I don’t have any money right now.”
“A lot of bills have come, but I can’t pay them now, because I don’t have any money.”
And what do all these remarks have in common?

The person who says them has come to a conclusion about what’s possible. That person has made a CHOICE that there just isn’t any money right now.
And what does the Law of Attraction teach us?
You create your reality with the choices you make.
With the feelings, thoughts and convictions you send out to the Universe.
And when you come to a conclusion about what is and isn’t possible, then nothing, and I really mean nothing, is possible beyond that.
And that’s weird because deep down inside that isn’t what you want.
And why would you create a reality that isn’t aligned to what you really want?

Probably because you don’t know it yet, or because you haven’t heard it enough yet. And that’s why I am sharing this with you again.
Or maybe it feels safe not to have money?
Okay, that may sound weird, but it really is one of the most common reasons why people aren’t manifesting money.
They say they want it, but unconsciously they are blocking it, because money scares them.
Their parents hated money and deep down they don’t want to betray their parents.
Or they are scared to do the work that comes with it, to be visible and to put themselves out there to be seen and noticed by the world.
When I was addicted, I always used to push money away. I didn’t trust myself with money. And deep down I was always happy that I was out of money, because then I wouldn’t have to keep myself from doing stuff that I didn’t really want to do. Doing drugs, gambling, that type of stuff.
Scary shit, huh?

NEVER, and I really mean NEVER, say that it’s just about the money or that money isn’t important, because that kind of money blocks really hit us in the core of who we are.
So what’s your reason for keeping money away?
And are you now prepared to really let that reason go for once and for all?
Are you prepared to let go of all conclusions you made about whether or not money will come to you and how it will come to you?
Are you prepared to replace the full stop at the end of your sentence with a question mark?
Because by asking you create space.

And that space can be filled… with money.
Can you, instead of saying “I don’t have any money”, say:
“Dear Universe, I’d like to do this and that, what is needed to welcome the money for it?”
And then just stay within that question.

Until it is brought to you.
And if it doesn’t come, then ask yourself: “What is the gift in this? What about this is good that I cannot see just yet?”
And trust that something better will come along.
And maybe you’re now sitting there thinking: “Yeah, that’s a good one, so when the money doesn’t come something better is on its way? Sure.”
And that’s okay. You are allowed to think that. But, be honest, does it help you? Does it make you feel better? if yes, great. If no, make another choice.
The Universe is our friend. We are unlimited powerful creators. And that is exactly why we need to guide the Universe: WE are the creators.
YOU create.

YOU decide.
I have a cool orange mug with Jaffar on it, the bad guy from the movie Aladdin.

And Jaffar is saying: “The Universe is mine to command.”
I love it, because that’s exactly the way it is.

You create your Universe.
The entire Universe is at your service to bring you whatever you’re asking for.
It LITERALLY is: “Ask and you shall receive.”
But you do have to ASK.
And clear all the shit that is keeping you from receiving. And like I showed you earlier that can be some freaky shit with parents, judgment, past lives, etcetera. But nothing you can’t clear up, just by setting the intention to do it.
AND by asking for help.
“Universe, where can and will that money come from?”
“Universe, what space, energy and awareness can I be in order to be able to receive that money?”

“Who or what has my money?”
And THEN magical things can happen.
Yesterday I was attending a workshop and there were two people who REALLY wanted to participate, but didn’t have the money to do so.
But instead of concluding: “I don’t have any money”, they started asking questions, just like the ones I mentioned above. And what do you think?
The money showed up.

One told one of her clients that she really wanted to take this course and the client said something along the lines of: “Then I’ll invest in one of your programs now, as I was planning anyway, so you can take that course.”

And the other all of a sudden got a letter from the tax authority with a recalculation of some allowance she got over the past years and got a tax return.

Yes, but also exactly how this reality works: ask and you shall receive.

As long as you remain open, and clear your state of not receiving and completely open up your willingness to receive.

So: What would you like to receive?
Where have you come to conclusions about what is or isn’t possible, and where can you change those into a question?

Try it. It really WORKS.

— Law of Attraction Expert and Business Alignment Coach.

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