This week I got an interesting question, that I answered in a blog. I hope it inspires you to be really thoughtful about the vibration you have when you are helping people.

Q: “Well, I was listening to Esther and Abraham Hicks (like I do every morning) and I heard them saying something new to me.
They said that providing service is not serving people, because it contains some kind of concern, what implicates that you are trying to intervene in their lives and not respect their being.
Please, your thoughts on this?”

A great question and this is my answer:
It depends what the intention is behind the desire to be of service.
A lot of people find it really hard to see people suffer. So they intervene without the other asking for help.
And even THAT doesn’t necessarily be a problem, because the energy can still be positive.

It’s all about the thoughts, feelings, and energy you project onto people when serving them.

For example, I am answering this question you asked me. So, therefore, I am of service too you.
I do it because it’s fun for me.
I do it because I know some people will get some value out of this.
And I LOVE to write and to create content, and this is a really easy way to do that for me.

It would be another thing if I did it because I felt obligated, but secretly resented the person for asking the question, and therefore projecting negative energy onto that person.
OR if I would feel sorry for other people that they are in a state of unconsciousness around this topic and that they “need” me to teach this stuff to them.
But that is also not the case. Because I believe in 100% responsibility. Nobody NEEDS me to teach them anything.
If someone asks a question (practically or energetically), I either get CALLED to serve that person or NOT.
And if I don’t feel the calling from a place of alignment and a place of: “Wow, I would LOVE to do this.” Then I just don’t do it.

And that’s where it becomes a little bit tricky.
Because we (especially women) have been taught that we have to be there for people.
That we can’t let people down.
Somehow most people put others first and put themselves second.
And the more you do that; the more your energy gets depleted.

And before you know it, it’s not FUN anymore to serve other people.
You might feel resentment that you are always there for people and no one is ever there for you.
Those are NOT feelings to project on yourself or other people that are actually serving them.

Or you still serve them, but you give more then you receive and the depletion of your energy will make you sick.
That is also not serving.

So what are the right ways to serve?

Acknowledge people’s strength.
Acknowledge that we are all powerful creators, who are never dependent on anyone else to create whatever we want or need.
What we create comes forth from our own thoughts, feelings, and energy field. We attract the things AND the people that we are a vibration match with.
If you live with the belief that no one is ever there for you, then it’s impossible to attract people to support you until you resist your resistance around that topic and actually are willing to receive support.

So SEE people as THAT powerful and know that if it doesn’t feel aligned for you to be of service, that they are able to manifest some-one who WIIL serve them.
And also know that if it feels like fun to do something and it makes both of YOU happy, and it feels expending for both of you, then there is nothing wrong with serving people. It will only ADD to both your lives and creation as a whole.
Just be aware that you are doing it for the right reasons and that the energy you project is contributing to their highest and most powerful self and that you are not feeding the part of them that doesn’t believe in their own strength.
And that isn’t always easy, because when people don’t believe in themselves, they aren’t always happy that you won’t just DO for them what they expect for you.
And if you are not good at setting boundaries, you might give in to the pressure of just giving people what they need, without regards to your own alignment.
And even with all their anger and resentment towards you, you can just hold space for them and see that that is an emotional reaction that comes from their small selves and show compassion.
See it as a matter of fact thing.
“Yes, I get why you are mad. I just can’t be this person for you. So I let this side of you go.”
AND also remember that if you are NOT a vibrational match yourself that you can’t attract those people into your life either. So there is something inside you that also keeps this dynamic alive.

So those are some different situations that can occur when serving and some blocks I see that people can encounter.

I hope it gives you some insights.

Love, Maartje

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