So I quit my Dutch business.
I have still some ongoing programs, but I am not going to start new programs, I haven’t written any Dutch blogs, and I paused all my social media.
It’s official.
It feels like quitting my job four years ago.
That was also a huge leap.
I already knew I wanted to create my business, but I was hoping I could do it the “easy” or the “safe” way.
I hoped that I could build an income in my business and slowly replace the income I made in my day job. But it didn’t really work that way.
I found it REALLY hard to focus on building my business the way I knew I wanted to focus my energy and attention.
When I was working on my business at night, I had an amazing time. But every morning I had to get back to my day job. And that had an entirely different energy around it.

I went there with the energy: “I am going here to make money and because I can’t just leave my clients and my co-workers but I am not really that into it anymore. I FEEL I am supposed to do something different.”

And month after month went by and my income with my business didn’t grow. It was just TOO hard to do both.

And when I look at Law of Attraction, this makes total sense. Because by keeping my day job I was affirming that my business was not yet successful.

It was a decision I took from a place of FEAR, not from a place of alignment.
And I see people do this constantly: “Let me make money with this one thing that I don’t really want to do, so I can go and do what I REALLY want to do.”
Even I did this last year!
I held on to my Dutch business for WAY too long.
I thought: let me do this thing, and THEN I can shift my focus.
Let me do THAT thing, and THEN I focus on my International business.

And last week I got the insight: there will never come an end to the “things” that I can do before I am making this jump.

It’s JUST like quitting my job four years ago. 

I wanted to play it safe. 
I wanted to build an income and save money. But I couldn’t make it work. And one day I was fed up with everything, and I just leaped.
And now it’s the same thing.
I can’t focus on both.
I KNOW deep in my heart what I am supposed to do.
I can’t stay in my Dutch business because people are telling me they are going to miss me off because I am scared I am giving up my income before I replaced it with a new revenue stream.
For some people, this might work, but for me, it NEVER works.

If I want to manifest something new I must get rid of the old to make the new energetic space.

4 years ago, when I quit my day job, I also did this. 

And it made my manifesting power kick into overdrive.
It was exactly what I needed.

In the past four years, I created more than 50 online programs in my Dutch business, and that made me more than a million euro. And when I think about that, I can only think: imagine what is possible NOW, now I opened up ALL this space and new energy.

So my question to you: 

What do you feel you want to do? 
The Universe always whispers to you what it wants to create THROUGH you.
Are you willing to be brave and make that space?
What do you feel is aligned for you?

And are you ready to leap? And if not? Ask yourself what do you need? Do you need support? Do you need to shift your feelings or mindset? Or do you need something else? And then just give yourself that!

Love, Maartje

— Law of Attraction Expert and Business Alignment Coach.

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