I noticed yesterday that I was a little bit tired of everyone screaming so hard on the internet.
Everyone has an opinion.
Everyone has an offer they want to make you.
Everyone is yelling that their program is the best program.
That you REALLY need it to make money and to create the success you desire.

And why wouldn’t they?
Because it works.

People are literally flocking around the people who yell the loudest.
Who shares the most.
Who yells the loudest how right they are.
Who is the most omnipresent on social media.

On me, it has the opposite effect.
When people scream louder, I pull back.
Be in my own little bubble.

Maybe you recognize that?

And that’s ok. Because that only means we are taking our own space and that’s a good thing.
And besides that. I am SO happy these days.
I feel like I really made an amazing shift.
Into a deeper feeling of peace.
My connection to myself and my source is getting deeper every day.
I LOVE this journey I am making.
I don’t want other people pulling me out of this bliss bubble, so I DO spend a lot of time by myself 🙂

But I also noticed something else.
Something that is maybe NOT so ok.

And you know me: I just share it all with you.
We are INN this together.

I noticed I was also pulling back from you and from other clients.

I DON’T want to be an extra overload.
I DON’T want to be “just” some extra noise in your life that you have to “filter out.”
That is not the contribution I want to be.

And maybe you recognize that too when it comes to serving your own clients.
That you pull back because you don’t want to be one of the millions of people who are offering shit for sale.
You don’t want to have to yell louder to be seen or heard.
You don’t want to use the same “tricks” that everybody else is using.

But you know what?
This is what I told myself, and maybe it helps you too.

It’s NOT about yelling the loudest.
It’s about following your calling every day.
It’s about showing up in your life fully on an energetic level (and yes, also on an action-based level.)
It’s about being the energy of YOU.
And just be of service to anyone who is already on your path.
Just serve those people.
Serve them, and more people will come.
You don’t have to yell loud, you just have to be YOU.

When they are done with searching for stuff that can only be found in the silence, then they will come to you.
And then it will be amazing because it will be the most expansive experience for you AND your client.
Because the timing of it all is perfect.

Let go of the noise.
Sink into your heart.
Connect with how YOU want to show up in your life and business.
And just DO that.
And let that be enough.
You are enough.

Love, Maartje

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Love, Maartje

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Love Maartje