Infinite Consciousness Coaching Program

Connect with who you REALLY are: Pure consciousness and a field of infinite possibilities, to manifest your every desire into this physical reality with more ease than you ever thought was possible.

We ALL have desires!

Whatever that’s:

Finding your Soulmate, Creating financial freedom, moving into your Dream Home,
Building your successful business, starting a foundation,
writing your book, becoming a well-known artist or having a family
or ALL of the above!

A lot of the time we are being taught that it’s egotistical to have desires.

Let me ask you how many times you have believed people OR your own thoughts when they said things like:

  • You just can’t have it all.
  • Be polite and wait your turn.
  • Money doesn’t grow on trees.
  • You can’t have your cake and eat it too.
  • Before you can live your dreams you have to save money. Or loose weight or move house or do whatever.
  • You have to be “responsible” and you can’t just follow your heart. You have bills to pay and people or things to take care of.
  • If you make the “wrong” decisions you might end up losing everything you got. You know what you have and you don’t know what you are going to get.

How many times in your life has someone told you, you can’t have something? Or that things are supposed to be hard? How many times have you told that to yourself?
People are REALLY good at denying their dreams and true desires.

But our desires are REALLY important and NOT to be ignored. Because they are our true compass.

Your desires are your Souls way of showing you what you are supposed to do and Create on earth.

And every form of suffering comes from denying yourself your true desires or believing in lack and limitations. Because the truth is that we are infinite spiritual beings and we are here on earth to experience our true self and get to know who we really are AS pure, unlimited consciousness. So if you tell yourself something is impossible, that’s a lie. And that lie will give you a bad feeling.

Spiritual people often teach you to transcend your desires. They tell you that desires are the root of all suffering. But I don’t agree.

The purpose of this Creation is for the ONE Creator to get to know itself in every way possible.

And that is not possible if everyone is going to be meditating on a mountaintop 😉 That’s only ONE possible reality. But most people have a different path in which the Creator can express itself and Create THROUGH them. And it’s time to surrender to that path!

You feel in your Soul that you have a mission to fulfill and that you are here to manifest your Soul’s essence into physical reality. Let me ask you this: are you ready to do that?

Perfect! Because I would love to teach you HOW!

The Infinite Consciousness Coaching Program is THE program for you, if you ….

… Feel that there is SO much more to life then you can see right now.

You feel you want MORE. Maybe you even want it ALL. Maybe you are even one of the people who feel they are meant for greatness and to do something special in this world.

And you are DONE settling.

You are DONE not having what you really desire.

You are DONE with the fight and the struggle and you wonder: does this really have to be THIS hard?

You are DONE with feeling guilty about wanting what you want! You are done for making excuses about what you really want to create in life.

You are DONE with letting other people dictate your life and what you are or are not supposed to do.

You feel, deep down, that life can offer you SO much more. You feel that there IS a way to make all your dreams come true. At the Soul level, you believe and know that you can achieve everything that you desire!

But …. o…. those DOUBTS. Those sneaky little doubts that throw you off track every single time.

Can it REALLY be this easy?
Is this REALLY meant to be?
Is this really possible for me?

Should I just forget about it? Should I just let it go?

But the thing is: if it’s really a SOUL desire, you CAN’T forget about it. Because your desires aren’t just some egotistical and random thoughts that come up in your mind. Your desires want to come alive THROUGH you. They come from a place bigger than you or your Ego. You are MEANT to manifest these desires into reality to ADD to Creation. That maybe sounds a little bit “vague,” but for now, just trust me on it 😉

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” — Albert Einstein

What if I told you this:

Everything you want is possible. If there is a desire and it’s really a Soul desire, then there is always a way to manifest it.

YOU are the Creator of your Reality.

And, contrary to what is taught to us, it’s actually NOT that hard to start learning HOW we create our reality. This simple phrase is the most important thing you need to know when it comes to HOW we create our reality:

“You Create your Reality with your awareness.”

Whatever you are aware of, manifests itself in your life. But for most people, it’s unclear WHAT they are actually aware of. And that’s exactly what I am going to teach you in this program.

And because people don’t know this they push their desires away, they deny them or it takes a LONG time for their desires to manifest.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Manifestation doesn’t have to be hard if you KNOW how it works.

For YEARS I was stuck in not knowing how manifestation works myself!

I had ALL these amazing plans and dreams, but I got nowhere when I tried to take action on them.

As soon as I started sharing my ideas with other people or I tried taking action around them, self-doubt kicked in.
I didn’t know what to do first, and I felt super overwhelmed.
I tried to please people by trying to do what they told me to do.
I always adapted myself to what people wanted from me.
I hid who I really was because I thought that I wasn’t good enough the way I was.
I always had a million ideas but never did anything to bring them to life, because I thought I didn’t have it in me. Because I listened too much to people telling me that I was useless.
I worked hard to make a career, but I just couldn’t seem to get ahead.

After doing this for a couple of years, I ended up being addicted, depressed and burned-out.
I tried to do what “normal” people did, but it was JUST not working for me.

I came to the conclusion that it probably wasn’t “meant to be” and I let go of my dreams and desires again.

I was waiting till the fear and overwhelm went away and when the day came that I had complete clarity and stuff just “came to me”, but that never happened.

And over time NOT getting anywhere and denying my true desires got really frustrating.
NOT living my Souls purpose was NOT ok anymore.
NOT living the life I was born to live was NOT ok anymore.

Because there WAS this little voice inside of me, that told me that I was born for “more.”
I wanted to escape my boring 9 to 5 job, and I wanted to be the creator that I felt I could be.
I wanted to write and to create and just build this amazing life for myself.
I wanted to serve people and BE there for them. Not run away every time it got a little bit (or a LOT) hard.
And I wanted to create my ideal lifestyle, to travel and have freedom and live to in an amazing house that really made me happy.

I just wanted to LIVE MY LIFE and be REALLY happy about that!

In the last couple of years I finally changed all that.

I have created more than 50 online programs and Masterclasses in these last four years in my Dutch business.
I’ve created a successful membership program with more than 500 members.
I wrote a couple of e-books.
I hosted big events with more than 100 people attending.
I have taught over 25,000 people in the Netherlands about the Law of Attraction and manifesting life, money and business success.
I traveled the world. I have already been to Bali, France, Las Vegas, San Diego, and Florida this year.
I learned from the most amazing coaches and mentors.
I manifested my dream home.
And I am just having so much FUN and JOY doing it.

Every day I wake up, and I get to do the work I love. I actually make a real contribution to people’s lives.
AND the most important thing: I can be myself doing it. I don’t have to hide anymore. I don’t have to act any different than I AM. I don’t have to constantly put up a mask, out of fear of people leaving me when they see who I really am. And that alone already feels like total freedom.

And I made a couple of Million euros doing that! How freaking amazing is that? And no, it’s not about the money. But it IS about what the money can bring you AND the impact you can have on other peoples’ lives. And ALL the blocks I have let go of in order to being able to receive that money.

I FINALLY broke out of the cycle of killing my dreams and plans, and I finally started living the life I felt I was born for.

And yes, I DID come across blocks and doubts.
Sometimes it took a LOT to stay the course, get back in alignment and let go of other people’s opinions. That’s EXACTLY why I created this program, to get you through these rough times.

Because when you know how reality creation works, You ALWAYS find a way to make it work again and to shift your energy.
You can always manifest what you desire. That, or something even better.

I would LOVE to be that mentor for you and help you connect with your Souls desires and help you bring them to life!

So how did this change for me and other Powerful Creators? And how can it change for YOU?

How did I finally get myself to manifest my desires into reality and how do my clients do this?

How did I create SO many results so quickly, while so many Creators are struggling? How do my clients get the breakthroughs that they desire? 

I didn’t find a magic pill or some “hidden” secret that no-one knows of.

It wasn’t because I was born as a Creative entrepreneur!
I actually did a Career choice test once, and they said that I was NOT meant to be an entrepreneur.
And I agreed.
I am not a “business person.”
I am creative, chaotic and always just want to do things “my way.”
I think of more plans and ideas than I end up creating, and I have a LOT of trouble actually finishing things.

I wasn’t “discovered.”
I often hoped that would happen, but it never did.

And it wasn’t because I worked so hard.
Yes, I do create a LOT. I LOVE to create. But I hardly ever do something when it isn’t aligned. Everything in my business has to serve me too!
Deep down, I am a really lazy person. I want to do things as quickly and as easily as possible.

And it also wasn’t because I know exactly what I want or what I have to do.
I never quite know what I want and that sometimes translates itself into a LOT of chaos.
It seems that most of the time I can only see one step ahead.

It also wasn’t because of who I knew.
I didn’t have famous friends or know influential people (I do KNOW, however!)
I actually hate networking and I hardly ever hand out business cards. I spent most of my days alone, behind my laptop.

It wasn’t because I had a lot of money that gave me the time and freedom to sort this stuff out. 
I only had 1000 euros on my savings account when I quit my job and I spent it all in the first month!

It also wasn’t because I found a model or a business strategy that “works.”
I did learn a LOT about business and strategy, but when I try to implement it, I always get stuck and bored and I get really mad that I can’t follow my own alignment anymore and I let it all go again.

It wasn’t because I am so talented, beautiful or had any special gifts.
I always have seen myself as really average. I never stood out. I have no exceptional talents. Yes, I LOVE to write, but I am terrible at spelling and structuring my writing and I use WAY too much words. People remind me of that ALL the time.
NOW I see more and more of what my unique gifts are. But those are not gifts that are valued by most people. That is maybe one of the reasons I never saw them.

But this is what DID happen and what I DID do and what I teach my clients:

I learned ALL about how creation works and how we create our own reality.

I took a self-created Masters in the Law of Attraction and Reality Creation. If there would have been a real Masters in the Law of Attraction I would have taken it. But there was no such thing, so I have created it myself. Over the years I have spent over 100,000 dollars on learning from the best coaches. I have taken dozens of online courses about manifestation, I have read hundreds of books and watched  thousands of youtube movies. Since I was 23, I have been a dedicated student of this matter and even now I am still learning more and more about how we are creating our own reality and what is needed to do that in the most powerful yet effortless way possible.

And since 2014 I have been teaching other people all about manifesting and getting them amazing results.

What most people do, if they want to change something is try to DO something different. They make a plan or they think they have to change something in their life, before they get what they want.

How many times have you thought something like:

  • Once I have saved enough money, THEN I can quit my job
  • Once my website is done, THEN the clients can come.
  • If I lose weight, THEN my Soulmate will enter my life.
  • If I have the new plan for my business, THEN everything will follow.
  • If I started posting daily on Social Media THEN clients will come. If I become more visible, THEN my business will explode.
  • Once I finish this project, THEN all doors will open for me.
  • Once my book is finished, THEN my next breakthrough will come.
  • Once I launched my online program, THEN the clients and the money will come.
  • Once I reach enlightenment, THEN I will be happy.
  • If I journal every day, THEN I will be that Powerful Creator.

But this is not how Creation works. Yes, you will probably get you SOME results. Because if you take the action, you can also shift something in your consciousness. But it’s the long and difficult road.

Because everything is Consciousness. What we perceive as our physical “reality” isn’t really “real.” It’s a manifestation of Consciousness.

Whatever we perceive on the outside is an exact mirror of what is inside of us.

And it’s really simple: Just as the image in your mirror won’t change if you don’t change first, is your reality nog changing if you don’t shift something inside of your consciousness first.

So yes, of course, take all the actions you want. Do all the things that you think will get you what you desire, but always be aware that you won’t actually get what you desire if you haven’t created it in your consciousness first.

The only reason why you aren’t where you want to be is because it’s not yet a part of your consciousness. There are beliefs that are keeping you from seeing and believing that what you want it already possible NOW.

First line up your thoughts, beliefs and feelings to be a match with what you WANT to create and then it will all flow into you life. No hard work needed. The actions will follow almost automatically because yes, even YOU (your body, your actions and everything about you) are a manifestation of consciousness.

And that’s the goal of this program:

We’re going to make manifesting, alignment and taking action fun and easy.
So that it can become a daily habit and you can get the results that you desire.

I am going to teach you EXACTLY what it takes to create your own reality! I am going to help you to become aware of what is active inside your consciousness so you can CHANGE it and shift into alignment with what you want to create and with who you really are.

Because, If you align to your unique Soulfrequancy every day and take actions from THAT state of being, then miracles will happen in your life:
In a few years’ time, everything has changed in my life.
I feel like a mega-powerful creator.
I manifested a villa, a really successful business (In which I did a gross revenue of over 2 million euro’s in the first 5 years.) and SO much more!
And the most important thing: I am just really, really happy (most of the time haha), and every day I get to do what I love doing most: writing, learning all there is to learn about how we create our reality, and creating wonderful content.
I know that if I want something that I can ask for it and then it is just a matter of time before it comes into my life (that, or something even better.)

And that confidence wasn’t JUST there…
That confidence grew through the practice of learning everything about manifesting my life and business and actually taking action upon what I learned.

And I want to help you do the same!

Do NOT let another day and another day and another day slip by, but become the joyous and powerful creator of your own reality NOW.

So are you ready to make that commitment?

Are you ready to make this shift and become that next level you?

I would have LOVED saying hell yes to a program like this a couple of years ago (or even in the phase of my business I am NOW), because it would have saved me a LOT of self-doubts, worry, time and money and would have gotten me here even faster.

There is ONE thing I know for sure:

If I had created my life and business “the old way” I would NEVER have been here.
I never resonated with an “old school” education.
It just didn’t excite me that much.
AND it was hard to get the results I truly desire.
The biggest reason behind my success is the implementation of the Law of Attraction in all that I do.

And that is exactly what I am going to give you in the Manifest Magically Academy.
It’s SO much easier to create success in life and business if you create in accordance with the Laws of the Universe.
If you always know what steps to take because you learned to listen to your own alignment.
If you know what it means to put your alignment first.
And then add a simple, fun, but highly effective business strategy.

You KNOW the value of an amazing coach and a good coaching program. You simply cannot build your success on your own. You need a mentor and a coach. I can be the person that will coach you to your next level!

What do you get in the Infinite Consciousness Coaching Program?

The Infinite Consciousness Coaching Program is a Yummie and ABUNDANT program RICH of delicious content for you to go through that will allow you to manifest your every desire.

Here is an overview of the coaching and content you get access to:

*** Weekly Consciousness Shift Modules valued at €5000,00

Every week we dive into a new topic. In the first modules you will learn exactly how Creation works. After that we are going to do a Deep Dive into all the beliefs you have that are responsible for creating your reality. Yes, you Create your reality with your Consciousness, but WHAT exactly is IN your consciousness? You can start knowing yourself by looking at what your beliefs are. It’s actually really simple. The only thing that makes this complicated is that people, most of the time, aren’t aware of the stories they are telling themselves. They have gotten SO used to the stories that the stories became “trutht.” But here’s the thing: The Universe is NOTHING. The Universe is a field of infinite potential. You can change it into anything you want it to be. No, not from a place of Ego or fear and not “overnight.” But litterally everything is possible. So in the modules of this program I am going to help you to become aware of your stories on every subject possible: Money, your body, Health, your talents, who you are, Spirituality, Creation in general, what is and isn’t possible, business and so on. I will keep doings these weekly modules untill I shared all I can share. There are going to be dozends of modules on every subject possible. This is going to change your beliefsystem at the core of your being and will change your whole reality.

You get lifetime access to all the Modules!

*** Weekly Coaching Calls a month Valued at $3000,00

After the modules, you will get the change to ask me all your questions. OR you can just listen and watch and soak up the energy and be a little more anonymous. whatever works for you! All the calls will be recorded so you can watch them back if you can’t be there live. And you can also ask your questions before the call if you can’t be there live and I will answer them.

In these calls you can ask me all your questions about: 

    • Alignment, how we create our reality and how the Law of Attraction REALLY works.
    • What beliefs could be blocking you for manifesting what you desire.
    • Why things possibly aren’t flowing in your life or business.
    • How to discover your Soul’s Mission.
    • Manifesting money.
    • How to create Soul Aligned relationships that work for you.
    • How to create content fast and tap into your creative zone of genius.
    • Questions that come up after reading my alignment journal or after going through the content.
    • Business Alignment; How to create your business in a way that works for you.
    • Aligned and energetic marketing and also the practical marketing stuff around funnels, email marketing, and content marketing, that I of course, always bring back to alignment 🙂
    • Structuring your business in a way that works for you, while still having full creative freedom.
    • Building your million-dollar empire.
    • Your programs and the products you offer.
    • Creating passive income.
    • Creating powerful membership programs or online programs
    • How to create content fast and tap into your creative zone of genius.
    • And EVERYTHING else you need to know to create success, fun and flow in your life and business and manifest everything you ever desired.

*** Daily Alignment e-mails valued at $3000,00

Finding daily alignment is something you have to practice every single day. That’s the only way this can become part of who you ARE: an aligned being. To help you, you will receive daily alignment e-mails with manifesting tips, journaling questions and daily inspiration.

*** Monthly Healing Calls valued at $1500,00

Every month I will decide on a topic for a deep energy healing. De basis of Conscious Creation is shifting your energy. I am going to help you align with the energy that resonates with your unique Soul Frequency. By tapping into your unique Soul Frequency you can shift past your blocks. This will make manifesting easier then you can ever imagine.

You also get access to all the previous healing calls.

*** Co-creation and connection in the Special Private Facebook group.

We get to connect daily in a private Facebook group. There you can ask questions, share your ideas and get help with manifesting everything you desire.
I read energy and I just feel what is and isn’t aligned for people. Often a few journaling questions or a new perspective is all it takes for you to step into flow again.
AND you get a tribe of like-minded people, and that’s a REALLY valuable thing to have! Here you can Mastermind with people who REALLY get you and help you to reach new levels of success.

*** Access to all the content in the Manifest Magically Academy valued at over $5.000

In my Manifest Magically Membership area you get access to a TON of valuable content (Online programs and Masterclasses) about the following subjects:

  • How does Creation work. How can the Universal Laws of Creation help you to manifest everything you desire.
  • How to discover your Soul’s Mission AND make money with your Soul’s Mission.
  • How to create online programs fast and without having to implement a lot of tech.
  • How to be a Creative force.
  • How to heal your money blocks and tap into the energy of abundance.
  • What the energetic Frequency of debt is and how to release it.
  • How to align with your Soul Frequency.
  • How to manifest your dream home.
  • How to manifest Soul Aligned relationships.
  • How to align with your Soulmate client. 
  • How to Create offers that are a HELL YES for your clients? I will teach you how to create online programs, group programs, membership programs and live events and workshops and more! It’s all about what feels aligned for you and your clients.
  • How to build and structure your business? Without it becoming boring!
  • How to set money goals and what it takes to reach those goals. 
  • How to look at the numbers of your business in a way that is fun and easy. 
  • How to set the price point for your offers. 
  • How to scale your income with group offers and membership programs.
  • How to create online programs fast and without having to implement a lot of tech.
  • How to write good copy for Sales Pages that are magnetic for your clients.
  • How to become magnetic for your clients? I call it Magnetic Marketing. 
  • How to be visible on social media in a way that feels really good for you. 
  • How to build your email list.
  • How to be a Creative force.
  • How to heal your money blocks and tap into the energy of abundance.
  • How to take quantum leaps with your business? 
  • How to stop self-sabotaging yourself.
  • EVERYTHING you need to be the most Powerful Creator you can be!

Here are some of the online program’s and trainings you will get access to:

  • Online program: Money is Love.
  • Online program: Your Million Dollar Mission
  • Online program: Live your Soul’s Purpose.
  • A TON of business manifesting workshops (and more to come in the future!)

You get access to all the content in the membership Area as long as you are a member!

The Value

The Value of this program is over $15.000,00. But your investment is just a fraction of the value. 

Your Investment

Now for a limited time only we offer this program for a special price.

But your investment is only $1444,00  $777,00 if you pay at once for the whole year. As a special Pay in Full Bonus, You will receive a discount of almost 40%.

OR you can choose for 12 installments of $197,00 $97,00

Does that sound like a hell yes for you? Perfect! BUT the Infintite Consciousness Coaching Program is NOT for everyone!

The Infinite Consciousness Coaching Program is for you if you…

Are willing to live your life in accordance to the Universal Laws of Creation and if you are ready to use the magic these Laws harnesses in EVERY part of your life and business and go beyond where anyone has ever gone.
Feel you are destined for greatness.
Feel that there is even MORE to create and to discover.
Feel creation is CALLING you.
Also hear this little inner voice that is calling you never to settle and create an EPIC life and business for yourself.

Are ready to let go of everything in your life and business that isn’t working for you anymore.
Are ready for business success in a way that goes beyond everything you ever thought possible.

But you don’t want to do this the “normal” way. You can’t relate to “normal,” and you never have.

You FEEL how life and business are supposed to be.
But the contrast to how most people do life and business is SO big that you often doubt if this is ever meant to be.
You get sucked into the energies of sacrificing, suffering, adjusting and adapting a LOT of the times.
But whenever ARE in that energy and take actions from THAT energy, you feel your soul is being sucked out of you.
When you follow other people’s rules for too long, you feel yourself dying a little more every hour and every day.
So, then you KNOW it is time to go back to what YOU believe is true again.
To go back to doing YOU.
And there is this voice again: That voice that has been guiding you for ALL these years.

Everything resonates at a different energy. This program has been created (and will be created) from an energy of:

Reaching further than you have ever reached before.
Endless possibilities.
Flow and surrender.

I KNOW what it takes to create from this space.
I ALSO know what it’s like to doubt yourself and listen to the people who live their lives from an old paradigm too much.
And I also know how easy it is to get sucked in again.

But I ALSO know how to turn this around really quickly.
How to break out of limiting thinking.
How to connect to this higher energy again.
And how fast things can turn around when you do that.

This Program is NOT for people who are looking for a quick fix.

You HAVE to make a commitment to make manifestation and Creation work!

For most people, it is the scariest thing EVER to make a commitment and GO for their dreams. But the only sollution is to let go of all your limiting beliefs and the stories that you tell yourself that are holding you back. And that’s exactly what I am going to teach you!

Your dreaming, prayers, hopes, wishes and whatever mores aren’t going to bring you the life and business success you desire.
It’s ALL about making a commitment, showing up DAILY and DOING.THE.INNER.WORK.

And the truth is: we are going to make this FUN ( I LOVE having FUN!)
We are GOING to make this easier. But then you HAVE to commit. And that is something ONLY you can do!

So are you ready to make this commitment and accept nothing but the best life and business you can create?

And you are willing to implement what I teach you and are ready to do the work. You know success often comes from that ONE sentence someone shares with you or that ONE insight. And when you are implementing that to the fullest, you make a quantum jump, and then you implement the next thing and the next and the next.
Success doesn’t come from JUST investing in this program or JUST listening to the content. YOU got to show up in YOUR life and business every single day and add REAL value to the lives of others. THAT’S when more value is added to YOUR life.

If you ARE that person, the Infinite Consciousness Coaching Program will be a perfect fit for you. Because it also makes sure you surround yourself with people who have the same ambitions as you and are making the same journey. AND you will receive all the tools you need to become the most Powerful Creator you can be.

The results of this program.

I have seen my clients do amazing things when integrating Law of Attraction into every part of their life and business and become the most powerful creator they can be. Like:

  • Tripling (or 10x’ing) their income.
  • Finally traveling the world and living the lifestyle they dreamt of for so long.
  • Selling their business and starting the business they wanted to start forever.
  • Launching their online program in a matter of days.
  • Selling their old home with a huge profit and moving into their dream home.
  • Expanding their business internationally.
  • Writing their first book.
  • Hitting consistent 10, 20 or 30K months (or even more!)
  • Getting booked on radio and/or tv shows.
  • Filling up their workshops and doing amazingly well on their upsell and making tens of thousands of dollars in a single weekend.

And ALL because they know how manifestation really works!

The results I got weren’t typical. And it’s not a promise I can give you. Life always throws you curveballs and a lot of the time there are challenging periods before periods of growth. You never know where your alignment is going to take you next. It’s truly ALL about a total and complete surrender to the Divine, in the end.
But you KNOW this. You aren’t here, looking for a magic pill. You already know that there is no such thing. You just want to be inspired and really dive into the energy of creation, and you are willing to do the work that’s necessary.
You already ARE that person that takes FULL responsibility for your own growth and alignment.

So are you ready to leave “safe” and “as it should be” behind you to fully tap into your super-self who can achieve MORE than great things?
Of course, ALL from a place of alignment: everything in your life should be 100% aligned!
Everything is possible. It depends on what you expect and what you are willing to receive. And during this program, I will do everything I can to make you more confident in creating your dream life and dream business and the endless possibilities the Universe has to offer.

What other results can the Infinite Consciousness Coaching Program bring you?

* You know you can create ease and joy and you know exactly what it takes to come back to alignment after you experience contrast.

* You know you can just do life and business on your OWN terms. You know that WHAT you do and how you do it, has nothing to do with what you manifest. Because manifestation is all about focus, belief, and energy.

* You know exactly what your message is and how you can share it in the most powerful way so that people really FEEL what you mean.
You know exactly what is the best way for you to market your work in a way that feels 100% in alignment.

* You always know just what to do. Your inner guidance always shows you exactly what the next step should be and you’ve developed the confidence to always listen to it.

* Your #1 rule in life is: you don’t have to do anything, but there’s always action to be taken. You do whatever you do because it excites and delights you, but you know there are not that many actions needed to achieve the outcomes you want to achieve.
You’ve implemented a couple of simple business strategies in your business that REALLY work for you and that are super easy and super-aligned.

* It’s SO much more fun to play with energy and take aligned action AND get the results than it is to do, do, do ALL the things and still NOT get what you want. You feel tapped in to an infinite flow of creativity and you can turn it on whenever you want.

* You don’t really worry about what other people may think of you. You are SO connected with your source. It’s easy for you to do what you feel called to do, and you trust that it will always bring you exactly where you need to be.

* You are not busy with making money for money sakes. You know and feel that the Universe always takes care of you and you know exactly how that works. But you ALSO know exactly what it takes to manifest certain outcomes, so you always reach your goals, sooner or later. You have a deep trust that the Universe always brings the means, money, people and inspiration you will need at exactly the right time.

* You know exactly what it takes to channel your creativity. You know when to follow through, and you know when to let go because things simply aren’t aligned anymore.

* You know that if you follow your alignment and just do YOU, you will automatically stand out. You don’t have to yell hard to be seen. You have learned to play with energy and just magnetically attract people to you. You are visible without being visible.
You don’t believe in competition because the Law of Abundance has taught you how reality REALLY works!
And when things seem to go wrong or don’t seem to work out the way you hoped or planned, you know there’s always a reason for it, and you know how to let the Universe guide you in seeing those reasons and adjust your alignment to create a different reality.

And so much more! The most important thing is that you are fully going to experience the power that is within you to create your own reality and manifest whatever it is you want!


“Want to hear something really cool? Since I wired the money to you, and have now listened to a couple of audios, the money came rolling in – in just 2 days now as much as I would normally earn in 2 weeks. And what’s so funny, is that you spoke about this in the first interview audio of the Money is Love interview series (Dutch), “Investing in yourself often comes around at times when it’s least convenient, money-wise”. When I saw your course and wanted to join, my poor financial state all of a sudden no longer mattered to me. Joining was the only option, and I felt so certain that the slow months of little income for my business were over! Yesterday, out of nowhere, I received an inheritance that I wasn’t expecting. And I once again felt that bubbly, super excited, happy feeling in every single cell of my system – I hadn’t felt that in such a long time!” — — Jacqueline van de Koevering

“The Money is Love course has been such a huge contribution to my life. I have completely rewritten my money story. And since I joined the Money is Love course for the first time, my income has gone times 6, and I am so loving the work I’m doing!”

“Within 3 months, I have manifested 15,000 dollars. I’m really focusing on clearing limiting beliefs around money, income, earning and being worthy.”

“What results I have created so far? A lot of quantum leaps, a lot of insights gained, I have started to love myself again. Now I know that I haven’t been crazy all my life, but that life is supposed to be like this, with alignment and manifestation. I have regained belief in my dreams, I am focused on what I want to attain. My alarm clock is now set at 4 AM, so there’s regularity and I have all morning to spend time on myself (how AWESOME is that), I am happy in life again, I am judging myself and others way less than I was before, I am loving life again, I have rock solid confidence that everything will turn out fine, I am in control of my money again and instead of it flying out the door, it now comes flying in, I have a healthy diet again, I have started to really declutter my house and am giving away or throwing out all that no longer has any added value for me, I am HAPPY again. My mission is now crystal clear to me, I have said no to services I no longer wanted to deliver. No more holding back, just doing it. Start before you’re ready… The Law of Attraction has been alive within me for so long, but somehow the penny has only just dropped… to give you an example, I just manifested a trip to Nepal in March.”

“I have fallen in love with money, ha-ha! I used to literally hate money. But now I see that I am truly worthy of receiving money and am capable of allowing it in, of being that creator that can receive money for the services I am offering in the area of spirituality. All is in flow!!! I am meeting all kinds of special people, and I am ready for the next level.”

“When I align, the bookings come rolling in. So, I know it works.”

“So much has happened, where do I begin? I have received a large tax return. My husband is working a lot of extra hours and is earning more because of that, and he received quite a profit distribution. I have already been able to send out more invoices than I did in all of 2016. So, I have more clients, and more income. I am receiving wonderful and unexpected gifts, for example from clients. I am enjoying being an entrepreneur more. I am standing up more for my business. And I feel really supported by Maartje, her team and the community.”

“10,000 dollars revenue per month? That felt so FAR away for me… Until Maartje Koper entered my life… with a calculator in my hand, I am now discovering that this money goal is now REALLY close… because I OWN my abundance. I am soooo happy!!!” — Teersa van Weezel.


Q: Is this program just for entrepreneurs?

A: No it’s not. Most of my clients know they want to start their business, or want to make money with creating whatever they want to create. It’s also REALLY powerful if you are just starting out and already KNOW you are a powerful creator and you want to create your business using the Laws of The Universe more than learning about the practical side of business. It’s more about what kind of person you are than how far along you are in your business journey.

Q: Is this program just for coaches and online entrepreneurs?

A: No, my clients are healers, creatives, artists, musicians and business owners with all kinds of businesses AND yes, also coaches and online entrepreneurs. But the Laws of creation are Universal.

Q: I LOVE this program, but I am not quite there yet with my money mindset to make this investment. 

A: Then please, just sign up for my free content HERE. This will already bring you SO much value. If you apply this content, you will be ready for an upgrade real soon.

Q: When do I get access to the content?

A: After you sign up, you will be able to access the content that is already in the membership area right away. You get your registration email and a welcome email. If you didn’t get those, please send an email to
The content is presented in a secure membership area.

Q: Can I get 1 on 1 coaching in this program?

A: I don’t do a LOT of 1 on 1 coaching. If you are highly motivated, you can sent an email to But I am spot on in my group coaching calls. In this program you can get (group) coaching in the Facebookgroup. AND have the change to sent in your coaching questions through e-mail.

Q: How do I know this is the right program for me?

A: I always FEEL it. Something inside of me tells me that there is something in a program that will give me new insights.
And even if you’ve already learned a lot about manifestation, there is still a LOT you can get out of this program because finding alignment is a never-ending journey.
And what I have learned for myself is that I have to KEEP feeding my mind positive messages to keep aligning myself to true wealth, success and everything else I want to create.
If you are scared or worried about the money, that’s normal. A lot of the times investing is really scary, but investing in yourself is really important for your growth AND your money flow.

Have any other questions? Send me an email at or sign up right away.