YOU (your Human self) CAN’T “do” anything to accomplish anything.
Your human self takes the actions that are in alignment with your current belief-system and your current level of awareness.
It happens almost automatically. It’s based on the Universal Law of Cause and Effect.

Life does only ONE thing: it mirrors your thoughts and beliefs.
It mirrors your energetic frequency.

You can’t DO anything differently if you don’t shift your awareness first.

So how do you do that?
It’s SO simple, it’s not even funny anymore. But people aren’t used to thinking this way. They are aligned with the story that life is difficult.
They are used to focussing ALL of their attention on the “outside world.”
But the answer lies WITHIN!

You shift your awareness (and therefore your reality) by asking yourself the question of what your life is mirroring you and then you start to make different choices.

Every time you experience something that you don’t want to experience, become aware of the belief that is behind what you are experiencing.

For example:

The situation is: “I don’t have money to pay for this bill.”

There is probably more than one belief behind this experience, but I will give an example. One of the beliefs is literally:

“I don’t have any money.”

This belief isn’t in accordance with Universal truth. Universal truth is that there are NO limitations. Every limitation is men-made.
There is ONLY one Divine truth and that is God, or in other words: Love.

So once you are aware of the belief, you can ask what you need.

You HAVE this belief because a part of you isn’t resonating with Divine truth.
And you EXPERIENCE lack because you believe this is the truth. The only thing you need to do is resolve the energy.

You can write it down or do this exercise in your head.

So you ask yourself what you need.
Most of the time you just need love, but just see what comes up for you.
Make this between YOU and Creation (God/ the Universe.) YOU are the creator of your experience and you co-create ONLY with the Creator and you only attract what is in alignment with your energetic field.
This has NOTHING to do with what other people do or don’t do because people can only show up as your Divine mirror since we are all ONE.

Maybe this is what comes up for you and what you write down:

I need to believe I am always being taken care of.
The Universe always takes care of me.
I put myself first.
I take care of myself.
I need to find the power in myself to just create money whenever I need it.
I need to LOVE myself.
I receive God’s love.
I shift into LOVE.
I am willing to receive.
I am willing to go beyond the illusion of lack.
I am willing to open myself up for the Divine truth of Abundance.
I surrender to God/ the Universe fully to be my provider.
God/ the Universe will guide me and show me where my path of abundance is, and that my path always reveals itself by following my HEART.
I surrender fully to love.

And then really FEEL into that.
Let that energy flow through your body and your cells and your BE-ing, dissolving all the negative energy.
And feel the energy shifting.

Do this as often as you need, for every limiting belief you discover.
You will probably be doing this a LOT. I’ve been journaling and shifting limiting beliefs for over 5 years now. It has made ALL the difference in my life. Sometimes I forget and then I notice this in what shows up in my life.
Luckily the Universe has my back and there will always be this day that I am able to shift myself back to love again.

If the belief has something to do with someone else, it’s still YOUR belief. You have to point it back to YOU. If it wasn’t in YOUR awareness, you wouldn’t notice it. So it’s YOURS to heal.

So, for example, you think: “This person is stopping me from doing X and I am mad at them.”
Turn it around and point it back at YOU.
It has nothing to do with the other person. (This might sound a little confusing if you are not used to seeing the world as your mirror, and I will write/ share more about the mirroring effect of other people, but just trust me on this one for now.)

So If you turn it around and project it onto yourself, it might state:

“I am stopping myself from doing X and I am mad at myself.”

So, then write down what you need.
What do you need to give to yourself to move past this belief?

I am now fully trusting myself to not let other people hold me back.
I am willing to make choices that serve me first. By serving myself from a place of love, I automatically serve other people.
I am giving myself permission to follow my dreams, my joy and the love I want to express.
I am opening myself up fully to love.
I am not putting other people’s happiness before my own happiness and every day I trust myself more and more that I will take care of myself because at the end of the day I am ONLY responsible for my OWN vibration.

And give yourself what you need.
You are lacking something on the outside because you haven’t connected with it on the INSIDE.
If you shift that, your reality will also shift.

The essence is this: ALWAYS choose for love.
ALWAYS align with love.

And just to be clear: what love means for YOU! Yes, of course, you can take other people’s feelings into consideration, but never put other people above yourself.
Other people’s feelings come from their thoughts and belief system and a lot of the time those are coming from ego and limiting beliefs. And if you let other peoples limiting beliefs dictate your reality, you will never get where you want to be.

If you shift your OWN belief system, you will see your physical reality shift, RIGHT in front of your eyes.

“As within, so without.
As above, so below.”

It’s Universal truth.

I hope this exercise will help you shift from fear to love and from limitation to abundance.

Love, Maartje

You are the Creator of your Reality!
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