Join me in this FREE online training: 7 steps to Manifest the Soul-fulfilling relationship you desire.

Do you desire to experience a deep and Soul-fulfilling relationship in your life? 

Do you have a feeling deep inside that there is someone out there for you that would be your perfect match? Or have you already met this person and you want to go deeper in the love you experience?

Someone you can be yourself with and someone who GETS you.
Someone who loves and accepts you unconditionally.
Someone who lifts you up and who supports you in realising your Souls Mission.
The Yin to your Yang, or the other way around of course 🙂

Then I would Love to invite you to join this FREE training. This Online training is going to be PERFECT for you, if:

♥ You have the desire to manifest a Soul-fulfilling Relationship into your life, but you have no clue how to start this journey.
♥ You have met someone with whom you feel an undeniable connection and this stirred up all kinds of feelings. And you want to learn how to navigate this special Soul connection. 
♥ You have met a special person years ago that you just can’t get out of your mind. You just FEEL that there was something special, even though you can’t explain any of it.
♥ You have found the person you see as your one Soul Mate or Twin Flame, but you are experiencing separation.
♥ You and your Soulmate or Twin Flame are in a physical relationship or seeing each other in some kind of capacity but are you experiencing all kinds of blocks.
♥ You know deep in your heart that your current relationship isn’t fulfilling you anymore and you want to heal the blocks that are between you to harmonize your energies so you can get clarity if you are meant to stay together or if there is someone else out there for you.

A lot of people desire to experience this type of love in their lives. But that is not what they experience. The reason why this happens is because there are a lot of misunderstandings about how relationships really work. People relate to each other from the false perception that we are separate human beings. While, in fact, we are energetic beings who are all connected to each other trough are one collective consciousness. If you relate to other people from the perspective of separation consciousness, you won’t be able to manifest the Soul-fulfilling relationship you truly desire to have. In this free online training, I will teach you exactly how this works.

These are the modules you will get access to:

Module 1: Learn what the journey to manifest a Soul-fulfilling relationship is truly about.
Module 2: Learn all the ways you could be unintentionally running away from love.
Module 3: Learn to take 100% responsibility for everything you create and experience.
Module 4: Learn to focus on the journey, not on the destination
Module 5: Learn to face and embrace your pain and fears.
Module 6: Learn to be devoted to your Soul’s Journey and honor your humanity.
Module 7: Only share about this journey with people who are open.

You will receive access to the first module of This FREE training immediately after signing up. Sign up for the Free training below.

Testimonials from the Previous Free Soul-fulfilling Relationship training:

“Wow what a beautiful and enlightening view of Soul Relationships I got from the free training!
I have also been in a lot of pain these past 2 years. My husband stayed with me during my Twin Flame process and this was amazing.
The soul love was necessary to regain myself! And now I can and may take steps again!
But what a beautiful view of this process, what a beautiful awareness.
Frankly, I still stuck to my soul love, but this opened my eyes. Thank you very much.”

“I want to say that I thought your information about Soul connections was magical.
I recognized so much in it, but I didn’t know it had a name, let alone know that I’m not the only one experiencing things like this. It gave me a lot of insights.”

“Thank you Maartje. The training yesterday was nice. It is as if after two years, in which I thought about my Twin Soul day and night, the penny has finally dropped. He only reflected how beautiful I am and what I can work on.”

More about me

Brave-lion-and-MaartjeMore about Me: I had my first spiritual awakening when I was 23 years old. I felt stuck in life, in all areas. I didn’t know who I was or what I wanted.
I was living my life with a mask on. I knew that I didn’t fit in at work, but was afraid to speak up about my needs. I think I didn’t even know my needs back then. I was afraid to really look at myself.

I felt like a failure because I was failing to be that person other people wanted me to be.
Why couldn’t I just be like other people? Why couldn’t I finish my degree and go to work without getting stuck?
Why did I have all these desires and dreams but was it so hard for me to manifest them into reality?

To not have to feel the pain of life I started using drugs on a daily base. Some days even before going to work. I was trying everything to cope, but of course, in the end, this wasn’t a sustainable lifestyle.
In the end, I got burned out and depressed and called in sick. I came across the book from Louse Hay called “you can heal your life” And after that, I learned about the law of attraction.

First I was experiencing a lot of resistance to it all. It was hard for me to believe that I created the mess I called my life.
But after shifting through my resistance, I felt relief and a wonderful feeling of being free. Because it meant that I could also make other choices. I wasn’t stuck in this mess forever! For the first time in my life, I could see how it was possible to create my own reality.

In the years after that, I’ve learned all about conscious creation. I thought this was extremely fascinating. I started to apply the tools into my own life and became very successful with manifestation.

I created many wonderful things like a soul-driven business, a great place to live, finding the best education for my daughter, endless creativity, wonderful soulmate friends and ended up being in a loving marriage for 18 years with my Soulmate and one of the best friends I have ever had in my life and he is STILL one of my best friends and an amazing father for our daughter.

I thought I already knew a lot about manifesting and how we create our reality, until I met someone you could label as my “Twin Flame.” After that, I shifted deeper than ever. Being confronted with someone who mirrors you so closely is the best way to learn a LOT about yourself. It has been very confronting at times. And because you have a connection at the level of your Soul, you just can’t seem to get away from this connection. So they ONLY way is to go THROUGH it and learn and grow.

For many people, Journey to finding love is really hard and filled with trauma, pain and separation.
And yes, just like many others I’ve also had my share of these moments of darkness. This is commonly known as a dark night off the soul, but I prefer to call it the dark night of the ego.
If you do the inner work and face the truth and take full responsibility for your own growth, it’s possible however to shift through the trauma and pain quite rapidly. I know this to be true because I’ve been there myself. After my separation I started googling to try to learn what had just happened to me, because it didn’t made any sense. I saw that people stay in pain and separation for years and years when they met someone the have an intense connection for. But it REALLY doesn’t have to be this way.

You CAN be happy with your OWN life AND build an amazing relationship with your True Love.

I know this from personal experience and also from helping a lot of my Dutch clients with insights about the Soul-fulfilling relationship dynamic and seeing them heal and taking amazing steps on their journeys.

I can’t wait to pass on the knowledge I gained to help you on your path to peace, love, oneness, and joy. With yourself AND in the relationship with your Soul Partner.

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With Love, Maartje