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Making money being YOU Manifesto.

Make money just by being you? Is that possible?
With all of my heart and soul I can honestly tell you: Yes, it is!

It is possible, because I am doing it every day. And not only me. LOT’S of my clients are doing it TOO!

My quest started when I was 23, when I wasn’t able to work because I was burnt-out. I was stuck in life. I was working a job I didn’t feel comfortable in, I was depressed and addicted.
I already knew that something wasn’t right in my life.
I knew I wasn’t on the right path but I didn’t know what to do about it. I felt OVER responsible for my clients, my boss and my colleagues and I thought” Well, I can’t just quit, because I have bills to pay.”
My parents always taught me that work isn’t supposed to be fun and that it requires sacrifice, so I just carried on as best as I could.
Although I used drugs almost every day just to survive the day and I had to drag myself to work every day.
And one day I came to work and one of my colleagues said: “Are you doing ok, Maartje? You don’t look that well.” And something inside me broke. No, I wasn’t doing well at all and I didn’t know what to do about it. I started crying and didn’t stop crying for almost 3 days.
I couldn’t get back to my job. Working was no longer an option and I ended up staying home for one and a half year.

That’s when I started raising questions about the how’s and why’s of life:

Why is this happening to me?
Is THIS it?
Is life supposed to be like this?

And if that would be the case, then I didn’t feel like doing it anymore – that was for sure.
And whether or not you have gone as deep as I have, there comes a time for (almost) everyone that we start asking ourselves these kinds of questions.
And, because I was asking the questions, I got answers.

You can read what those answers are, in this free manifesto:

10 steps to your next money breakthrough

In this workshop I will teach you:

* What steps you can take to break through your money blocks.
* Why these are the same steps whether you want to manifest 100 dollars or a million dollars.
* Why “just making more money” is never the solution to problems you experience with money.
* How you can break the circle of wanting a lot of things and knowing you are born for MORE, but not taking the actions you know you should take.
* That there IS a way to make money doing what you REALLY love to do.
* Why it is so important to learn about manifestation and alignment when it comes to realizing your dream life.
* Why getting the results you want is for the biggest part a question of an internal shift.
* How you can set clear intentions AND let go at the same time.
* Why it is so important to look at your money story and create a new money story.
* How to step into the new reality you want to create.
* What the most common money blocks are and how to heal them.
* Why it is so hard sometimes to let go of blocks?
* What the biggest pitfalls are when it comes to manifestation.

The FREE Alignment Journal & The Audio training: The Power of Alignment

The inspiration and tools in this Alignment Journal will help you to align yourself with the life of your dreams every single day.

Aligning is simply focusing your attention on the life you want to create. And even though this may sound simple, it does take discipline, perseverance and inspiration to make a habit out of it. But if you do it, magical things can happen in your life!

My mission is to help you create the life and business of your dreams. I believe in the exceptionally awesome opportunities the Universe has to offer, even though there will also be setbacks in our lives.

This Alignment Journal will help you to discover the possibilities you have in your life. And you can read more about why it’s so important to align if you want to make your dream life a reality.

What will you learn from using this Alignment Journal?

  • How you can create a clearer vision for and more focus on what you REALLY want in your life.
  • How you can get past the impossibilities and start to consider what IS possible, so you can allow miracles to enter your life.
  • Powerful techniques to bring your dreams to life.
  • How you can use the Universe’s power to help you make your dreams come true.
  • How you can maximize your positive alignment with what you want to create in your life.

“I have started using Maartje’s Alignment Journal 2 weeks ago and the results are almost impossible to believe. For the first time in my life I am able to stay focused. For the first time in my life I know exactly where I stand and what to do. For the first time in my life I am really getting things done. This Alignment Journal feels like home to me. Every time I start to feel a little lost, I take my Alignment Journal and ‘come home.”


“It took me a while to really start using it, but writing in my Alignment Journal every single day has brought me so much. Consciously increasing my energy level every morning feels great and you immediately notice the results! Writing helps me to stay focused on my goals, recognize and eliminate blocks, and, most importantly, it helps me to get out of my head and into my heart, so I can let beautiful things emerge from there. I can’t do without it anymore. Thank you, dear Maartje.”

Manouschka Sap Faber

Training: How to overcome debt? The energetic frequency of debt.

In this REALLY powerful training I offer you a WHOLE new viewpoint on debt! And this training is not only valuable if you have debt, but also if you hit a block with your income or you want to save, but don’t seem to be able to.

“I’ve started doing your exercises, they’re so powerful. I’m VERY grateful to you. I hadn’t realised the amount of GUILT I had around money. I actually have a bit of debt and it helped to realise I can energetically shift it. Will work on that a bit more today. Thank you.”


Other recourses

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  • Powerful Money affirmations.
  • A Powerful Money Manifesting Script.