I hear a lot of excuses, every single week.
People sending me an email to let me know that they want to work with me.
They send me an email to let me know how badly they want to create their dream life and their transformational business.
They fill in my application form for VIP coaching and let me know how committed they are: and that is almost always a 10. it is more important to them than anything else in their lives.
They let me know that they want to quit their job and do the work they were born to do.
They let me know how much money they want to make and sometimes that amount is no less than one million euros per year.
They let me know they want to travel and live their dream life.
They let me know they want to change the lives of millions of people.
They are ready to do WHATEVER it takes.

But when push comes to show, it turns out that was not the case at ALL.
Because when real action is required, they back out.

No time, no money, scared, they have never done it before, they are still busy with X or Y, they are not sure, etc.

I’m going to tell you in this blog that those are all excuses that only mean one thing:

You’re scared and you are afraid to do whatever it takes. You are hiding and not showing up as the best version of yourself.
That’s it.

All the reasons you give yourself for not taking actions on those BIG dreams are nothing more than excuses.

Because the truth is:
If you have a desire, you can make it happen.
It’s a Universal FACT.
Your dreams are SIGNS of what can become a reality.
No, they are signs of what WILL become a reality.
And the more you fight your dreams, the more resistance you will experience in your life.

And it’s also your DUTY to manifest your dreams.
As a part of creation, it is your DUTY to manifest your dreams into physical reality
It is the agreement that you made before you set foot on this earth.
Nothing is random and you have these dreams for a reason.
There is a reason why you meet the people you meet.
There is a reason why you are attracted to a specific coach or mentor.
There is a reason why you want to give birth to a (creative) project.
There is a reason why you want to create a certain lifestyle.

IF you have a desire: all the people, all the resources, all the possibilities, all the opportunities and all the money you need to manifest your desire into physical reality are already there.
Energetically everything already exists!
Every possibility you can think of already exists in the realm of creation.
You just have to take the action required to receive it.

The Universe doesn’t give you desires if you can’t manifest them.

The question is: do you say YES or NO to your desires?

If you become aware of a desire, You FEEL you want to do something and you say NO at this point, it is not because it isn’t possible, it’s because you are not willing to do whatever it takes.

YOU are the one saying no!
Creation ALWAYS says YES to your desires.
Creation, the Universe, God, whatever you want to call it GIVES you these desires.
And with that, it ALSO gives you every possibility to manifest it into reality.
Creation KNOWS there always is a way, and it’s your JOB to manifest those desires.
And manifesting your desires is NOT selfish.
It is selfish to NOT manifest your desires and dreams, because by saying no you are saying no to creation itself.

The growth of the entire Universe.

The universe is not growing as fast as it could grow because YOU say NO.
Because you are scared.
Because you don’t want to do the work.
Or you don’t want to feel uncomfortable.
That you can’t SEE the way, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.
There are infinite possibilities in the Universe and there are a million paths you can take.
Energetically everything is already there!

So, every day when you wake up and say: “OK, Universe, here I am. I’m showing up. I am willing to play my part. I am willing to do all the things creation wants me to do. How can I make my best contribution today? And EVERY DAY for the rest of my life? What can I give today? Who can I inspire? Who can I help?”

And then follow the inspiration Creation gives you.
Take action every single day because action is the way to manifest your desires into physical reality.
Feel your fears and do it anyway.
Heal your limiting beliefs by seeing the greatness that creation IS.
And because you are a part of creation, you TOO ARE greatness.

It’s THAT simple.
That’s really ALL you need to know in order to become the superstar you are MEANT to be!
And you can tell me it isn’t that simple. That you have problems. That the world isn’t that simple. That your life is more complex or WHATEVER. But those are nothing more than excuses.
An excuse to NOT play your part in creation.
Who cares that you are scared?
We ALL are, but we are showing up anyway. WHERE ARE YOU????

So, what excuses can you let go of today?
What are the excuses that are standing in your way?
How can you find total relaxation and total faith in your dreams and in your creative power?
And then just go ALL in and manifest big, epic shit that the world has never seen before!

Create EPIC shit powerful co-creator!


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