How to tell yourself a different money story and why that is important.

2018-09-09T08:07:38+02:00June 22nd, 2018|Healing Blocks, Manifesting Money|

How to tell yourself a different money story and why that is important. He beautiful co-creator. We tell ourselves stories about our reality all day long. And it's really important to be aware of the stories you tell yourself. Because we create our reality with our thoughts and beliefs and the stories we tell ourselves [...]

Traits of rich and abundant people

2018-09-09T07:56:25+02:00March 15th, 2018|Abundance, Manifesting Money, Manifesting your Soul's Purpose|

Today I have written a new blog that I would really like to share with you. I hope that you will get some valuable insights out of it! In this blog, I am going to share with you the traits of rich and abundant people as I see them. And I’m not talking about the [...]

What is needed NOW to make more money?

2018-09-08T21:13:19+02:00December 18th, 2017|Manifesting Money, Spotlight|

We all want more money. Well, most of us do anyways. And receiving more money is often a matter of simply opening yourself up to receive more money. Allowing MORE. And then take aligned actions that originate from the belief that there’s always more than enough money available to you. And it’s really that simple, [...]


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