A powerful exercise to shift beyond blocks and limitations

2019-10-30T12:29:18+02:00October 30th, 2019|Blocks, Healing, Letting go of fears and limitations|

YOU (your Human self) CAN’T “do” anything to accomplish anything. Your human self takes the actions that are in alignment with your current belief-system and your current level of awareness. It happens almost automatically. It’s based on the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. Life does only ONE thing: it mirrors your thoughts and beliefs. [...]

Feeling contrast, resistance? Are you over-stimulated? Then do this:

2018-09-09T08:05:41+02:00June 8th, 2018|Blocks, Healing|

We all experience this every once in a while: that feeling of not being aligned. Feeling resistance. Feeling irritated towards people, things or all of the above. Over the next couple of days I will share some tips to help you to break out of it. Tip 1: Don’t attach meaning to it that it [...]

4 sentences that can change your life

2018-09-09T07:58:07+02:00March 23rd, 2018|Healing, Ho'oponopono, Mindset|

For some time now, I have been gripped by the Hawaiian healing method Ho’oponopono. I had read about this method before in one of Joe Vitale’s books (The Key), and then I found another article about this subject. You can read the article HERE. The method got a lot of coverage after word got out [...]

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