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So, what I wanted to share with you in this article is that you are NOT living your Soul’s Mission yet.
Even if you now think: “Yes, I am. I already KNOW what I am doing, and I am making good money doing it.” I want to say to you: “No, the chance that you REALLY are living your Soul’s Purpose in the way it’s meant to be is not that big. There are not that many people on this planet that are living their Soul’s Purpose the way it’s meant to be lived. So, this message is still ALSO for you!”

That’s not really an inspiring or uplifting message, is it?

Well, actually it is.
It’s a wake-up call.
It’s an invitation to step into your Soul’s Purpose even MORE then you are already doing now.
Yes, maybe you will feel some resistance, but that is ok.
Most people try to avoid resistance at all cause.
Most people HATE it to feel bad.
But there is SUCH a gift in resistance.
So take a deep breath and let all that resistance go and just be open to learning something today.
I will explain what gift there is in resistance and why NOT avoiding resistance will help you tremendously.
But first a little more about why you aren’t (YET!) stepped into your Soul’s Purpose yet.

So, this is what it comes down to: There is always a next step. ALWAYS.
You are never “there.”
Expansion is infinite.

If people start to open up to Soul’s Mission, it’s all about learning what their Soul’s Mission is.
They get to learn how to actually make money doing what they are here on earth to do.
They learn to take action despite their fears and self-doubt.
They learn about manifestation and alignment.

The next step for most people is stepping further into their Soul’s Mission. They learn how to get out of their own way.
They learn how to show up every day, regardless if they are or aren’t “feeling it.”
They learn to delegate, say no, put up loving boundaries, and deal with criticism.
They learn to structure the ways that money comes in so that they can have a deeper sense of peace and ease when it comes to money.
They learn business skills, money manifesting and sales, and marketing skills.
They not only mentally know how the Law of Attraction works, but they start FEELING it on a deeper level.

The next step is to not only want a way to make money with your Soul’s Purpose but to REALLY make an impact.
In this stage, a lot of powerful creators get the desire to build, what I call a Mission Empire.
They have experienced that creating their business around their Soul’s Mission is actually possible, and they start asking themselves the question: “What else is possible?”
They learn high level manifesting and business building skills.
They learn how to grow their reach and have processes in place to ensure that they leverage their time and still get their clients the results that they desire.
They really KNOW their value now, and most insecurities and fears fell away. Because they actively focus their thoughts and attention.
By now, most powerful creators have learned that reality is nothing more then an illusion and they can choose to focus on lack or abundance or love or fear, and they get either, whatever they focus on. So they are REALLY careful what thoughts they let into their head and what energies they let into their reality.

And then there is the next phase of creating your Soul’s Mission.
Most people aren’t here yet. Maybe some moments. Maybe they got flashes of it during meditation.
But it’s the REAL reason why you ever got the call to start living your Soul’s Mission.
And it seems SO contradictory to stuff you learned about manifesting and alignment.
This stage is to fully surrender to your Soul.
In this phase, you start to surrender your Ego completely.
You start learning that it’s not about the money, the clients, or the lifestyle you wanted to build.
It has never really been about you and what you wanted. And with “you” I mean you Ego-self.
This part of “you” has mainly been in the way of everything that is possible to create.
You start to see that there is SO much more behind what you can see and feel and imagine if you surrender fully to the guidance of your Soul and to God.
And I usually say to you, you can substitute God with words as: Universe, Source, Creation, life, or whatever feels good to you. But if you are at this stage, there is SO little resistance in your life, that you really don’t care what words I use or don’t use.
You probably don’t care what I do or what anyone else does at all. Well, of course, you care. You care a LOT. You LOVE people. You LOVE life. But you don’t care in the fact that other people (or circumstances) have any influence over how you feel or what you do or accomplish.
There is ONLY co-creation, and whatever is going on, YOU are there, and you are really aware of that.

You know that it’s just about acknowledging that there is something greater than you and that it’s possible to harness that power.
That you are MEANT to harness this power.
You move past the mental concept that you are your Soul and not your body, and you start living it.
You FULLY start trusting your Soul and follow her lead.
Your spiritual practice is not about “getting” things anymore.
You simply ask for what you want and relax in the knowledge that, if it’s meant for you that it will show up in Divine timing — that, or something even better.
And in the meantime, you just serve and create and show up and enjoy life to the fullest.
You start to move past serving from a state of “personal preference.” It’s not about what you do and don’t want to do anymore. You are in service to God and because you fully trust it’s never about not wanting to do something anymore. You JUST.SHOW.UP.AND.SERVE.
You are not running away from things anymore.
If you feel resistance, you just take a deep breath in, breath the resistance out, and ask your Soul to lead you.
It’s really about letting go of all the control.

And that is a TOUGH cookie for most people.
We, humans, LOVE to be in control.
And that is ok. Because, as I explained, there are phases of stepping into your Soul’s Mission.
And there probably is another phase after the phase I just described. A Phase that I can’t see yet.
I have gone through these phases pretty quickly, and I think that is because I always have been open to learning.

What I see a LOT of people do is saying:
“I know it all. There is nothing new for me to learn here.”
I hear people say it SO often.
The MOMENT you say that, you close the door to your personal and spiritual growth and therefore to your business growth because you can only grow as fast in your business as you grew as a person and a Soul.

And I KNOW why people say this.

They already invested SO much time and energy and probably also money. They want to get to the time they get to REAP instead of sow.

Or they might be a little bit angry that they aren’t where they want to be yet. They want to move ahead, and they think: if I just close this door and say I know it all, I will automatically move ahead.

Or it might be out of a lack of self-confidence. They think that if they admit they aren’t “there” yet, people might look down on them.

But those are ALL Ego reasons.
And living your Soul’s Purpose has NOTHING to do with what you DO. It has EVERYTHING to do with dissolving the Ego and start living 100% from Soul.

This is what your Soul says:

You are never “there.”
There is no “there” to arrive.
Because expansion is never-ending.
There is always a bigger space to grow into.
And where you are has nothing to do with being “good enough.”
Knowing that you are always good enough comes from YOU. Because you just decide that you are always good enough. Because you ARE.
And if you truly live from Soul being “good enough” isn’t even a thing. It doesn’t matter.
You know you have nothing to prove. There is only creation. That’s it.
And you have to do that for YOU.
For YOUR Soul. Not for everybody else.

So let go of the resistance. But not by running away from it, but by moving THROUGH it.
Where you have resistance, there is growth possible.
Most people think that resistance means that something is not right for you. But that’s not true at ALL.
Resistance means that life brings you something that isn’t in alignment with your personal (Ego) preferences.
But, as I already shared, living your Soul’s Purpose is about dissolving the Ego and start living fully from your Soul.
It’s about letting go of all your personal preferences and about surrendering to what is.
It’s about seeing the perfection of your life.
It’s about the willingness to let everything go: your house, your money, your clients, your business and yes, even your relationships and yes, even your children. (Remember, breath in, breath out, just let the resistance go. The ONLY reason you have resistance now is because of your (Ego) thoughts about what I mean here.)

You might be scared that you will lose everything if you surrender.
And I GET that.
We have been taught to CONTROL everything.
And it IS a phase most Powerful Creators go through.
First, you have to raise your Personal level of power.
You have to learn that you are the one and only creator of your life.
And this is going to bring you a LOT.
But on the other hand, it’s also only getting you so far.
And when what you are doing isn’t working anymore, it ONLY means that there is something else.
That you can ascend to the next level of creation.

So PLEASE never say you know it all.
ALWAYS leave room to grow and to learn more.
There is always a next step.

And of course I don’t want you to align with the energy of thoughts and beliefs are:
“It’s so hard. I am never going to get there. I am not that far along yet, and I will never be able to make it.”
Instead, align with this energy:

“I LOVE this journey of aligning to the energy of my Soul.
It’s the most amazing journey I have ever made.
There is SO much to discover, and I LOVE discovering where my Soul wants to guide me.
I am learning, growing, and expanding every day, and I keep learning, growing and expanding till the day I die and beyond.
I am SO thankful I meet all the right people and spiritual beings that support me and help me to become all of me.
I am so thankful that I always have the money and the opportunities to do what my SOUL needs me to do.
I align my earthly me (My Ego, mind, and body) with my REAL me: my Soul.
And from this place of alignment magic is possible.
I let go of fear, and I start living from love more and more each day.”

And I would LOVE to teach you all about what your next step is.
I want to invite you to sign up for the free Online program: “Discover and live your Soul’s Purpose and step into your most abundant life.”
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