How are you? For me, it has been a turbulent couple of days. There is shifting SO much. A LOT is happening in my private life as well.
I will share ALL about it later haha, I need to find some more clarity first. In the meantime, today, we are going to talk about success 🙂

So why could it be, that you can’t manifest your success (yet)?

This might be one of the reasons: What works for other people, might not work for you, in terms of creating success.

Creating a life and business that is 100% aligned for YOU, is SO important.
There are millions of ways to create success, but for YOU there is only ONE way: YOUR way.

I was listening to a podcast earlier today, and I noticed some resistance inside myself about what was shared.
Someone shared how they created their success.
It felt really heavy for me.

And I had to remind myself: “No, Maartje, that is just not YOUR way. You have to stay true to yourself.”

And you probably have to remind yourself of that all the time as well.

The pitfall is that you start believing in the way other people create their success. But because it’s not YOUR way, you can never make it work.
You can’t follow through on it.
All the fun and the flow is gone.
AND thus, you won’t get the result.
And then you start doubting yourself.

And then you start focussing on your lack of success.

Why isn’t it working for me?
Am I not meant to have success?
What IS it then that IS going to work for me?

And you try strategy after strategy, running from coach to coach or spending HOURS a day thinking about when your “big break” will come.

And by then the Law of Attraction is in full force.
Every day you are building more momentum towards the creation of your lack of success.
And the more you focus on “it” not being there, the more it stays away.

So how do you turn around this pattern?

1. Discover what works for YOU.
See what has brought you success and just start to do that more.
It’s really not that hard 🙂
If you create your life and business according to the 18 signs of Magical Manifestation, it becomes pretty simple.
You can learn all about the 18 signs here:

2. Stop looking for the answers outside of you.
Of course, you can be inspired by other people.
Of course, you can get coaching. I LOVE my coach! Getting coaching and inspiration is SO valuable for me!
But NO ONE can do it FOR you. It’s ALL on you!
STOP looking for the magic pill outside of you and start connecting with the Divinity and the power INSIDE you. Let ALL of life flow through you!

3. Investigate your beliefs around success.
What do you believe is necessary to have success? Write that down.

Then you have 3 choices:

1. Change your beliefs.
2. Let go of the result you want to create.
3. OR just do the work YOU think will bring you success.

4. Learn about Manifestation.
People LOVE to learn about strategy, but they underestimate the power of manifestation.
YOU direct your energy.
YOU are the creator of your reality.
So, make it a priority to learn how this works.
If you can feel what feels aligned, if you know how the energy game works, it is pretty simple to make the right decisions and just CREATE whatever you want to create.

5. Be aware of what you focus on from day to day.
Spend time becoming aware of the energy you emanate.
Journal to see what your beliefs are.
And create an alignment practice to shift your beliefs and shift your energy.

I hope these tips will help you to shift your mindset towards success.

I would LOVE to coach you to help you make the shift to aligning with success.
This is the best way to do that right now:

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Love, Maartje

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Often they feel they want to do things in their own way and break out of all the boxes society has created for them. Somewhere deep down they feel they are meant for greatness and I help them to discover and express that greatness within them AND make money doing that.
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Love Maartje